Traitors Season 1 Episode 4 Recap

By Daniel Hart
Published: March 11, 2019 (Last updated: December 4, 2023)
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Traitors Episode 4 continues to be convoluted and choppy, but the plot thickens as the characters begin to get suspicious of each other.

This recap of Traitors Season 1 Episode 4 contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words.

After the revelations of the last episode, Feef has her sights firmly on her manager Priscilla Garrick (Keeley Hawes). Traitors Episode 4 shows the spy slowly losing her patience as she needs to show progress for Rowe (Michael Stuhlbarg). She is distracted, staying up all night, and Hugh Fenton (Luke Treadaway) senses her irritable nature and tries to offer sexual advances.

Feef asks the typist Rae Savitt (Cara Horgan) to stay behind after work to write a long speech to keep her distracted while she tries to steal notes and giving the opening for Rowe to break into her house. She’s trying to figure out the relationships between the people who surround her and the Russians. Her impatience begins to overwhelm her, as she asks Rae why she’s in a rush to go home; she has a story about an evacuee who is returning from America. Meanwhile, Rowe has got himself into a scuffle by breaking into Rae’s house, but he manages to escape.

Traitors Episode 4 brings Feef to a breaking point. She tries explaining to Rowe that they are not communists and that Rae and her company are innocent Jewish people. The Americans are still paranoid, and Rowe explains his theory that Priscilla Garrick killed Jarvis because he suspected something. Feef becomes frustrated after been kept out of the loop of some term called the “Big Five”. She tells Rowe that she wants to quit. Suspiciously, Rowe accepts her resignation, but as she walks off, he asks Jackson to get his insurance policy.

Feef seems not to understand the danger she is in, returning home to dance with Hugh, and partaking in awkward sex, where she cannot continue for some peculiar reason that she cannot explain. At Priscilla’s house, she has to look after her difficult dad, adding a new dimension to her character. She rings Mr Sullivan and raises suspicions about Feef. Rowe sees a man in Rae’s house and asks Jackson to follow her. I believe Jackson will play a significant part in whether Feef survives as she trusts him.

Traitors Episode 4 Recap

As Jackson tries to investigate the man at Rae’s house, he is irked by the fact that he’s friendly. At the parliamentary meeting, the police are checking everyone’s bags. Priscilla looks nervous, and she starts to sweat at the idea of being searched. She walks away from the queue and Feef realises something isn’t quite right and goes back to spy mode. Priscilla goes back to her office and takes out a document from her briefcase before heading back to parliament. It seems Feef cannot get out of the conspiracy.

The insurance policy is revealed, as Jackson shows photos of her brother Freddie Symonds (Jamie Blackley) in a sexual act with another man. Feef tells Rowe of her new suspicion of Priscilla Garrick. Infuriated by the blackmail, she spits at Rowe, explaining it’s her brother they are forcing her hand with.

The Jewish community express that they struggle to think of Europe as home, and they wish to return to Palestine. Rae makes an impassioned speech to Hugh and the committee about her disgust at their lack of effort to act.

Traitors Episode 4 ends with Feef offering another way her and Hugh can overcome the sexual problem; he goes down on her. I am sure the issue will become more evident in future episodes. Back at the office, Priscilla asks Feef to go into her office. She accuses Feef of lying about the sexual harassment complaint, but she responds saying she is ambitious about her career. The pair are openly at war with each other.

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