Virgin River season 4, episode 4 recap – Mel plans a surprise in another eventful episode

July 20, 2022
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Episode four supplies raunchy moments, emotional scenes, and some heart-warming camaraderie in another eventful chapter.

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Episode four supplies raunchy moments, emotional scenes, and some heart-warming camaraderie in another eventful chapter.

This recap of Netflix’s Virgin River season 4, episode 4, contains spoilers.

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There’s a lot going on in Virgin River this season and even with such a lovely cast of characters on hand to help out whenever disaster strikes, some of the townsfolk just need a break from it all. Mel wants to do just that and plans a surprise getaway for Jack, although the grouch may ruin his own treat. As always, the many subplots continue to move forwards in another eventful instalment.

Virgin River season 4, episode 4 recap

Jack plans to spend the day repainting his bar after a snarky comment from his father. Preacher asks to help out and even tries to spark a conversation with his friend, advising Jack not to keep all his feelings bottled up inside. Charmaine only worsens his mood when she asks him to look into possible schools for the twins and then accidentally let’s slip the gender of Jack’s unborn children – they’re having boys. He’s furious she kept this secret from him and terminates the conversation.

Meanwhile, Mel tries to organize a surprise for Jack after he surprised her the very same morning. The smooth talker brought her breakfast in bed and an engraved necklace. She asks Preacher for help planning this secretive vacation. He suggests a secluded island retreat and quickly begins to orchestrate a plan. Mel and Preacher have only a few hours to get grumpy Jack to cheer up and leave work early, without suspecting a thing. It may be a tall order. Mel needs this break as much for herself, with the stillborn death still weighing heavily on her mind and then the man she rushed to hospital in the previous episode having also died.

Brady plans his own getaway, hoping to go on the run as a fugitive, but Brie says she can prove his innocence, she just needs him to be patient. She’s going to set a trap and meets up with Mike for further help. The detective Mike is continually evasive though and leaves the meeting abruptly.

Lizzie and Denny go hiking on a second date, but a few differences of opinions and the news of Ricky being her ex, really unnerves Denny. He is extremely cold to Lizzie after the reveal, even when they’re surrounded by such beauty. It’s worth pointing out, Virgin River captures some truly stunning scenery, and the Canadian filming locations are the perfect, breath-taking backdrop for all this drama.

Hope is still struggling with her concussive symptoms and argues with husband Doc. He wants them to go on a day trip to some picturesque gardens, but she can’t leave the house or get in a car, as it is all too triggering for the woman. Doc manages to persuade her into taking the trip anyway and she only accepts on one condition – no more talk of Hope’s illness or the accident. They enjoy a lovely stroll and Doc asks if Denny can move in. Hope is unsure, but is happy to meet with the grandson first.

Julia and Preacher’s relationship strengthens and he plucks up the courage to accept her offer of private lessons. Whilst Tara visits the clinic for her baby’s check-up and admits she is struggling to sleep at night. Cameron and Mel believe it may be down to her grieving and let her kip upstairs. The doctors gain a rare moment alone to discuss relationships and settling down with a family in Virgin River. Then Brie swings by to pick up some bandages.

The ending

Mel journeys to Jack’s Bar to pick him up for their hot date. She managed to spin a yarn about her car needing fixing and that seems to have worked, but Jack is running late with his painting escapades. Preacher brings in some old friends to help out and drives Jack to the river’s edge. It’s an endearing moment as the residents chip in, leaving you with a warm, fuzzy feeling inside. Jack and Mel take a seaplane to this remote destination. The loving couple seem set for an unforgettable getaway, but then disaster strikes and the pilot has a heart attack. This camping trip really wasn’t meant to be.

Virgin River continues to work as a quintessential daytime drama with some beautiful views, raunchy sequences and intense drama. The local’s camaraderie and many sweet little moments also warm the soul. It’s a simplistic soap opera, but one that is undeniably comforting.

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