Princess Goes On A Road Trip To Find Her Birth Mom In ‘Trying’ Season 4, Episode 4

By Daniel Hart
Published: June 5, 2024 (Last updated: Yesterday)
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Trying Season 4, Episode 4
From left to right: Karen (Sian Brooke), Nikki (Esther Smith) and Princess (Scarlett Rayner) on a road rip in Trying Season 4, Episode 4 (Credit - Apple TV+)




Episode 4 of Season 4 is quite sad as Nikki’s best friend and daughter lie to her on a road trip to Brighton, where Princess is planning on seeing her birth mom.

While I understand that Princess wants to find her birth mom, I do feel uneasy that she’s not being truthful to her adoptive parents. They have raised her, after all. Trying Season 4, Episode 4 demonstrates how tricky adoption can be, especially when children naturally want to discover their past. “Road Trip” is actually how the title suggests: Princess plans a road trip using a web of lies to try and find her birth mom using an old address.

An Awkward Road Trip

Princess looking at her birth mom’s old address on a sat nav in Trying Season 4 (Credit – Apple TV+)

And so, the lies start, and it’s only because Princess wants to spare her mother’s feelings. She tells her she’s off on a road trip to Brighton to pick up a special table she wants. Of course, the truth of the matter is that she’s off to visit the address of her birth mom that she found on the sat nav. Karen is clearly uncomfortable lying to her friend Nikki, but it’s made worse when Nikki decides to join them on the road trip.

On the way to Brighton, Princess gets anxious and tells Nikki and Karen she no longer wants the table. Instead, they get fish and chips on the pier, but then Princess changes her mind again and wants to visit the address.

When they get there, Karen and Princess tell Nikki to get some items from the shop as a distraction. When Princess knocks on the door of the address she found, a man answers, and he knows Kat Reid, but he explains she left a few years ago and he has no idea where she is. The man looks heartbroken, implying he had a romance with Princess’s birth mom. He tells Princess that Kat Reid shone like the sun.

Afterward, Karen gets more anxious as she does not like lying to Nikki, but Princess desperately tells her not to say anything. Princess lies to her mom, telling her the table is no longer available, so an angry Nikki goes inside the house and steals a table, bringing the lightest moment of the episode. The group quickly drove away when they heard police sirens, though I’m sure the man of the house did not actually ring them.

As the episode ends, Princess paints the table and puts it online to sell. Admittedly, this storyline is getting painful to lie to. Especially when Nikki has no clue what’s going on. And with Karen lying, too, it makes the story a big mess.


  • Jason launches a kid’s football team called “Adoption FC” for the kids who do not have a chance of getting into a team, including Tyler. They lose their first match, but the kids love it
  • Scott starts his training for his rowing across the Atlantic Ocean, which means a lot of swimming and eating egg whites.


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