Virgin River season 4 – what are Denny’s secrets?

July 20, 2022
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This article, “what are Denny’s secrets,” contains spoilers regarding Netflix’s Virgin River season 4.

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New character Denny Cutler enters Virgin River with many secrets and a definite air of mystery about him. He claims to be Doc’s grandson and with this revelation, becomes the talk of the town. If this story is to be believed it brings up many questions and his later actions also appear suspicious to say the least. With so many subplots revolving around this character, let’s discuss Denny’s many secrets in more detail.

Virgin River season 4 – what are Denny’s secrets?

Denny tells Doc that he is his grandson, but Vernon ‘Doc’ Mullins has no children, never mind any grandchildren. The news comes as a complete shock to the doctor, who runs the local clinic with Mel and newbie Cameron. Denny soon explains the reasons behind this surprising reveal. Doc’s ex Rose fell pregnant, but she didn’t want to ruin Doc’s budding career, so she kept it a secret. Rose’s sister then told Doc that she was dead. Denny himself struggles to unpack this web of lies, but seems to believe it all came from a good place.

Doc discovers that he has a son and then Denny informs him that he died not long ago. Denny’s father and Doc’s son was called Ryan Cutler. His death influenced Denny’s decision to seek out his grandfather and explains his sudden arrival in Virgin River. Doc accepts this story as truth and welcomes Denny into his life. The townsfolk are less accommodating, worrying that Doc is about to be conned or framed. Some believe Denny is out for Doc’s inheritance and warn the physician.

The plot thickens when Denny begins to act suspiciously. He is extremely hot and cold with love interest Lizzie and Mel catches him breaking into a drug’s cabinet at the clinic one night. Lizzie finds his stash of pills, which are made out to his father Ryan. Denny defends himself, stating that he was in the drug’s cabinet because he had a headache and wanted to find some aspirin. He confesses to Lizzie that the pills are for his anxiety and for dealing with his grief.

Later, Denny uncovers Doc’s financial records and uses his grandfather’s identity to close an account. The writers set this up as an obvious case of fraud, but Denny admits to paying off the clinic’s mortgage instead, using his large inheritance from his father. He tells Doc that this would’ve been what his father wanted and is happy to use the money to help out his family. Doc is grateful, but still wants answers to Denny’s drug problem.

Denny faints and lies telling Doc and Hope that he was just dehydrated, although he reveals his true illness in the finale. Denny is suffering from a terminal illness called Huntington’s disease. This explains why he was hesitant to start a relationship with Lizzie and why he was happy to offload all his savings so recklessly. The grandson was enjoying the little time he had left, living it up in scenic Virgin River and getting acquainted with his family.

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