High Desert Season 1 Episode 4 Recap – what did Denny hide in the house?

By Ricky Valero
Published: May 24, 2023 (Last updated: March 19, 2024)
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Apple TV+ series High Desert Season 1 Episode 4 Recap


The reintroduction of Denny to the fold has upped the ante as High Desert picks up the slow pace to produce the best episode of the season to date.

We recap the Apple TV+ series High Desert Season 1 Episode 4, “Get Judy off the Bed,” which contains spoilers.

High Desert kicks into high gear in the fourth episode. With Peggy (Patricia Arquette) on the hunt to find out if Guru Bob (Rupert Friend) killed his wife, she has to go on several adventures to help track down the truth. Also, with Denny (Matt Dillon) returning, a job he has throws a whole wrinkle in her plans.

High Desert Season 1 Episode 4 Recap

The episode kicks off with a flashback of Peggy’s father leaving her mother and her sisters and her fighting him on the way out. We pick up right where we left off in episode three, with Denny sitting in Peggy’s house drinking coffee. After they argue, Denny pleads to allow her to stay to enjoy this coffee and wash his clothes.

What does Denny want to do now that he is out of jail?

While in prison, Denny learned “qigong,” a martial arts form of meditation. He would lead the teaching to his fellow inmates, and now, he wants to make his own hybrid. So his goal is to open a place in High Des.

What did Denny hide in the house?

After giving his post-prison life plans, Denny tells Peggy about some silver he left at their old house. He wants her and him to break into the house and get it out. Peggy freaks out after discovering how much he had and how she could’ve used that when he was locked up. He tells her that he only lied cause he wanted to be with her once he got out.

Peggy goes to Carol to talk about Guru Bob’s missing wife. She still believes that Guru Bob murdered her and drove her car down to Mexico.

Carol has been digging and found that The Gattchis, her family, is a mafia family. They bought a tanning spa in Rancho Mirage. This leads to Peggy heading to the spa to talk to Nick.

What does Peggy find out from Nick?

Peggy isn’t getting many answers from Nick, but after he suggests giving her a free tan cause she is too pale, the duo head into the tanning bed, where she sees a painting. After some back and forth, Nick reveals that Dona is the one that painted them. Peggy realizes that she made replicas of pictures and sold them to Guru Bob to mobsters.

Peggy gets Ginger (her mom look-alike) to do a scene with Dianne to attempt to elevate some of the feelings within her. So, Dianne does it after some hesitation, tells her how she feels, and breaks down within the moment. Sadly, this hurt worse than it helped Dianne.

Peggy uses Ginger to be her art buyer to use with Guru Bob. She brings Ginger to Guru Bob and says she will use her to bid against Kachel to get the $1.3 million he is hunting for the painting.

Bruce calls Peggy with the bad news that he must file for bankruptcy. Of course, she doesn’t want to hear it and says to give her a day or two, and she will help him get back on track.

High Desert Season 1 Episode 4 Ending Explained

The episode ends with Peggy arriving at Denny’s hotel to say she is in to help him with the silver but wants a 60/40 split and won’t go down any percentage, or she is out. She also wants a favor with him looking into Guru Bob and finding out if he killed his wife.

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