Virgin River Season 5 Episode 11 Recap – Who is Mel’s biological father?

By Adam Lock
Published: November 30, 2023
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Virgin River Season 5 Episode 11 Recap
Virgin River Season 5 Episode 11 | Image via Netflix


“The More the Merrier” is an excellent Christmas special from Virgin River. The show makes the most of its juiciest plot points, focusing mainly on Mel’s search for her biological father.

It’s felt like an eternity since Virgin River concluded the first part of its fifth season with all those surprising twist endings, but it’s been less than two months in reality. The Netflix series thankfully returns to our screens with Season 5 Part 2, with two Christmas special installments. Episode 11, “The More the Merrier”, explores more of the mysteries surrounding Mel’s real biological father.

This plays out like a fun scavenger hunt as we follow the clues from one location to the next. It’s shamelessly dramatic and yet sweetly wholesome at the same time.

Virgin River Season 5 Episode 11 Recap

Fans are dying to know just who Mel’s biological father is and the show wastes no time at all in addressing the matter. Mel and Jack discuss the family drama whilst hunting for the perfect Christmas tree in one of Virgin River’s scenic forests.

Mel isn’t sure how to proceed but starts by reading back all of her father’s love letters to her mother. Her sister Joey brings them over just in time for the holiday celebrations. The sisters flick through the love letters and postcards together, looking for clues and excuses for this secret affair.

One of the dates from the letters suggests that the romance started after their mom and dad lost Chloe. This devastating storyline could be the reason why their father was so distant at the time. Joey comments on the fact that Chloe nearly ended their parent’s marriage, but Mel brought them back together.

So far, all they have on this mystery man is the nickname Champ and a PO Box. Mel decides to investigate further. She wants to know who this man is and if she can be a part of his life in the present.

Why have Brie and Jack’s parents fallen out?

Elsewhere, Brie and Mike prepare for more family drama. Brie’s parents are stopping over and there is conflict between the divorced couple. Brie’s mother has brought her new boyfriend Javier to Virgin River for the holidays. This has upset Brie’s father greatly. Brie agrees to let her father sleep in the guest room for the rest of the holidays. He can’t watch them kissing in public any longer.

Hope and Doc prepare for the annual Christmas tree decoration competition. The conversation soon turns to Lizzie’s pregnancy. Lizzie reveals that she still hasn’t told her mother, who is coming to stay for the holidays as well. Hope urges her to tell her mom the good news.

They all gather at the Christmas market later that day, but Lizzie gets flustered and at the last second refuses to tell her mother the big news. In the other subplots, Doc worries about his upcoming clinical trial, whilst Lark and Brady’s relationship blossoms.

Meanwhile, Mel starts her investigation by focusing on the PO Box with Jack’s help. He suggests that they speak with Hope, who would know the former postmaster. They ask Hope at the Christmas market. She remembers the postmaster, Chip Cooper, although she hasn’t kept in touch with him.

Lydie has though. They ask her for Chip’s location. He is currently playing Santa Claus at the community center in Clear River. Jack and Mel queue to speak with Chip, who remembers Mel’s father fondly.

He recalls how the old couple’s romance was the talk of the post office. Unfortunately, he can’t recall Mel’s father’s name. But he remembers that the man won the 1976 Lumberjack Games. That’s how Champ originally got his nickname.

Who is Mel’s biological father?

Mel and Jack research this clue further and find the man’s name. Mel’s biological father was called Everett Reid. A quick Google search reveals no more information than that, so Jack brings in Preacher for his assistance. Preacher contacts his private investigator right away, they want to track down this Everett Reid character immediately.

The whole town then gather for the annual Virgin River Holiday musical, this time starring Muriel and Cameron. Before the play begins, Hope and Lizzie discuss the secret pregnancy. Lizzie’s mom overhears Hope talking about the pregnancy though, sparing Lizzie the stress of telling her mother in person.

How does Virgin River Season 5 Episode 11 end?

The musical then follows. As you’d expect, it’s a cute and wholesome affair. After the show, Cameron is greeted by his ex-fiancée, Michelle. She tells him that she has started going to AA meetings and is six months sober. Michelle then apologizes to her ex. Cameron is unsure of what to say.

There’s further drama with Jack’s family. His father is still upset by his ex-wife’s romance and has decided to head home. Jack tries to talk him out of leaving on this the day before Christmas Eve. The father can’t watch his ex-wife kissing her new boyfriend though. To make matters worse, the new couple have just announced that they are moving in together in the new year.

The episode then ends with Preacher, who has heard back from his private investigator already. He tells Mel that her biological father still lives in Virgin River.

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