The Man of God ending explained – Samuel’s return to God

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: April 17, 2022
The Man of God ending explained - Samuel's return to God

Netflix’s new film from Nollywood The Man of God revolves around Samuel. Being a son of a well-known prophet, everyone has lots of expectations from Samuel. Also, he grows up in a harsh religious environment, where his father is abusive toward him. With all these constant pressures, Samuel makes up his mind to leave the house of his father and live on his own.

With that decision, he ends up being a struggling musician and broke. While in that time, he meets with Joy. He falls in love with Joy and starts a relationship with her. But Joy is a dedicated Christian and a server to the church. She feels it isn’t right for her to meet a guy who constantly succumbs to various temptations. Though it is hard for her to accept that fact, eventually she leaves him.

A heartbroken Samuel is then consoled by his good friend Teju. As time progresses, they get married and become servers to the church. Though Samuel is not happy with this. He is constantly criticized by the reverend and accused of sexual misdemeanors with young female members of the church. Though he denies any of this is true, it is the fact that he has a relationship with a young girl from the church. She becomes pregnant with his child but is forced to abort against her will by Samuel. From this trauma, she commits suicide. But before that, she sends all the information to Samuel via mail. Teju gets that and comes to know about his husband’s wrong deeds.

The Man of God ending

Meanwhile, Samuel’s old friend Rekya meets with him (previously, Samuel and Rekya have a relationship). She advises him to start his church only for business purposes. Samuel finds it fascinating to hear from Rekya as she has gotten her fortune in the drug business. He also wants the money, the big mansion, and a lifestyle like Rekya. So, he makes plans to start his church.

Manipulating Teju into this, Samuel starts his church with her. But in the climax, everything crumbles down as Teju finds out about Samuel’s money laundering schemes with Rekya behind the facade of the church. Also, with the death of Rekya, the police suspect Samuel as her accomplice in the investigation process. Teju also finds Samuel’s plan of leaving her and fleeing to Canada. Disgusted with that, Teju gives all the evidence to the police, and Samuel gets arrested.

In the final scene, we come to see that Samuel returns to his father’s church. It is the indication that Samuel acknowledges his mistakes and comes home to redeem himself.

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