Marianne Recap: Drinking Problems Away

By Daniel Hart
Published: September 15, 2019 (Last updated: November 15, 2023)
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Netflix Series Marianne Season 1, Episode 3 - Not an Easy Person


Emma’s life spirals out of control in Marianne Season 1, Episode 3, “Not an Easy Person”, as her loved ones turn against her, and Marianne grows stronger.

This recap of Netflix Series Marianne Season 1, Episode 3, “Not an Easy Person” contains significant spoilers. You can read the recap of the previous episode by clicking these words.

Emma influences people. Episode 3 opens up with Tonio discussing how in love with Emma (Victoire Du Bois) he used to be. The theme of Marianne so far is that everyone draws to her, regardless of her drinking habits and behaviour. While talking about Emma, Tonio makes a disturbing discovery at the shore. The discovery is not apparent.

Emma’s naked, scarred mother returns when Camille finds her outside. She locks herself in a room and tells the police that Emma has managed to break the mother-daughter love. While Emma is loved in the community, she’s clearly losing her family and friends at the same time.

Emma is also pushing Camille to the limit in Episode 3. Drunk again, Emma wants to go to Seby’s for dinner despite her mother just returning home. Emma cruelly states she’s going to try and have sex with Seby, despite knowing that he has a wife and kids. Camille is embarrassed at the meal, trying to stop Emma from drinking. Emma makes a move on Seby at the meal, but he pushes her away. As it gets tense, Seby is alerted that his son Hugo has gone missing.

Hugo is with a group of children near the lighthouse playing near the swings. Episode 3 flashes back to when Emma wrote about how Lilian hung five children, so Emma alerts everyone to Hugo’s location. As the children begin to choke, they manage to save them in time.

However, Camille is at her limit with Emma, explaining that she is going to leave. Emma begs her to stay, offering her the position of agent, stating she needs her as a friend. Camille tells Emma to get help from where she needs it and asks her to close the car door before driving off.

Camille keeps falling asleep at the wheel. Emma’s agent calls and furiously lets Camille know that she is in breach of contract for writing chapters on a free blog. Camille reads the chapter, and it dawns on her how much trouble Emma is in.

Emma wakes up to see her mother next to her. Her mother describes how she could not control herself when she went missing. Emma reads a chapter of her book and realizes she must perform an exorcism. She ventures to Caroline’s mother’s house and knocks her to the floor and ties her up. Emma begins the exorcise, but Marianne is strong and starts calling her a teenage killer. Emma tries to kill Caroline’s mother but fails — Marianne talks again.

The exorcism is cut short, as Emma gets a call from the police inspector Ronan — he has found her father. He discovered him kneeled over naked around a group of candles and hanging backs of bloodied teeth.

Marianne Season 1, Episode 3, “Not an Easy Person” ends with Emma returning to her parent’s home and sees blood all over the steps and living room. In an emotional moment, Emma finds her mother dead. She mourns briefly, repeatedly sobbing that she’s sorry but then she hears Marianne upstairs on the landing laughing to herself. Emma tries choking Marianne, who vows to inhabit her father’s body if she kills Caroline’s mother.

Emma kills Caroline’s mother and Camille returns and revives her. Marianne leaves the body, presumably to inhabit someone else.

Author’s Notes

  • While taking confessions, the Priest talks about how evil is taking over Elden. He reads Emma’s new chapter from “Rebirth.”
  • When Camille drives off, she cries and calls her mother and explains how manipulative Emma is.

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