Here’s everything that happened in Virgin River Season 5 Part 2

By Adam Lock
Published: November 30, 2023
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Virgin River Season 5 Part 2 Recap
Virgin River Season 5 Part 2 | Image via Netflix

Virgin River is back with the concluding two chapters in its fifth season run, which both happen to be set mere days before Christmas in the sleepy American town. The Netflix original series has improved massively over the years and this is clearly evident in Season 5 Part 2, with the behind-the-scenes team delivering two highly entertaining and emotive installments, just in time for the Holiday season. Here are the major talking points from those two specific episodes. Below is our full recap of Virgin River Season 5 Part 2.

As you will have guessed, this article contains major spoilers for every episode in Part 2.

Virgin River Season 5 Part 2 Recap

Episode 11 – “The More the Merrier”

The first of two Holiday-themed Virgin River episodes, Episode 11, begins with the hunt for Mel’s biological father. Mel and Jack seek out the town’s old postmaster, Chip Cooper, hoping to track down Mel’s dad by his PO Box details alone.

Chip remembers Mel’s father fondly, as he was in the post office all the time, delivering his love letters to Mel’s mom. Unfortunately, Chip doesn’t remember the man’s name. The only thing he knows is that the man won the lumberjack games in 1976. This detail leads Mel and Jack to discover Mel’s father’s real name. He is called Everett Reid. Jack has Preacher’s private investigator track down his location next.

In the other subplots, Lizzie reveals that she hasn’t told her own mother about her pregnancy yet. Hope urges her to tell Deidre the news immediately. It all comes out at the annual Virgin River Holiday Musical when Deidre overhears Hope talking about Lizzie’s pregnancy. She is of course upset that Lizzie didn’t tell her straight away.

After the play, Cameron’s ex-fiancée Michelle makes a surprise appearance. She has been sober for 6 months now and wants to apologize to Cameron in person. Then in the final scene, Preacher reveals that Mel’s biological father is still living in Virgin River.

Episode 12 – “Father Christmas”

The finale opens with Mel and Jack outside Everett’s home. Mel speaks with her father, but he lies and says that he isn’t her dad. Mel is upset by the rejection but vows to make the most of the holiday season regardless.

Charmaine’s contractions worsen and she agrees to meet with Mel at the clinic. The father of the twins, Calvin, drives Charmaine there. Mel asks Calvin to leave, and then Charmaine’s waters break. She updates Mel on Calvin’s life and the reasons why he is the father. Doc soon arrives at the clinic to help with Charmaine’s pregnancy. She gives birth to two healthy baby boys. Afterward, Mel asks Doc to walk her down the aisle at her wedding. He eagerly accepts.

Cameron tells Muriel about Michelle. She wants to get back together with her ex and start a family. Cameron rejected Michelle’s proposal though. Muriel admits that she doesn’t want children and can’t have them anyway, Cameron needs to think about his future.

Preacher declares his love for Kaia. She gets a job as Virgin River’s new fire chief. At the Christmas Tree decorating competition, Lizzie and Denny announce that they are having a baby girl. Brady and Brie flirt and nearly kiss one another. Doc proposes to Hope once again, so they can renew their vows before his clinical trial. The couple then wins the decorating competition.

On Christmas Day, Jack buys Mel a puppy. It’s revealed that Lark is conning Brady and that Jimmy is Hazel’s father. Mike then calls Preacher; the dead body that they found in the woods has been identified as Wes Logan. Preacher is in trouble but refuses to tell Kaia the truth.

The finale ends with Mel and Jack. Everett pays Mel a visit, admitting that he is her father. He hands her Mel’s mother’s love letters and then he states that he has something important to tell Mel.

That is the full story recap of what happened in Virgin River Season 5 Part 2 (Episodes 11-12). What are your thoughts on the story? Please comment below.

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