Vincenzo episode 16 recap – [spoiler] is murdered in shocking chapter

By Daniel Hart
Published: April 11, 2021
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Netflix k-drama series Vincenzo episode 16


Episode 16 is one of the best chapters, with a surge of emotions driving the story, bringing anxiety to the audience as the series reaches a pivotal point.

This recap of Netflix k-drama series Vincenzo episode 16 contains significant spoilers.

Vincenzo has to be one of the most surprising k-drama series of the year. Its ability to mix crime, violence and comedy with ease should be applauded. And it gets better and better – Vincenzo episode 16 is the best chapter so far.

As a straight continuation, Vincenzo is arrested at the start of chapter 16 for the murder of Oh Jeong-bae, the owner of Daechang Daily, who fell to his death. However, Vincenzo decides to fight the cops and flee the scene, knowing that he is innocent. Afterwards, Vincenzo rings Cha-young and tells her he was set up and wants to know who lured him. Luckily, Park Seok-do believes he’s found the men that killed Oh Jeong-bae and captures the group himself.

Slippery Vincenzo

What’s enjoyable about this series is how the villain gets increasingly angry at the lead character — he knows that Vincenzo is on a different level to him in strategy and intelligence.

Choi Myung-hee learns that yet again, Vincenzo has escaped one of their traps. Jang Han-seok is furious that this keeps happening. Meanwhile, with Park Seok-do’s help, Vincenzo and Cha-young manage to bring the real culprits to the police and detail what they did. To remove the link back to Wusang law firm, Choi Myung-hee nails the abetting and murder charge on colleague Park Do-hun. Mr Han raises his concerns with Choi Myung-hee, stating that their law firm isn’t a killing agency. He tells her that Jang Han-seok is a psychopath.

Spending time with Oh Gyeong-ja

To further hit the audience with emotions, episode 16 sees Vincenzo make progress with his mother.

Cha-young and Vincenzo take Oh Gyeong-ja out as promised. It’s a lovely moment as Vincenzo pushes his mother in a wheelchair. Oh Gyeong-ja asks for a portrait of herself. To make the moment warmer, all three of them have a professional photo together. Cha-young insists that Vincenzo and his mother have a picture without her. Vincenzo struggles to keep it together as he squeezes his mother’s shoulder. You can tell he wants her to know that he’s her son. What Cha-young is doing for them both shows her strength in character; she wants Vincenzo to have time with his mother because she cares about him. Eventually, she leaves them both alone.

Mother and son moment

Oh Gyeong-ja calls the day the happiest moment in her life. She talks about her son, stating that he was her everything, and she looked for him for several years. She believes she’d be a burden if she found him now. Vincenzo disagrees and feels her son would love to see her. Tears fill both eyes of the characters as the conversation deepens. Watching Vincenzo break down and hold the tears in so she doesn’t hear is heartbreaking. However, it is evident by the end of the chapter that both of them knew that they were mother and son; this was their way of communicating with each other.

When they return to the hospital, Oh Gyeong-ja gives Cha-young and Vincenzo a hug. The hug impacts Vincenzo — he finally has his mother’s love. He holds her tight. As they leave, Cha-young tells Vincenzo that they look like mother and son and that he should call her “mom”.

Relive the moment Vincenzo and Cha-young enjoy their revenge with popcorn:

Gas leak attack

There’s no time for sleep in Vincenzo episode 16 as Babel continues to attack, leaving the lawyers with no peace at all.

While the plaza celebrates some personal news, Jang Han-seok has sent someone in to cause a gas leak. The fire service arrives, and everyone is evacuated. When they check it out, they learn the gas pipe has been cut. A fireman finds a timer, so Vincenzo grabs it off him and runs away. He throws it out of the window, realising it’s going to explode into flames and blow up the building. It was a close call.

But the real question is — who reported the gas leak? The scene flits to Jang Han-seok, throwing an ornament at Jang Han-seo. It’s tense, and Jang Han-seo apologises for calling the fire service — he believed they wouldn’t get there in time. Choi Myung-hee walks in and shows Jang Han-seok Vincenzo’s mother — he now knows who the lawyer cares about the most. This is a pivotal moment — it’s an anxious time for the audience.

Jang Han-seo tries again

Jang Han-seo visits Vincenzo and Cha-young again. He tells them the scar he’s got on his head is a result of stopping the plaza from blowing up. He seems impressed with himself for saving them all. Jang Han-seo tells them that his brother knows that they have gold and ” The Guillotine File”. He pleads with Vincenzo, believing he has done enough. Vincenzo agrees and tells him that he will be in touch with details later.

Oh Gyeong-ja is in trouble

With the evil villain lurking around the mother, it’s hard to hold the emotions as the viewer — the certainty of what’s about to happen drives the story.

At the hospital, Jang Han-seok meets Oh Gyeong-ja, and as they look at a photo of her and Vincenzo, he tells her that her son is handsome and that her story makes his heart warm. Oh Gyeong-ja smiles with joy that she has finally seen her son and thanks Jang Han-seok for talking to her.

Vincenzo tells Cha-young that he will visit his mother in the hospital and call her “mother”. When he gets there, he learns his mother has moved to another room. Meanwhile, a man chokes Oh Gyeong-ja on her bed — she’s dead. There’s no heartbeat. As Vincenzo heads up to see her mother, the man that choked her to death passes him. He gets to the ward, and there’s a commotion. When he enters his mother’s room, he learns she has been murdered.

He never got to call her “mother”.

This changes things forever

The emotions reach a peak as Vincenzo sees a photo of him and his mother on the floor. He kneels next to her, and you can feel his whole world has shattered as the grief overthrows him. Vincenzo holds Oh Gyeong-ja’s hand. The Italian lawyer lurches straight into investigation mode and checks out the CCTV. He can see a man kill the guard before entering his mother’s room. Cha-young arrives, and she can barely hold the tears. She wants the footage sent to her phone.

Cha-young chases after Vincenzo; he tells her to stay by his mother’s side until he gets back. The tone of the series has shifted — this changes everything. Meanwhile, Jang Han-seok and Choi Myung-hee celebrate and dance together.

The ending

Vincenzo learns who killed his mother, and he goes to the man’s house. He chokes the man and repeatedly punches him. Pure anger fills his eyes. He tells the man that the woman he killed was his mother, and he asks who gave the order and starts torturing him.

Jang Han-seok wants to celebrate even more and tells his brother and Mr Han that he got Vincenzo’s mother killed — there’s a shock in the room. Choi Myung-hee accuses Mr Han and Jang Han-seo of joining hands and not being their ally. They argue amongst themselves. Mr Han tells Choi Myung-hee that if it weren’t for him, she’d be still Mr Seo’s gopher back at the Namdongbu office.

The man who killed Vincenzo’s mother leads Vincenzo to the estate where Jang Han-seok and co is. He fights through all security — revenge is the only thing on his mind. Suddenly, the man who killed Vincenzo’s mother walks into the room Jang Han-seok and co are in, and Vincenzo kills him with a silencer.

Choi Myung-hee stands with blood on her face, and she is in complete shock as Vincenzo points his gun at her. The series painfully leaves it here, leaving the audience to wait another week.

Vincenzo episode 16 is one of the best chapters, with a surge of emotions driving the story, bringing anxiety to the audience as the series reaches a pivotal point.

Additional points
  • Vincenzo now has respect for Park Seok-do for helping him with the murder accusation.
  • The pawnshop owners at the plaza are having a baby.

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