Shrinking Season 1 Episode 6 Recap – how does Jimmy ruin the proposal?

By Adam Lock
Published: February 24, 2023 (Last updated: February 20, 2024)
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Shrinking Season 1 Episode 6 Recap
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An eventful party leads to much drama and hilarity in another stellar episode of Shrinking. “Imposter Syndrome” continues to shape its fine ensemble into a cast of characters you cannot help but adore.

There’s nothing like a good old-fashioned sitcom party to bring up old wounds, secrets, and surprises. In Shrinking Season 1 Episode 6 Jimmy (Jason Segel) throws one of these quintessential parties for his best friend Brian (Michael Urieo), who plans on proposing to his partner Charlie (Devin Kawaoka) at this surprise engagement party.

What follows is as eventful and entertaining as expected from the Shrinking team. Jimmy focuses on the negatives from his marriage, Gaby (Jessica Williams) struggles to move on after her divorce, and Paul (Harrison Ford) stresses about reconnecting with his daughter. It’s another memorable outing from the hit Apple TV+ series.

Shrinking Season 1 Episode 6 starts with Sean opening up more to his therapist and friend, Jimmy, after Paul’s breakthrough in the previous installment. Sean has traumatic flashbacks to his time overseas, and Jimmy tries to comfort Sean about these commonplace reactions.

In the kitchen, Sean, Paul, and Jimmy chat. Sean admits he’s doing the work, and Paul confesses; he’s told Meg about his Parkinson’s disease. She’s flying over next week, and he’s concerned about what’s to come. This nervousness and guilt are the major arcs for Paul in “Imposter Syndrome.”

Gaby’s dilemma is addressed next. She struggles to move on after her divorce from her husband, Nico. Gaby can’t seem to connect with these new guys she is dating and feels numb in the bedroom. She calls her new best friend, Liz, to discuss this odd development.

Liz then meets Alice and Paul on one of their adorable little rendezvous in the park. Liz gifts Paul some drugged-up gummy sweets to help him with his anxiety and tremors.

In other news, Brian has finally bought an engagement ring for his partner Charlie. He tells Gaby and Jimmy this exciting news and then outlines his proposal plans. Brian wants to propose at a party in front of all his friends, but he wants to use a bigger house than his own, preferably Jimmy’s.

The grieving therapist tells Alice about this awkward conversation and how he didn’t offer his home to his best friend. Alice persuades Jimmy to change his mind, mentioning how he always throws lavish parties with Tia.

How does Brian plan to propose to Charlie?

Brian now has the ring and a venue. He walks Jimmy through the proposal plan. He wants Jimmy to play piano while he sings to Charlie their favorite song. What could go wrong? This eventful party takes up most of the episode, involving all the key players and plenty of memorable scenarios.

Things kick off with Liz and Derek’s uncool, early arrival. Derek tells a joke that triggers a flashback for Jimmy to an earlier party, which Tia organized while still alive.

In the present, Alice is dressed up for the occasion, and Jimmy is the proudest of dads, mesmerized by how grown up his daughter looks. She comforts Sean, who doesn’t want to attend the party, worried that everyone will bring up his problems.

Alice agrees to protect Sean if any awkward conversations arise. Of course, Derek immediately puts his foot in it, and Alice saves the day, changing the subject.

Why does Jimmy decide to get drunk?

Old friends continue to upset our leading cast members. Jimmy is repeatedly told that he and Tia are the perfect couple, while Gaby has to explain to everyone that she is now divorced. The awkward conversations lead to both Jimmy and Gaby getting rather drunk.

Paul then arrives high as a kite, having taken Liz’s sweets. Paul tells Liz that he believes Meg is emotionally blackmailing him by dropping everything to be with him, and he thinks Brian is doing the same thing with this marriage proposal. Brian is panicked by all the mayhem but puts a brave face on it all.

How does Alice embarrass herself?

Jimmy’s night goes from bad to worse, though. He is introduced to Ben’s girlfriend, who happens to be a sex worker called Kiara, whose services Jimmy had used in the past after Tia’s death. Then he spies Alice and Sean drinking together.

Jimmy embarrasses his daughter, telling her not to drink and bringing up the time he overheard her call Sean beautiful. Alice storms off, and Sean chases after her. Sean is his usual, decent self, calming the situation. Alice misreads the signs and goes in for the kiss. Sean pulls away, calling her just a kid. Alice is highly embarrassed by this mistake.

It’s obvious that Jimmy is not alright, and Gaby checks up on her friend. Jimmy explains how everyone has commented on him and Tia having the perfect marriage, but he admits this is far from the truth. He feels like a fraud and worries Tia has fallen out of love with him by the end.

Gaby defends their marriage, stating that Tia told her everything. Jimmy asks for proof that Tia did love him.

How does Jimmy ruin the proposal?

Charlie arrives, and Brian orchestrates the big proposal, although Jimmy is now totally wasted. Jimmy plays the piano and joins in on vocals with Brian, who sings to his partner. Brian tries to salvage the song, but Jimmy vomits everywhere, ruining the atmosphere.

Gaby drags Jimmy away, and Brian rants to Charlie outside. However, Charlie isn’t fazed by the mishap and says yes to Brian’s proposal. As they embrace, a drugged-up Paul arrives to ruin this moment too.

In the final scene of Shrinking Season 1 Episode 6, Gaby goes to check up on Jimmy again. He’s feeling great after a quick shower. Gaby shows him a photograph taken only two weeks before Tia’s death. In this photo, Tia looks genuinely in love with Jimmy, staring at him with love.

Gaby tells Jimmy to stop torturing himself; Tia loves him. The two then hug, and Jimmy thanks Gaby for being a great friend. It’s no surprise whatsoever what comes next. The two then go in for the kiss and passionately make out. It’s a tad predictable, but that doesn’t lessen the impact of that meteoric ending.

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