Trying season 2, episode 8 recap – the ending explained

By Daniel Hart
Published: May 21, 2021
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Apple TV plus original Trying season 2, episode 8 - Im Scared - the ending explained


Trying season 2, episode 8 brings a simple yet emotional ending, forming a significant day for the lead characters.

This recap of Apple TV+ original Trying season 2, episode 8, “I’m Scared,” — the ending explained — contains spoilers. 

After a second season with more laughs and tears, we come to a pivotal moment in Nikki and Jason’s life — they’ve come a long way since season 1.

Episode 8 opens up with Nikki panicking about Karen’s wedding — she wants all the women to get organized. Ironically, Nikki is more worried than Karen. Meanwhile, the men are enjoying the pool while sipping champagne. Jason has a private word with Freddy — he’s thinking about asking Nikki to marry him at the wedding, but secretly, so no one else knows. Freddy believes it’s a little risky to do at a wedding, as it steals the thunder.

The wedding 

Episode 8 makes the wedding as beautiful as possible, and it feels like the series makes it’s that so Nikki and Jason dream of their future.

There’s a problem with Karen — she will not open her door and come out. Nikki looks at Karen in her wedding dress, and she’s amazed — Karen is worried about people looking at her. Nikki calls her beautiful. The wedding proceeds, and the venue is at a beautiful secret garden; Nikki and Jason are in awe of it. As the bride walks out with her father, Jason watches Nikki as she’s immersed into the big day. Finally, the bride and groom are announced as husband and wife. As Karen walks down the aisle, she comically tells Scott that she’s busting for a wee.

Two different proposals 

At the midway stage of Trying season 2, episode 8, there’s a significant turning point in the story.

Jason is agitated and takes Nikki to a bridge to propose in private; when she turns around, she’s in shock. Jason tells her how much he loves her and proposes. However, Jason gets anxious as he believes she will say “no,” but it’s not that, Nikki has seen that social worker Sue has turned up at the bridge. She asks them if they want to take Princess as she’s lost her adopted home and asks if they can foster her for now. Nikki and Jason talk about it together quickly — Nikki is scared, but they agree to take her. Nikki tells Karen that she has to go, and they both flee away in the car.

Picking up Princess

On the journey, Jason is panicking, but Nikki tells him they are ready. When they reach the office, Princess agrees to stay with them. However, she tries to bring her brother Tyler with her. Princess hugs her brother but will not let go, so Nikki and Jason wait outside for her. Jason goes straight into father-mode, but Nikki asks if Sue can stay with them, but Sue tells her they are ready. Nikki gives her a big hug. On the way home, Jason randomly blurts out the fact that a group of foxes is called a skulk, but Nikki tells him to let the moments come out organically.

When they get home, Jason finds Tyler hidden in the boot. Nikki and Jason have no idea what to do — Nikki doesn’t want them to be accused of kidnapping. They bring Tyler in, and Nikki tells Jason that they finally have their family and all they need to do is hold on to it. The couple watches the children fall asleep, and they are happy.

The ending

Suddenly, Nikki remembers that Jason asked her to marry. She promises they can get back to it, and Jason agrees, knowing they have more important things to worry about now.  But then Jason changes his mind and gets on his knees with the ring, and she says yes.

Nikki tells Jason that she thinks they’ve got this — famous last words! We are sure season 3 will bring way harder challenges!

Trying season 2, episode 8 brings a simple yet emotional ending, forming a significant day for the lead characters.

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