Virgin River season 4, episode 5 recap – a mostly dawdling offering with an intriguing twist ending

By Adam Lock
Published: July 20, 2022
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A dreadfully slow and uneventful episode is bookended by drama. An exciting opener and climactic scene will keep fans coming back for more.

This recap of Netflix’s Virgin River season 4, episode 5, contains spoilers.

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After that edge-of-your-seat cliff-hanger finale, we quickly return to that unmanned seaplane in the episode’s exciting opener. Jack takes the wheel and steadies the plane, whilst Mel tends to the pilot, who is in the midst of a heart-attack. The pilot tells Jack he’ll have to land the plane himself and the bar owner manages to just about save the day. We cut to the hospital and a shaken Mel, who is told her baby is safe. The pilot is also in a stable condition. The near-crash has clearly traumatized Mel and she brings up the paternity test once more. In episode five, Jack will not budge on his stance, he clearly doesn’t want to know who the father is. It’s a dawdling instalment that adds very little to the overall plot.

Virgin River season 4, episode 5 recap

This chapter stretches many weak storylines over numerous scenes to fill the running time. One of these subplots involves Doc. He books Hope a check-up and of course she cancels it behind his back. Hope ditches the appointment and meets up with the sewing circle instead. The girls are preparing for the Renaissance fair and Hope is on hand for added support. She admits that she may not go to the fair and lets Muriel take her opening speech. Doc bumps into Muriel at the bar and she mentions Hope’s cancelled appointment. She also warns Doc to be wary of Denny and his ulterior motives. At the end of the day, Doc asks how Hope’s appointment went and she lies. Doc calls up Jo Ellen, who confirms what he suspected, Hope didn’t attend the doctors.

Feeling guilty for wrongly accusing Brady of attempted murder, Jack tries to make amends. He asks Mike for an update on the fugitive and crooked cop Vince. As always Mike has no new intel. Jack ponders the idea that Brady may have some information that could help with the case and vows to ask the criminal. Unfortunately, Brady doesn’t have anything, stating that there were no parked cars that night and nothing out of the ordinary to divulge.

Preacher takes Julia on a lovely picnic date, whilst Ricky tries to score some brownie points and offers to perform with Lizzie at the fair. Brie plays good cop bad cop and tries to find out who provided Brady’s bail. Meanwhile, Denny acclimatizes to life in Virgin River. Muriel and Connie are both suspicious of this new addition to the town, whilst Doc is just balled over by his grandson. He wants him to move in with them, but Hope is still too unwell for guests. Doc suggests Denny moves into a spare room at the clinic and Denny accepts.

The ending

Mel continues to push Jack to take the paternity test, but the stubborn soldier will not budge. An unfortunate case at work may have spurred on this need for answers, whilst Doc and Denny’s storyline only adds to her woes. Mel sees Denny’s journey as a prime example of why this paternity test needs to happen. There will always be something missing in the child’s life if they don’t know their own lineage. Whilst the lupus case only builds on things. Life is precious. Mel makes a final bid to win over Jack, but he still refuses. He states that the news may crush him and there’s a risk it would change how he feels towards the baby if it wasn’t his. Mel asks for time alone and moves out.

It’s a slow episode, yet Virgin River saves the drama for the finale. Denny snoops around the clinic at night and finds a medicine cabinet. He breaks into it and Mel catches him in the act. Is Denny suffering from an illness or does he intend to take the medicine for his own gains? Will he get high from the pills or sell them on? There are many questions raised from this intriguing final scene. Stay tuned to see what happens next on Virgin River.

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