Shrinking Season 1 Episode 9 Recap – what is Paul’s secret?

By Adam Lock
Published: March 17, 2023 (Last updated: March 18, 2024)
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“Moving Forward” is another hilarious installment of Shrinking, brimming with cute moments and surprising twists. The formula may start getting a bit repetitive, but this is still a solid comedy-drama series from Apple.

We recap the Apple TV+ series Shrinking Season 1 Episode 9, “Moving Forward,” which contains spoilers.

The cast of Shrinking have all come a long way since Episode 1. Jimmy (Jason Segel) has finally gotten his life back on track, and in “Moving Forward,” he tries to make that final push toward finding some inner peace. Gaby (Jessica Williams) divorced her husband Nico, who was holding her back and is now concentrating on her career. While Paul (Harrison Ford) plucked up the courage to finally tell his daughter Meg (Lily Rabe) about his Parkinson’s disease. In the penultimate episode, these three main players make more positive steps forward.

Shrinking Season 1 Episode 9 Recap

The episode begins with the three main therapists, each meeting with their own patients. Jimmy takes his out of the office on a field trip. They go to a stadium to spread the patient’s mother’s ashes. Jimmy thinks it is time to move forwards, as they have both been stuck in a rut. The patient spreads the ashes, but they are chased away by security guards. During Paul’s therapy session, his patient Raymond (played by Scrubs star Neil Flynn) congratulates him on his career achievement award, which he will soon receive.

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Continuing Jimmy’s attempts to move forwards, he starts to clear out his wife, Tia’s belongings. He looks through old memories and photo albums, getting rather emotional as he recalls happier times. Downstairs, Alice asks if her grounding is over, although she still has two more weeks to go. Jimmy has stayed true to his word and has kept up the mature parenting. Elsewhere in his life, Jimmy is back officiating Brian’s wedding.

What is Paul’s secret?

Gaby arrives to pick Paul up for the next day of work, and she bursts into his home (aka the Fortress of Solitude) to use the toilet. Inside, she finds Paul’s new lover walking around half-naked. Gaby is gobsmacked to see Paul has pulled Julie, his doctor. She cannot stop grinning or talking nonsense. Paul obviously wanted to keep this new relationship a secret. Julie comments on Paul being grumpy about receiving an award, and Gaby awkwardly suggests that Paul takes Julie to the event.

Meanwhile, Sean starts to work a tedious office job with his father. This allows him to finally pay Jimmy back for all the rent that he owes. At work, Jimmy, Sean, and Paul discuss the award ceremony further. Paul thinks the award indicates that his life is officially over. Jimmy suggests he invites Meg and the family to the ceremony in Las Vegas. Paul takes Jimmy’s advice and calls his daughter up. Meg is excited to go to Las Vegas but cannot make it this weekend because her son performs in a school play. Paul mentions that it has to be this weekend because of the award ceremony. Again, Meg is frustrated to hear Paul putting work before family and hangs up.

Who does Gaby sleep with?

Having ruined Nico’s art show in the previous installment, Gaby meets up with her ex to apologize in person. Nico admits that the painting was of Gaby after all. Gaby is pleased to see Nico thriving again, and the ex then propositions Gaby, suggesting that they start their relationship again. In the next scene, it appears Gaby has made the regrettable decision to sleep with Nico again, but she is actually in bed with Jimmy. Gaby thanks Jimmy for saving her from a horrible decision. Jimmy comments on how they are a good fit together.

Jimmy practices his speech for the wedding ceremony but breaks down every time he tries to start reading. Brian begins to freak out, as does Jimmy. Liz watches with a mad glint in her eye, provoking them both further. Brian doesn’t know what to do but tries to remain positive. He visits the wedding venue with his dad and asks him to be his best man, but Brian’s father declines the offer.

Gaby talks to Paul about applying for a professorship and asks if Paul will give her a recommendation. He tries to warn her from academia but agrees to sign whatever she writes. Next, Gaby attends Sean’s pitch. He wants Liz to invest in his catering business idea. Liz is unsure, but Derek is happy to loan Sean the money anyway. Alice manipulates Liz into accepting, although Liz wants to be more involved in the business. Sean tells her that he doesn’t need her help. Liz puts on a brave face but is secretly upset by the rejection.

Shrinking Season 1 Episode 9 Ending Explained

Alice and Paul meet up for their routine rants in the park. However, Alice is surprisingly positive about a change, mentioning how her father is stepping up and improving. Jimmy crashes the meeting and asks if Alice wants to visit her mother’s grave with him. Alice declines, and Jimmy goes alone. But before leaving, he decides to give Jimmy some advice. The therapist tells Paul to stop being so vulnerable and to ask Julie to the award ceremony if Meg has turned him down.

Does Paul choose work or family?

Paul steps up himself and takes Jimmy’s advice once again. He invites Julie away for the weekend, and she accepts. In a second twist of the episode, it looks like Paul and Julie are attending the award ceremony. However, they have ditched that event to be at Mason’s school play instead. It’s a cute moment as Meg holds hands with her father, who has finally chosen family over work.

Why is Alice upset?

In the final scene of “Moving Forward,” Jimmy removes his wedding ring. Alice enters the bedroom, playing Jimmy a new song she loves, just like they used to do in the good old days. Jimmy is touched and starts to dance to the new song. They discuss soccer practice, and he asks to attend her next game. Alice checks her calendar and realizes she’s forgotten her mother’s birthday. Distraught, Alice starts to panic. Jimmy says that it is alright, but she still storms off upset.

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