Traitors Season 1 Episode 5 Recap

By Daniel Hart
Published: March 17, 2019 (Last updated: December 4, 2023)
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Traitors Episode 5 Recap


Traitors Episode 5 ends in dramatic circumstances paving the way for the finale, as Feef is determined to remove herself from the Americans.

This recap of Traitors Season 1 Episode 5 contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words.

The war between Feef (Emma Appleton) and Priscilla Garrick (Keeley Hawes) intensifies in the penultimate chapter. At the start of Traitors Episode 5, Rowe (Michael Stuhlbarg) and his American colleagues are discussing all their separate intel. Rowe insists that they must collect as much information as possible to justify the budget and progress to the Big Five. He places more pressure on Feef to build a story on Priscilla, asking her to dress nicely for a dinner she’s been invited to. At the dinner, Priscilla tells Feef, “if something happens to me, something will happen to me”. This shakes Feef – Priscilla knows she’s on to her.

Feef is completely broken by her efforts to spy for the Americans. Traitors Episode 5 sees the character as desperate as ever to remove herself from the cycle. She shows her brother Freddie Symonds (Jamie Blackley) the photos of his sexual encounters with another man. The scenario produced an emotionally fuelled scene, ending with her brother trying to think of solutions to the blackmailing they are suffering from.

Feef takes a day off work, raising suspicions for Priscilla, and Rower decides to take matters into his own hands rather than waiting for Feef to produce results. He chooses to speak to Priscilla directly, by pretending to be someone else. He sneakily suggests he’s interested in dating Priscilla, which results in exchanging numbers. Meanwhile, Feef speaks to another American colleague and learns that her ex-boyfriend Peter is classed as “retired” and not on another mission in Europe. We know of course that he was murdered.

Traitors Episode 5 recap

Feef, who is in a whirlwind of those conspiring against her, decides to investigate further into the whereabouts of Peter. Meanwhile, Jackson (Brandon P Bell), who seems suicidal, meets another black person in the community for advice. The day has finally arrived where the U.S budget meeting occurs, and Rowe is disgusted at the lack of funding received to combat communism. He delivers a rousing speech to his colleagues and promotes capitalism. He ends the statement with, “is it worth it?” which is met by a series of claps. While Rowe celebrates his budget victory, Feef is in turmoil; she finds Peter’s passport and realizes he was murdered. The truth is unraveling in Traitors Episode 5.

Traitors Episode 5 ends in dramatic circumstances, building the path for a blockbuster finale; Feef confronts Rowe about Peter and demands that he tells the truth. In his frustration, he explains to Feef that what they are doing is life-changing for their countries, but Feef presses him. In a moment of anger, Rowe yells to Feef, “why do you want to know?”, which gives her the answer. She gets in her car and runs him over – Rowe is dead, and Jackson helps her to remove the body. Jackson ironically declares it’s over. We know it isn’t.

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