Virgin River season 4, episode 3 recap – further secrets are revealed in a steady third chapter

By Adam Lock
Published: July 20, 2022
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A slow and steady episode that makes for comforting TV, but it is all starting to verge on the mundane now.

This recap of Netflix’s Virgin River season 4, episode 3, contains spoilers.

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It’s another sunny day in Virgin River and you know what that means, lots of drama and more of that soap opera goodness for all you lucky fans out there. In episode three, Mel and Jack’s relationship is tested, Brie fights for Brady and a few main cast members finally say things they have been dying to get off their chests for some time now.

Virgin River season 4, episode 3 recap

The episode starts with the much-loved, central couple of the series: Jack and Mel. Their onscreen chemistry is undeniable and they make for such a perfect partnership, but this season has added a new character to possibly upend this power duo. Handsome, new doctor Cameron Hayek is here to rock the boat. In the opening scene, Jack brings up their unfinished proposal and Mel explains how there’s too much to deal with at the moment, what with the pregnancy and all the other unmentioned small-town shenanigans, but she reassures Jack that he’s stuck with her no matter what.

Mel goes for a leisurely morning run with Brie and nearly let’s slip her pregnancy secret. She talks about Jack not wanting her to jog anymore and she is forced to come up with a lie on the spot. Then Cameron arrives, still shaken from yesterday’s stillborn tragedy. They decide to organize a dinner to take their minds off of the heart-wrenching event. Additionally, Cameron still hasn’t been formally introduced to Jack yet, which I’m sure will go just swimmingly.

Straight from the run, Brie pays Jack a visit at his bar. They discuss their father and this talk of a divorce. Both siblings worry that their parents won’t be able to cope on their own and agree to solve this conundrum once and for all. Brie is excited to sign her contract at the local law firm and Jack is equally pleased to have his sister sticking around for at least another year in town. Jack warns Brie about Brady, adding that he is a magnet for trouble. Brie says she can look after herself.

Connie returns, asking Preacher for an update on the Christopher case and then warns Lizzie that this Denny character is up to no good. She believes he will be after Doc’s inheritance or looking to frame the old man. Lizzie laughs it off, blaming paranoia and true crime serials for Connie’s mistrust. Lizzie doesn’t listen to the old lady one bit though and accepts Denny’s offer to catch a movie later that night. She works a shift with her ex, Ricky and the bashful boy tries to apologize for his previous misdeeds. Lizzie stands her ground though and doesn’t fall for his puppy dog eyes, stating that he lied to her over and over again.

Other plot points involve Brady making bail, Preacher befriending his aikido teacher Julia and Doc researching his dead son. Doc’s subplot has gone from pure delight to downright heartache in rapid speed. The poor man has just discovered that his son has died, with the doctor putting it eloquently: he’s gained and lost a son in the blink of an eye. Mel and Doc have a real heart to heart about it all, with the nurse practitioner talking of her own stillborn. Both have lost a child, although in highly different circumstances. Mel gets quite emotional, saying how she misses her daughter every day and then Doc comforts her in return.

The ending

Doc still hasn’t told Hope about his grandson and finally confesses to his secret. Hope is genuinely excited by this revelation, if a little annoyed he kept it from her. The series continues to be comforting, although verging on the mundane with a slower third episode. To round things off, Jack is clearly jealous of Cameron and tells Mel as much after their meal together. He worries that Cameron may come onto the mother of his unborn child and then has to deal with his own mother informing him that she is having an affair. In the final moments, Brie and Brady are reunited and make passionate love. But who paid for his bail?

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