Shrinking Season 1 Episode 7 Recap – how does Alice find out about Jimmy’s secret?

By Adam Lock
Published: March 3, 2023 (Last updated: March 18, 2024)
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In the aftermath of the proposal party, Jimmy tries to make amends for his past mistakes. As you’d expect, “Apology Tour” includes some hilarious comedy moments and plenty of feel-good ones, although the ending is a little predictable, if necessary.

We recap the Apple TV+ series Shrinking Season 1 Episode 7, “Apology Tour,” which contains spoilers.

After the eventful proposal party in Shrinking Season 1 Episode 6, Jimmy (Jason Segel) has a lot of apologizing to do. The therapist managed to upset an entire party of guests with his drunken antics, and then he slept with his dead wife’s best friend, Gaby (Jessica Williams), to finish the night off. Not exactly one of Jimmy’s finest moments. In “Apology Tour,” Jimmy makes amends with those he has wronged while being awkward around friend and work colleague Gaby. Things are just as awkward between Sean (Luke Tennie) and Alice (Lukita Maxwell) after her embarrassing mistake at the party. And Paul (Harrison Ford) tries to bond with his daughter Meg (Lily Rabe).

Shrinking Season 1 Episode 7 Recap

The gang wakes from the party with their array of hangovers. Alice is embarrassed and wishes the ground would swallow her up, Liz is in agony, and Paul is just plain confused as he wakes on the sofa. Then there’s Gaby and Jimmy, who wake up in bed, snuggled together. They instantly panic, realizing what terrible people they are, having wronged Tia, Jimmy’s dead wife.

Hearing Alice downstairs, Gaby considers climbing out of the window but lies instead, saying she slept in the guest bedroom. Alice asks Sean if they can ignore last night’s faux pas when she tried to kiss him, and Sean valiantly agrees.

The apology tour continues. Jimmy phones Brian and says how sorry he is to his best friend. He ruined Brian’s proposal party, but his best friend is thankful. Charlie said yes and now has one hell of a proposal story to tell. Of course, Brian is still upset by Jimmy’s idiocy and asks for an expensive wedding present in return. Jimmy then tries to apologize to Alice, but she’d rather forget that night completely.

Why does Paul not want to move in with Meg?

In a previous installment, Paul finally told his daughter Meg about his Parkinson’s disease, and she has purposely flown over to help her father out. They visit Paul’s doctor for a check-up and then meet with Brian to sort out the last pieces of his paperwork. Meg asks Paul to move in with her family, and Paul declines. This flippant rejection hurts Meg, but Paul tries to explain himself. He isn’t ready to move, he still has patients that rely on him, and he has a life here. Meg is enraged by these comments, Paul was always seen as this amazing man when she was growing up, but he never cared for his own family. She storms off, and Paul tries to chase after her, but he freezes on the spot.

At work, things are awkward (to say the least) between Jimmy and Gaby. The therapists have slept together and wronged Tia in the process. Gaby tells Jimmy that she has spoken with Tia, and her dead friend has forgiven her for misdeeds. Gaby doesn’t see the harm; they don’t have feelings for each other and were both extremely drunk then. Then Gaby offers to help Alice with her relationship issues as a peace offering. Jimmy talks about Gaby with a patient and realizes he is pretty selfish.

What job would Sean love to do?

Meanwhile, Sean continues to struggle with getting a job. Businesses can’t seem to overlook his felony charges. Liz asks what Sean likes to do, and he mentions his love of cooking; maybe he’d like a job that involves cooking. Sean walks with Liz, who is dealing with her stresses. Her husband is retiring soon, and the married couple worries they will get on each other’s nerves and get cooped up in the house together all the time. Sean tells Liz about Alice trying to kiss her. Liz states that Alice is just scared of being abandoned again.

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Gaby follows up on Jimmy’s favor and speaks with Alice. Jimmy’s daughter is mortified about how things have changed between her and Sean after the party and the attempted kiss. Gaby comforts Alice, saying that it’ll all blow over, she put herself out there, and that sounds like progress. Jimmy then apologizes to Gaby for being self-centered. He admits that the hook-up has given him hope for finding love in the future. The two hug it out, and Sean arrives, ready to cook for the gang.

Shrinking Season 1 Episode 7 Ending Explained

How does Alice find out about Jimmy’s secret?

It’s a real feel-good ending (to start with) as the gang gathers for Sean’s barbecue. Sean asks Alice to help him prepare the food, and it looks like they are back on good terms again. Jimmy goes to his bedroom and finally speaks with Tia or at least a photo of her. He says he misses her and is sorry for sleeping with her best friend. Of course, Alice overhears this. Alice adores Gaby, and while her relationship with Jimmy has been up and down over the last few months, this revelation will undoubtedly adversely affect the teen.

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