Virgin River season 4, episode 6 recap – there’s drama at the fair in another adequate outing

By Adam Lock
Published: July 20, 2022
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Plenty of drama and big reveals as they welcome the fair to town. Unfortunately, the show is quickly becoming predictable and formulaic though.

This recap of Netflix’s Virgin River season 4, episode 6, contains spoilers.

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The Renaissance Fair is in town in episode six of Virgin River and this cinematic setting makes for the perfect epicenter for all the drama that is to come. Jack receives a triggering blast from the past, Mel ponders revealing her secret and Doc queries Hope about her own lies. It’s another busy episode that makes for an adequate, if formulaic forty-odd minutes of TV.

Virgin River season 4, episode 6 recap

Our comforting cast of characters are all dressed up for the occasion in outfits of the era, with fire breathers, archery and delicious, fresh food all on display at the annual fair. Jack, in his dashing knight gear, tells Mel that he doesn’t want to fight. Although, Mel sees it more as a disagreement. Jack has still not backed down about the paternity test and Mel seems to have accepted that she has lost that battle.

Fair organizer, Muriel, introduces Jack to Tim (Chris’ brother). Tim passes Jack a letter from his deceased brother and tells Jack not to blame himself. Chris died, whilst serving as a marine under Jack’s leadership and Jack appears deeply affected by this death. Mel worries about Jack’s mental state, but he ignores her concerns. He’s a stubborn old so and so, isn’t he?

At the fair, Doc brings up the appointment and asks why Hope lied to him. She gets angry and defensive, yet their argument is interrupted by Denny, the grandson. Hope and Denny finally meet and she offers him a place to stay at their house, to Doc’s surprise. Hope says this is a truce, leaving Doc speechless. Doc discusses Hope’s erratic behavior with Mel and she brings up the drug’s cabinet been unlocked. The twist ending from the previous episode is still unresolved. Why did Denny break into the medicine cabinet? Mel fears the worst and uses Cameron as a form of escape. They head to the maypole to evade further questioning, where Mel confesses to Cameron and he suggests she tells the truth.

Brie and Brady attend the fair as a happy couple, although Brady tries to avoid Jack at all costs, whilst Preacher and Julia continue to build on their own relationship. Preacher teaches Julia’s niece about archery in a cute little moment, which impresses Julia. Denny and Lizzie’s stalling romance seems in further jeopardy, with ex-boyfriend Ricky circling again. Ricky and Lizzie perform their Romeo and Juliet scene together. Lizzie said she didn’t want to end the scene with a kiss, but breaks her own promise. She later kisses Denny as well, who opens up a little about his feelings towards her. Poor Ricky watches on as the couple make out.

Mel finally confesses about catching Denny in the drug’s cabinet. Doc is annoyed she didn’t tell him sooner, but says he’ll deal with it. Hope apologizes to Doc about her current behavior and says how she wants to change. Doc tells her to stop lying to him and advises her to take care of herself. Hope quips that she will be a model patient from now on.

The ending

The main event is upon us, the knight’s duel. The audience watch as Preacher and Jack perform a sword fight. It’s a well-rehearsed scene that adds some much needed fun and frivolity to proceedings. Unfortunately, Jack spies Tim in the crowd and this triggers flashbacks to Chris’ death. Afterwards, Preacher tells Jack to get some help and Mel agrees. She wants him to see a therapist, but stubborn Jack isn’t having any of it. The bar owner has also started to drink more and Mel worries about this development too.

The eventful episode ends with two major scenes. In the first, Brady meets with Calvin and accepts his job offer. He will work the dayshift, keeping up appearances for the drug’s operation. Brady just wants Brie to be safe in return. Both criminals accept their terms. Back at Jack’s cabin, he finally reads Chris’ letter and then burns the papers. In the letter, Chris talked about his respect and admiration for Jack. The bar owner cries alone, drinking heavily by the fire. Inside, Mel wakes in bed with pains in her stomach. She shouts for Jack, but there is no answer. Mel calls Doc, anxious about her baby. Again, the series keeps delivering those shocking twist endings.

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