‘Trying’ Season 4, Episode 3 Is A Filler Episode Making Us Feel Sorry For Scott

By Daniel Hart
Published: May 29, 2024 (Last updated: Yesterday)
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Trying Season 4, Episode 3
Scott pretending to be dead for his birthday murder mystery in Trying Season 4, Episode 3 (Credit - Apple TV+)


“Murder at Slaughterbridge Manor” is a grim title, but do not worry. Trying Season 4 hasn’t suddenly turned the series dark. No, Episode 3 is a cause for celebration, as Scott is celebrating his 50th birthday party at a wealthy-looking manor. The third episode opens with Scott planning a murder mystery despite his wife Karen being against it at every turn. This episode made me feel sorry for Scott.

Scott is enthusiastic about his murder mystery game regardless of his wife’s objections, who clearly does not like to see her husband have fun. He gives everyone a role in the game. Meanwhile, Jason worries that he must give Scott a thirty-minute birthday speech at dinner. He’s scared he knows nothing about the man, and to be fair, he doesn’t, and neither do we, the audience.

To make matters worse, no one partakes in the murder mystery as Scott pretends to be dead in one of the rooms. Everyone goes off and does their own thing, leaving Scott to wonder why he even bothered to plan it. Scott is understandably upset at the birthday meal, so Karen asks Jason to do the speech. Of course, plenty of awkwardness follows, which is funny for the audience but sad at the same time. Jason attempts a speech, but it’s clear that he has nothing of worth to say, and Scott knows it too, declaring that his friend has nothing meaningful to say because there’s nothing about him.

Scott then announces he will row the Atlantic Ocean to raise awareness for global warming, knowing that his daughter is passionate about this cause. It’s a bittersweet but warm moment — Scott wants his daughter to remember him for something, clearly, as his friends and family do not. Of course, his nagging wife Karen privately objects to this, but I’m on Scott’s side here — let the man do what he wants to do.

Princess in Trying Season 4

Princess (Scarlett Rayner) is getting closer to the truth of the whereabout of her mother in Trying Season 4, Episode 3 – “Murder at Slaughterbridge Manor” (Credit – Apple TV+)

The 50th party ends in happier spirits, but Episode 3 ends with the looming obstacle edging closer for Jason and Nikki. Inside Princess’s car, she finds an old Sat Nav that has her birth mom’s address saved on it. I like how the series is slowly building this up, as it’s going to be emotional for the whole family.


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