Shrinking Season 1 Episode 8 Recap – how does Gaby ruin the art show?

By Adam Lock
Published: March 10, 2023 (Last updated: March 18, 2024)
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“Boop” is another hilarious episode of Shrinking, finding comedy in awkward moments and the cast’s playful interactions. That being said, this installment felt quite repetitive, as the formula starts to feel a little overdone now.

We recap the Apple TV+ series Shrinking Season 1 Episode 8, “Boop,” which contains spoilers.

Everyone needs a little push now and again to be permitted to be assertive or selfish for a change, to put their own needs before others. That is the central theme of “Boop,” episode eight of Shrinking, directed by Zach Braff (Scrubs). And for once, it isn’t Jimmy (Jason Segel) making the mistakes. Alice (Lukita Maxwell) feels suffocated by all the selfishness surrounding her and decides to rebel, while Gaby (Jessica Williams) confronts her ex-husband at his art show with dramatic results.

Shrinking Season 1 Episode 8 Recap

It is actually Jimmy who gives one of his patients this permission to be selfish and to fight back. Grace was the first patient that Jimmy was honest with, and he told her to leave her husband. As we saw in later installments, Grace welcomed the emotionally abusive man back into her life. In “Boop,” Grace admits that her ex-husband Donny was great for about a week but then reverted to his highly critical ways. Grace does everything around the house except making the coffee; she wishes to knock his coffee over in protest. Jimmy tells her to ‘boop’ him, knock the coffee over, and retaliate.

Jimmy may need to take his advice, but he is back to apologize for now. Sat next to Gaby, he says sorry to his daughter Alice, apologizing for sleeping with Gaby. They both agree that it was a huge mistake and that they were vulnerable at the time and quite drunk. Unfortunately, Jimmy only worsens things by discussing the arrangement too much detail. Alice rightfully storms off, embarrassed and still particularly angry with the duo.

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Angered by those closest to her, Alice meets with Paul again. She can rely on Paul and feels safe venting to him. But Paul is going through his problems; Meg still won’t speak with him after he rejects her offer to move in with her family. Alice mentions a garden party that Summer is throwing and considers going to be selfish for a change. She talks to Paul about her dad, and Paul defends Jimmy for once. He says that Jimmy is going through a lot, and everyone has issues to overcome. Alice is offended and walks away again.

Why doesn’t Brian want Jimmy to officiate his wedding?

Later that day, Jimmy goes for a walk with Brian and Charlie. They discuss the wedding, and Jimmy mentions how excited he is to officiate the event. Secretly the couple doesn’t want Jimmy to marry them, though, not after the proposal incident where he threw up, but Jimmy ignores their subtle hints.

Brian pops around that night to tell Jimmy the truth, although there’s a bigger issue at hand. Alice seems to have gone missing, taking the car with her.

Why is Gaby angry with Nico?

Meanwhile, Gaby attends her ex-husband’s art show, with Sean and Liz tagging along for moral support. Gaby instantly feels judged and vulnerable at Nico’s event, asking for Liz’s support and some comforting compliments. Sean mentions his ideal job to Liz; he wants to get into catering. Then Gaby shows them a painting she believes is of her.

Nico tells Gaby that he is doing great, which angers the ex-wife. She’s annoyed that Nico is blossoming after their divorce.

Where is Alice?

Jimmy calls Paul and asks if he knows where Alice could be. Paul mentions the garden party. Paul, Jimmy, and Brian head to this party to hunt down the missing girl. In the grounds, they bump into a peacock. Brian admits that he doesn’t want Jimmy to officiate his wedding. Jimmy is obviously upset but chooses to focus on finding Alice first. They find Summer, who refuses to give up Alice’s location. Jimmy resorts to guilting the girl, saying Alice learned to drive but stopped after Tia’s accident. Summer confesses Alice is with a college boy at his college dorm.

Shrinking Season 1 Episode 8 Ending Explained

What is Alice’s punishment?

The trio scares this college boy to death with their sudden arrival. Alice storms off, embarrassed. Paul asks if Jimmy will punish her, knowing he will not. Paul gives Jimmy the push he needs, discussing the importance of standing up for yourself, even if you are a mess, making your own mistakes. Paul tells Jimmy to stop being a coward. Jimmy then tells Brian how he really feels and is hurt that he won’t be officiating his best friend’s wedding anymore. He asks Brian to leave.

Next, Jimmy speaks with Alice. She casually apologizes for her actions. Jimmy grounds Alice for two months as punishment, adding that she is only allowed to attend school and soccer practice. Enraged, Alice says how she hates her dad. Jimmy says he loves her and seems to feel better after stepping up as a parent.

How does Gaby ruin the art show?

Back at the art show, Gaby heads over to say goodbye to Nico. She sees Nico discussing the painting of Gaby, although he says that his new girlfriend is his muse, that it is a painting of her. Gaby can’t let this go and makes a scene in the middle of the gallery, ruining the event.

She says the painting is of her, proving it by showing a freckle on her chest, which matches the painting. Sean and Liz try to drag her away before she says something she’ll regret. As she leaves, Gaby reveals one of Nico’s sexual secrets, embarrassing the artist in front of all his peers.

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