Shrinking Season 1 Episode 10 Recap and Ending Explained

By Adam Lock
Published: March 24, 2023
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“Closure” is a near-perfect finale, making the most of the many great running gags from the season and plenty of other hilarious comedy moments while still finding time to be endearing and unapologetically entertaining. The final scene may upset a few viewers, but I think it works perfectly within the narrative. Bring on season two!

We recap the Apple TV+ series Shrinking Season 1 Episode 10, “Closure,” which contains spoilers and explains the Ending.

The season finale of Shrinking, titled “Closure,” sees our cast of lovable characters finally turning things around as they all make meaningful and genuine progress in their own individual lives.

This progression has been well earnt, and the finale feels like a fitting conclusion to each of these specific characters’ arcs, but as is always the case, there is still plenty more to come.

The finale manages to juggle this notion of one set of storylines ending and yet new chapters just beginning. The final scene addresses the consequences of Jimmy’s (Jason Segel) actions in a shocking manner, setting up a new dramatic angle.

Shrinking Season 1 Episode 10 Recap

The finale highlights how far each of our beloved cast members has come, starting with Sean. The veteran was a patient of Jimmy’s; he was dealing with dangerous anger problems and severe PTSD.

He has since gotten himself a respectable job and is now starting his own catering business. He thanks Liz and Derek for their generous investment.

Liz is dying to get more involved in the business, though, and wants to be a partner. After speaking with Gaby, she plucks up the courage to ask Sean if she can be more involved. He graciously accepts her assistance.

Alice is another character who has come by leaps and bounds since the premiere. Although, in the previous installment, she was upset that she had forgotten her mother’s birthday.

In “Closure,” Alice is angered that her father would throw out all of her mother’s possessions. Jimmy says he needs to move forward with his life, but Alice thinks he’s acting selfishly.

Lately, Alice has been quite reflective. She thinks about the good times with her mother and worries that she can’t remember her mother’s laugh anymore. Jimmy understands her pain; they are losing little parts of Tia each passing day.

Jimmy tries to console her, stating that Tia knew how much Alice loved her. Jimmy then adds that he is here for his daughter whenever she wants to chat.

Who saw Jimmy and Gaby hooking up?

Jimmy has probably improved the most overall; starting the series in a depressing, downward spiral, he has built his life back up to a respectable state. He is a more caring father, friend, and therapist now.

Jimmy is even back on the dating scene, although his causal fling with Gaby is still very much a secret. Derek saw them hooking up, though, and finally tells his wife Liz the juicy gossip almost a month later.

Liz instantly meets with Gaby to discuss this scandalous development. Gaby is loving the casual fling, but she may also be falling for Jimmy as well.

Lastly, there is Paul. The senior therapist has started repairing his troubled relationship with his daughter Meg, finally deciding to put his family before his work.

We see Paul and his new girlfriend, Julie, hanging out with Meg and his grandson. He may be slightly inappropriate around the child, but Paul is improving nonetheless.

In Paul’s subplot, Liz is furious that the therapist would not write Gaby a personal letter of recommendation, and she confronts Paul at his office.

Liz drags Jimmy in for the conversation, but Jimmy doesn’t want to be involved. He’s just made some huge progress with Paul himself. Paul had thanked him for some great advice, and the two colleagues had hugged.

Liz gets all worked up, shouting at Paul, while Jimmy cowers in a corner. Liz orders Paul to step up to help out Gaby, who looks out for him all the time.

How does Paul help Gaby?

Eventually, Paul does the right thing. He barges in on Gaby’s interview, making a real scene.

Gaby had offered to fit some teaching into her busy work schedule, and Paul interrupts, demanding that she is hired immediately. Paul compliments Gaby, calling her a brilliant therapist.

Awkwardly, she already has the job, but this doesn’t stop Paul, who praises Gaby anyway. He understands that he isn’t always the most open of people, although he is working on this aspect of his personality.

Gaby is over the moon to get the job and to receive Paul’s rare praise.

Brian’s wedding looms, and he still doesn’t have a best man. He throws a bachelor party and leaves the decision to fate. Whoever wins a competition gets the gig.

In private, Sean and Jimmy speak with Brian’s dad, the very man who turned down the offer to be Brian’s best man. They talk about how Brian helped them through a tough year; he deserves to have a lovely day in return.

Jimmy states that the father will regret it if he declines the offer again.

Thankfully, Brian’s father changes his mind. It is the big day, and Jimmy is extremely nervous and hyperventilating in the bathroom.

Alice wears her mother’s shoes, and they head to the wedding. Jimmy is the officiator, kicking off proceedings with his big speech. Jimmy talks about how Brian did a great job officiating Jimmy and Tia’s wedding, then speaks about his wife dying.

It was an awful year for Jimmy, but he doesn’t regret any of it; it was all worth it to be married to Tia.

Shrinking Season 1 Ending Explained

Jimmy then talks about how Tia got Brian and Charles together. She loved to help others.

His speech then moves on to friendship and how important it is to have friends to help you through tough times. Fortunately, Jimmy’s speech goes uneventfully, and he marries the two grooms.

They kiss, and then it’s time to party. As the guests dance, we see a montage of all of Jimmy’s patients, showing how they have all improved in their own separate lives.

Paul comments on how lucky he is that Jimmy’s little experiment didn’t ruin the practice. Jimmy has been painfully honest with his patients, and thankfully nothing too bad has come from it.

One patient’s partner was badly beaten, and another tried to kiss Jimmy, but nobody has really gotten too hurt. Well, that is all about to change.

What happens to Grace and Donny?

In the final scene of the first season, Grace walks in the hills with her abusive partner Donny. He is particularly cutting to her and mentions how he’s had enough of her standing up for herself.

Donny walks to the edge of a steep slope and looks down at the valleys below. Grace remembers Jimmy’s advice and decides to ‘boop’ him to give him that final push. She pushes Donny down the hill, though.

Jimmy’s controversial strategy has finally led to a serious crime and possibly death. I’m sure a second season will explore the fallout of this event and the consequences of Jimmy’s actions.

What did you think of Shrinking Season 1 Episode 10 and the Ending? Comment below.

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