‘Trying’ Season 4, Episode 7: What Happens When Nikki Meets Princess’s Mom In Spain Special?

By Daniel Hart
Published: June 26, 2024 (Last updated: 2 weeks ago)
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(L-R) Nikki and Kat in Mallorca in Trying Season 4, Episode 7 (Credit - Apple TV+)




Episode 7 takes Nikki to Mallorca, where she tries to get answers for Princess but ultimately faces a moral dilemma in a very mature and thought-provoking chapter.

The key plot point in Trying Season 4 has been Princess’s desperation to meet her birth mom, Kat, to get answers about her upbringing. This trope is regularly used in adoption stories and has a basis in reality. In Episode 6, Nikki decides to go to Mallorca by herself to get answers from Kat after Princess tries to fly out to the Spanish island in a rebellious move. Episode 7 treats the audience to a Spanish special as Nikki, as usual, gets herself into a bit of a pickle.

Nikki’s Meeting With Kat Raises A Moral Dilemma — Here’s Why

Nikki makes it to Mallorca, but when she reaches the address that Princess was holding on to, it’s a lovely little cafe, which throws her off a little.

But it turns out that Kat works there as a waitress. In true comedic fashion, which we’ve seen before, Nikki panics and pretends to be a woman called “Chezza” who has abandoned her hen party due to too many arguments.

Through an awkward conversation, Nikki spends the day with Kat, with the birth mom having no idea that she’s chilling with the adoptive parents of her biological daughter, Princess. The women enjoy snorkeling and, eventually, drink back at “Kat’s place,” which we learn is not really her home but somewhere Kat decided to break into, presumably because it has a nice sea view.

But things turn upside down when Kat sees a photo of herself in Nikki’s bag, and she soon learns who she’s really with. At first, Nikki is sweating at being caught, but she soon gets the courage to confront Kat, berating her for enjoying a “traveling life” and “finding herself” because she could not handle bringing up her own children.

Nikki (L) confronts Kat (R) about their daughter Princess in Trying Season 4, Episode 7 (Credit – Apple TV+)

This is an adoption story, after all, and Kat admits her past shortcomings, explaining that once she knew her children were fine, she moved on. She confesses that her children were not fine with her at the time.

I understand both of their arguments: Nikki will understandably be emotional that Kat is gallivanting around holiday destinations while her daughter needs answers about her origin, and at the same time, Kat demonstrates why adoption needs to happen in the first place: not everyone is ready to parent in life.

Episode 7 switches from hope into heartbreak for Nikki: she naively believes Kat when she says she’s willing to answer all of Princess’s questions. When Nikki goes to meet Kat the next day, she learns she’s disappeared. She has not even turned up for work.

Nikki cannot face lying to Princess, and when she rings Jason, it’s clear she is broken by the ordeal. Jason supports her, and Nikki tells Princess that she cannot find Kat in Mallorca. 

It’s an interesting junction in the story: what would you do if faced with the same problem? Would you allow your child to be hurt by the prospect of their birth parents running away again? Or would you let the past be the past for them and lie? It’s a moral quandary that’s difficult to answer unless you experience it. I understand 100% why Nikki did what she did, but like fictional stories and real life, most actions have consequences.

Season 4, Episode 7 proves, if anything, that Trying continues to mature. It has not been a walk in the park for Nikki, and that’s a good thing.

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