Recap – what happened in Virgin River Season 5 Part 1? (Episodes 1-10)

By Adam Lock
Published: September 7, 2023
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Recap – what happened in Virgin River Season 5 Part 1

We recap the 2023 Netflix series Virgin River Season 5 Part 1 (Episodes 1-10), which contains spoilers as it details what happened.

The romantic drama series Virgin River returns with its fifth season. In the first ten installments of the new season, the town faces great hardship as a wildfire causes destruction and devastation in this peaceful neighborhood.

This major event becomes the main focus of the season, yet there is plenty more drama and many more romances still to explore.

Here’s a breakdown of what happened in every episode of Virgin River Season 5 Part 1:

Recap – what happened in Virgin River Season 5 Part 1? (Episodes 1-10)

Episode 1 – “A Second Chance”

Mike arrests Vince for kidnapping and attempted murder. Preacher tells Paige that he still has strong feelings for her, but she states that she must leave town. Mel quits her job at the clinic to concentrate on her pregnancy.

Brie decides to press charges against her rapist, Don. Melissa Montgomery expands her operation, setting her sights on Jack’s glamping business. Brady is forced to continue working for the crime boss. Hope finds out that she is being ousted from her mayoral position. Jack confronts Charmaine about her lies.

Episode 2 – “Songbird”

Charmaine apologizes to Jack, but he can’t forgive her. Hope wants to keep her mayoral title and plans a comeback. With Lizzie and Denny’s help, she prepares a speech to win them over. The speech works on Muriel, but she is still outvoted by the others.

Cameron and Doc argue at the clinic with Mel no longer working there. Muriel steps in to help with the workload, becoming a part-time employee. Melissa keeps Brady in line by threatening Brie’s safety. Jack thanks Brady for supporting Brie. Jack then forgives Charmaine. Preacher hears on the radio that a wildfire is spreading. Brady returns to his work to find his new coworker Jeb dead.

Episode 3 – “Calculated Risk”

Jack tells his therapist about his nightmares. He is told to take some calculated risk. Jack goes rock climbing with Denny. Brady helps out with Jeb’s funeral. Brie is shocked to learn that Brady has been keeping secrets from her. Brady confesses to everything. Lizzie and the gang make packaged meals for the front-line workers battling the wildfires. Lizzie’s idea is a success and she is then interviewed by the local news.

Firefighter Kaia phones the clinic for help with a woman in labor. She ends up delivering the baby over FaceTime while Cameron and Mel support her. Kaia attends Jack’s Bar afterward, where she makes the moves on Preacher. Jack accepts Melissa Montgomery’s business proposal.

Episode 4 – “Never Gonna Be the Same”

Mel and Jack embark on a camping trip, where they discuss their differing parenting styles. Doc opens up to Denny on a fishing trip, telling him about his eyesight problems. The sewing circle girls and Lizzie argue on an eventful spa day, but Hope and Jo Ellen eventually make amends.

Mike accepts Brady’s proposal to go undercover as a confidential informant. Mel and Jack wake the next morning to the smell of the spreading wildfire as it makes its way to Virgin River.

Episode 5 – “Trial by Fire”

The citizens of Virgin River are ordered to evacuate as the wildfire spreads. Mel helps out at the clinic. During the chaos, Mel discovers that she has had another miscarriage. Meanwhile, Brie’s trial begins in Sacramento. Brie speaks openly about her abuser and is questioned vigorously by the opposition. Afterward, she meets up with Mike as they hear about the wildfires.

Jack and Brady convince the illegal campers to move on. As the fire spreads, they rescue a missing girl caught in the blaze. Lizzie and Denny drive into the fire to warn others. Hope argues with Nick. Doc and Cameron care for an injured firefighter called Jay. Mel rushes to Ava’s aid.

Episode 6 – “Heroes Rise”

Jack and Mel rescue Ava and Chloe from a burning building. Doc’s eyesight fails him whilst operating on Jay. Cameron takes over, but is concerned about Doc’s lies and failing health. Bert saves Lizzie and Denny. They all reunite at Jack’s Bar.

The fire jumps the river, heading towards the bar. Brady and the other men dig a backfire to save the bar. The citizens head to the safety zone. The firefighters then arrive to take over at Jack’s Bar. Preacher finds out that Kaia is married to Jay. Brie and Mike watch the news over in Sacramento. Mel tells Jack about her miscarriage.

Episode 7 – “From the Ashes”

After impressing Nick during the fires, Hope is reinstated as town mayor. With Lizzie’s help, she plans a food and clothes drive for the evacuees. Cameron and Doc argue over Doc’s eyesight problems. Doc offers Cameron the clinic when he retires.

Kaia tells Preacher that she is divorcing Jay, he has nothing to worry about. Brady continues to work undercover, recording his conversations with Melissa. Brie says she can’t trust Brady anymore. Tara leaves town. Brie’s trial is a success, Don is found guilty. Mike and Brie agree to just being friends. Brady is jealous of Mike though and nearly fights with him at the drive. Brie officially ends her relationship with Brady.

Episode 8 – “Full Moon”

Mel decides to go back to working at the clinic after her miscarriage. Gossip about Cameron and Muriel spreads through the sewing circle. Brady wears a wire and Melissa grows suspicious of him. The evacuees are allowed to stay at Jack’s glamping site. Brady makes friends with Lark.

Brady is tasked with cooking the books behind Jack’s back. Preacher and Kaia spend the day together, she opens up about her divorce. Cameron and Muriel kiss. Mel breaks down at a girl’s night with Ava and Brie. Mel tells Jack that she doesn’t want to try for a baby again, it is just too painful.

Episode 9 – “Angel’s Peak”

Mel and Jack go hiking to clear their heads and discuss Mel’s decision. They argue and get lost in the wilderness. Doc’s ex Rose arrives after decades away. Doc and Rose argue about her lies. Doc realizes that he made the right choice staying with Hope.

Preacher makes a delicious menu for Kaia. Jay returns to spoil their fun. Kaia is needed in Alaska. Mike and Brie continue to bond, kissing in the rain. And Brady spends more time with Lark. Brady also uncovers more of Melissa’s operation. Mel and Jack find their way to Angel’s Peak. They decide to try for another baby. Jack finds Brady handling drugs at the glamping site.

Episode 10 – “Labor Day”

Brady explains everything to Jack about the drugs operation. Melissa arrives and kidnaps Brady. Jack follows in a car. He informs Mike of the incident. Jack saves Brady at an abandoned warehouse. The police arrest Melissa, but Mike is shot.

Lizzie and Hope host the annual carnival. Mel returns to the clinic. Muriel asks Doc if she can date Cameron. He accepts their relationship.  Jack’s glamping site is shut down by the FBI. The evacuees move to Nick’s B&B. Mike wakes and Brie chooses him over Brady. Kaia decides to get a job nearby and declines the Alaska offer.

Lizzie tells Denny she thinks she’s pregnant. A body is found in the forest, Preacher thinks it is Wes’ body. Calvin returns from the dead; he is the father of Charmaine’s twins. Mel and Jack decide to buy Lilly’s farm. Mel finds out that her father may be from Virgin River.

That is the full story recap of what happened in the Netflix series Virgin River Season 5 Part 1 (Episodes 1-10). What are your thoughts on the story? Please comment below.

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