Virgin River Season 5 Episode 10 Recap and Part 1 Ending Explained

By Adam Lock
Published: September 7, 2023
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Netflix series Virgin River Season 5 Episode 10 Recap and Part 1 Ending Explained


Virgin River can’t help but return to its daytime drama roots in “Labor Day.” The show brings out many big reveals and shocking twists. These silly twists offset the building momentum and improving quality of the fifth season, which has contained many heartwarming and humorous scenes.

We recap the Netflix series Virgin River Season 5 Episode 10, “Labor Day,” which contains spoilers and explains the ending of Part 1. 

Part one of season five ends with “Labor Day” as the town celebrates Virgin River’s annual carnival. There are plenty of shocking twists and major reveals in this eventful finale as Brady (Benjamin Hollingsworth) is kidnapped by Melissa Montgomery’s (Barbara Pollard) goons, and many crimes from the past resurface.

Virgin River Season 5 Episode 10 Recap

The finale starts with an engaging opener as Jack confronts Brady in one of his trailers. Brady tries to explain himself, but there is not enough time. Melissa has arrived with her goons.

Brady asks Jack to trust him. He goes outside and is kidnapped at gunpoint.

Brady is taken to a warehouse and interrogated by Melissa. She’s found footage of Brady spying on them; she knows he’s working undercover.

Jack follows Melissa and phones Mike on the way. Mike rallies the troops and orders Jack not to get involved.

What happens to Melissa Montgomery?

Of course, Jack isn’t going to sit by as Brady is tortured. He fights back, attacking Gene. Brady manages to free himself and the two opposing sides battle with hand-to-hand combat. In the fray, Melissa escapes, but she is soon arrested by Mike and the other officers.

Mike rushes to Jack and Brady’s aid. They appear to be safe, but then Gene comes out of nowhere, shooting Mike. The detective is hit and falls to the ground after shooting back at Gene.

The gang all meet back at the hospital, where Mike has been taken. He’s lost a lot of blood and is in a coma. Brie waits by his bedside. Brady is questioned by the FBI. Jack explains that without Mike to vouch for him, Brady could be in trouble.

Elsewhere, the townsfolk of Virgin River prepare for the Labor Day Carnival. Lizzie and Hope organized the event. Preacher goes to set up for the event after saying goodbye to Kaia. She’s shipping out to Alaska for the foreseeable future.

Are Muriel and Cameron allowed to date?

Meanwhile, at the clinic, the team welcomes Mel back with cupcakes and open arms. Muriel is given the title of office manager and Mel suggests they start a birthing center at the clinic too. Muriel asks Doc for permission to date Cameron. Doc is happy for them to be together if it doesn’t affect their work.

Back at the hospital, Brady and Brie finally address the previous day’s events. Brie is thankful for all Brady has done, but she cannot be with him anymore.

Brady then apologizes to Jack, but Jack is actually grateful for Brady’s courage. They are then summoned to the glamping site, which the FBI has just taken over.

The FBI needs all of the tenants to leave. Jack’s glamping dreams are now in ruins; the site is cordoned off indefinitely. He asks Nick if the evacuees can move into the B&B.

Who does Brie choose to be with?

Mike wakes up in the hospital and is questioned by the FBI about Melissa’s operation. Brie and Mike then share their first date together in Mike’s hospital bed. Mike admits that Brady is the real hero of the story, but Brie isn’t interested. She wants to see how this new relationship goes, so she chooses Mike.

Preacher’s romance is also moving in the right direction. Kaia surprises him by returning to Virgin River. She tells Preacher that she’s taken on a job in the local area instead. Kaia wants to be near Preacher and doesn’t want to leave. This obviously upsets Jay.

At the carnival, Lizzie and Hope celebrate their successes. Lizzie thanks Hope for believing in her. Ava tells Mel that she has decided to have the hysterectomy but will be freezing some of her eggs as a fail-safe as well. Ava admits that she is selling the farmland to build a golf course in its place.

That night, Muriel and Cameron make their romance official, kissing in public. Doc tells Hope that he has landed a spot in a risky clinical trial. Denny asks Lizzie if she will come traveling with him. Lizzie has her own big news; she thinks she’s pregnant.

Virgin River Season 5 Part 1 Ending Explained

As the finale comes to an end, many big twists and surprising setups take place. Kaia is told that her brigade has found a body in the forest. Preacher worries that this is Wes’ body, which he buried himself. Calvin returns from the dead. He tells Charmaine that he wants to be a father to the twins.

Then Mel takes Jack on a surprise detour to Lilly’s farm. She suggests that they buy the farmland and build their family home there. Jack is gobsmacked by the idea, adding that they should get married there too.

The show then fast-forward to Christmas time. Jack and Mel are decorating their cabin. Joey is on the phone. She has found love letters addressed to their mother from someone in Virgin River. Joey thinks that their mother was having an affair with a man who could be Mel’s father.

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