Love in Taipei Ending Explained – who kisses Ever at the end of the film?

By Marc Miller
Published: August 10, 2023 (Last updated: February 17, 2024)
2023 Paramount+ movie Love in Taipei Ending Explained

We discuss the ending of the 2023 Paramount+ movie Love in Taipei, which will contain significant spoilers.

Love in Taipei is a romantic comedy about finding yourself and where you came from. The story follows Ever Wong, who is given a trip to Taiwan to study Mandarin for acceptance into a pre-med program.

Yes, Ever is that young woman with her nose stuck in a book who must look up to experience life.

While in Taiwan, she meets new friends and family. Ever’s new bestie is Sophie, a free spirit who shows her the ropes of the “Loveboat,” the affectionate term for the retreat. She’s the cousin of Ever’s childhood crush and the bane of her existence, the “boy wonder,” Ricky Woo. Sophie introduces them, and there is mutual interest immediately.

Love in Taipei Ending Explained

Ever also meets the film’s resident rebel, Xavier. He is a young man who comes from an affluent family. However, he’s an artist who opens her eyes to happiness that may be off the beaten path. Secretly, Ever wishes to skip medical school for a prestigious New York dance school. Due to parental expectations, she is conflicted about what she intends to pursue.

Why do Ever and Rick break up?

Rick’s family has him leave safely during a bad storm, and he tells Ever that he wishes things were different. Those words imply that he has ended the relationship. That night Ever is Rick’s date at his Aunt’s party. Rick comes from a very wealthy and prestigious family. At the party, Rick’s ex-girlfriend is invited by his Aunt. Rick becomes flustered and thinks he has to impress his relatives.

Rick explains that Ever comes from an affluent family in the States. She is going to a prestigious medical school, and her father is a prominent physician. In reality, Ever has yet to mention which medical school she is attending. Her father was a doctor in Taiwan but could not get licensed in the States and is now a pharmacist.

Rick has disrespected Ever and her family, exposing what he really cares about: his family’s opinion and status. Consequently, Ever leaves him at the party.

Who is Ever’s secret admirer?

Ever’s secret admirer is Xavier. After leaving the party, Xavier follows her to ensure she’s okay. They talk and find common ground because Sofie had been parading Xavier around the party, boasting about his family’s wealth and close relationship with his father. However, this is untrue, highlighting how some are fixated on social status instead of the truth.

They start to laugh, dance, and are on the verge of kissing when it begins to rain. Seeking shelter, Ever notices that Xavier’s tattoos are in the same style as her admirer’s, who leaves sketches of Ever under her door. They share a kiss, but then Ever returns to the dormitory.

Who comes to visit Ever during the “Loveboat Street Festival”? 

Sophie, Rick, and Ever’s parents return to Taiwan to visit Ever at her Aunt Shu’s gallery. During the recital, Sophie visits Ever backstage. She has also brought her new boyfriend, Jeremy, who plays in a rock band. However, Rick also visits to see “girl wonder” in action. They exchange pleasantries, and both get the closure they need.

Aunt Shu escorts Ever to a blocked-off room where her parents await her. Her Aunt Shu called them to come so they could see what Ever was up to, and it meant the world to her. However, they have more important things to talk about.

What does Ever tell her parents about her plans for medical school?

When Ever’s parents show up at Aunt Shu’s gallery, she tells them she wants to forgo medical school. However, Ever does not tell them she wants to pursue a dance career. She explains that she only applied to medical school and went through all the applications because she thought her parents wanted that.

Ever realizes that being in Taiwan with her classmates and friends and being exposed to art and culture has made her rethink her plans. Since she is only 18, she tells her parents she’s still figuring out what she wants.

Who kisses Ever at the end of Love in Taipei?

Xavier and Ever kiss each other and have a slow dance during the Loveboat Street Festival. After Rick leaves, Ever begins to wander the festival and twirl. That’s when Xavier appears, and she greets him. They dance and look into each other’s eyes, and he asks her, “What now, “forever,” Ever?” That’s when they kiss.

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