Does Mel lose her baby in Virgin River Season 5?

By Adam Lock
Published: September 8, 2023
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Does Mel lose her baby in Virgin River Season 5

Does Mel lose her baby in Virgin River Season 5? We discuss the emotional subplot in the 2023 Netflix series Virgin River. This article contains spoilers. 

Fans of the Netflix original series Virgin River will be happy to hear that the comforting romantic drama series is back for a fifth outing. This fifth season steps up the drama somewhat, though, with a catastrophic forest fire storyline and an intense subplot focusing on Mel’s high-risk pregnancy.

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With her previous pregnancies, Mel has been plagued with trauma and heartache, so there was an added tension with her latest pregnancy. In Season 5, viewers will be eager to discover if Mel’s pregnancy goes smoothly or if the newest pregnancy ends in tragedy.

Mel’s pregnancy journey in Virgin River

One of the main characters in Virgin River is Mel Monroe (Alexandra Breckenridge), a kind-hearted nurse practitioner who yearns to start a family and become a mother in this sleepy, picturesque town. Unfortunately, her pregnancy journey has been a tough and painful experience, marred by cursed luck and heartache.

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Mel has had multiple miscarriages and a stillbirth to contend with. At the end of season 3, Mel discovers she is pregnant again, but she is unsure whether the baby’s father is Jack or her dead husband, Mark. Eventually, it is revealed to be Jack’s at the end of season 4.

Due to the high-risk nature of Mel’s pregnancy, she starts season 5 cautiously. Mel wants to take some time off work to concentrate on her health and mental well-being instead. She quits the clinic and tries to focus on her pregnancy some more.

Does Mel lose her baby in Virgin River Season 5?

In Season 5 Episode 5, “Trial by Fire,” Mel has another miscarriage, losing her baby once again. This heartbreaking moment comes seemingly out of nowhere. Mel is tending to the injured patients from the wildfires. She then goes to the toilet and discovers the horrifying truth. This scene and the storyline, on the whole, are handled respectably and with the utmost care, but it is still a heartbreaking moment nonetheless.

Mel is unable to tell anyone of this tragic news. She soldiers on in silence, caring for the wounded and putting on a brave face for the rest of the day. Eventually, Mel and Jack are reunited in “Heroes Rise,” where Mel finally tells her partner the gut-wrenching truth.

How did Mel lose her baby?

Mel discovers that she has had another miscarriage whilst at work at the clinic. She notices that she is bleeding while in the toilet. She then performs an ultrasound on herself to confirm her worst fears. Mel is heartbroken to find out that her baby has stopped breathing.

It is unclear what caused the miscarriage. Mel has had multiple miscarriages and a stillbirth, placing her in the high-risk category for her latest pregnancy. This will have increased her chances of miscarrying again. She was also under a lot of stress, but there is no evidence that stress can lead to a miscarriage.

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This tragic incident causes Mel to reassess her future plans. She decides to stop trying for further babies, broken by the continued heartache of past experiences. In the season 5 part 1 finale, Jack urges her to try different methods to become a mother. Mel agrees to try for a family once again.

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