Virgin River season 3, episode 7 recap – what happened in “Split”?

July 9, 2021
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The second season finally ups the ante as baby talk and child custody takes centre stage in Jack’s life.

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The second season finally ups the ante as baby talk and child custody takes centre stage in Jack’s life.

This recap of Netflix’s Virgin River season 3, episode 7, “Split,” contains spoilers.

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Well, everything felt way too smooth, so it’s not a surprise that episode 7 drops a bombshell for the audience. But before we get to that, let’s recap.

Doc, Jack, and Mel rush over to Lilly’s home — Tara has had a seizure. She’s got epilepsy but hasn’t had an episode for a while. She’s stable, so the group helps her out. Doc believes stress has triggered it due to her mother’s cancer, and Lilly blames herself — Jack tells her not to blame herself.

Jack hits another dead end in trying to do the right thing

Jack learns there’s a spring under his house, and a surveyor tells him he will need an environmental permit to expand it. He’s worried he will not have a place for Charmaine. He needs it for partial custody. Jack is emotionally frustrated. Mike tells him not to quit.

Everything is building up on Jack — he isn’t getting any rest at all, and the stress is overwhelming.

Ricky finally gets to speak to Lizzie

Ricky speaks to Lizzie, and he tells her he loves her. That softens her, and she admits moving in together is a big step. Lizzie then asks Ricky about a marine he was talking to, but he brushes it off and says there’s a huge country singer that’s just walked in the bar to distract her.

Mel tries to calm the misunderstanding with Doc

Doc tells Mel that he’s decided against bringing in Dr. Hansen, and he’s put his search on hold. Mel apologizes for telling Jack that he was retiring. Doc tells her he’s frustrated because he’s worked 30 years alone and that he only answered to himself. Mel tells Doc it’s about respecting his colleague, but Doc tells her the clinic is his life.

The prime suspect

Brady is called into the police station and is interviewed by Mike. The investigator says there are two hours unaccounted for, and he no longer has an alibi. He believes that Brady needed to make it up to Spencer by getting rid of Jack. Brady asks for a lawyer, so Mike lets him go and tells him to stay away from Jack.

New director for the camp play

Preacher decides to be the new director for the camp play that Christopher is part of. It gets off to a rusty start, and Preacher did not realize there would be songs.

Muriel offers Doc advice

As always, Muriel is extra kind to Doc — why? Well, apparently, it’s for friendship, and if it is, then it’s a heartwarming story because we know she loves him.

Muriel visits Doc and gives him a good lunch. She raises that he looks a little bothered and wonders if he wants to talk about it. Doc admits he hasn’t handled a situation well with Mel, and he doesn’t feel like he’s done anything wrong. He doesn’t want to run every work situation by her. Muriel tells Doc that they are never too old to change.

So Doc comes clean with Mel and tells her that he has AMD. He explains that he could go blind. Doc apologizes for taking his frustrations out in her. Mel sobs after learning of the situation. Doc asks Mel to promise him not to tell anyone, even Jack. Mel agrees.

Preacher apologizes to Connie

Preacher told Connie that he doesn’t need her help as much, and she is offended. He apologizes for hurting her feelings and explains he was considering her time. Connie forgives him and tells Preacher that Muriel has experience in musicals for the play.

Jack accuses Brady of shooting him

Brady and Jack finally clash in episode 6, and it’s about time! It feels like years ago when the season 2 finale happened. 

Brie is mad at Brady for leaving her hanging. They were meant to have breakfast together. Brady sweetly apologizes and calls her beautiful. Brie cannot resist the charm, and she gives in to his kiss. Jack sees them both kissing, and he gets angry. He accuses Brady of shooting him. Brady admits he was there but that he did not shoot him. Jack shouts and tells him to get off his property.

The family lawyer

The reality of custody battles hits Jack in episode 7.

Valerie Holt, an attorney, visits Jack about the custody case he has. He tells her that he wants an active role in his children’s life. The attorney tells Jack that he could be fighting for years for court if Charmaine takes a difficult route. Valerie gives rates, and Jack is flabbergasted by the costs, but he states he will figure it out. Valerie raises how these cases are financially and emotionally draining but states how the twins are lucky to have a father who wants to fight for them.

The ending of Virgin River season 3, episode 7

And then…a moment that will have fans pulling their hair out.

Jack returns to Mel’s place without food, as he forgot. Mel can sense he’s not okay and reveals she got tickets for Maui at a timeshare to lighten the mood. It’s for Christmas time. Jack doesn’t react well, and he states he met the attorney, which means a long and expensive court battle.

Mel says she will support him regardless. Jack feels like Mel will receive the short end of the stick by juggling life and being a new father. He doesn’t feel he can have a baby with her on top of all that. Mel takes the news well and tells Jack that they can wait until he’s ready. Jack doesn’t want to stand in the way of her being a mother. He doesn’t want her to choose and feels she deserves to be with someone who can give her everything. Jack is breaking up with her, but Mel doesn’t feel he’s listening to what she wants.

Jack thinks he’s doing the right thing. Mel looks at him straight in the face and says, “get out. Get out of my house.” Jack sits in his car and sobs after breaking up with the woman he loves.

This feels like a hasty decision by Jack. Firstly, it’s not entirely concrete that he needs to take Charmaine to court, and secondly, Mel didn’t react badly to Jack, not sure about having another baby. Jack let stress get the better of him.

Additional points
  • Mel is preparing for LA to be there for her sister. Jack says one of the reasons he isn’t joining her is because he wants their first trip away to be special.

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