Where was High Desert on Apple TV+ Filmed?

By Louie Fecou
Published: May 18, 2023 (Last updated: last month)
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Where was High Desert on Apple TV+ Filmed

Where was High Desert on Apple TV+ Filmed? We discuss the highly anticipated series and its filming locations. 

High Desert is a detective comedy thriller from Apple TV+ that stars Patricia Arquette.

The show has got a lot of people interested, with Arquette on board and a behind-the-scenes crew that has names like Ben Stiller and Jay Roach in its credits.

The eight-episode series stars Patricia Arquette and Matt Dillon and follows her rocky road, struggling with drug addiction and trying to start a new life after her mother’s death. In the show, Peggy decides to make a go of becoming a private investigator, and this is the premise that drives the narrative.

Ben Stiller and Patricia Arquette are not a new pairing, with the two stars working together previously on Severance. They must have got on well, as they returned with Escape at Dannemora and the well-loved comedy Flirting with Disaster.

Apple is hoping they have a hit on their hands with this quality product, but for the sake of this article, we are more focussed on some of the production details, so let’s have a look and answer the question, where was Apple TV+ series High Desert filmed?

Where was High Desert on Apple TV+ Filmed – a breakdown of filming locations

Los Angeles, California

The show itself is set in and around California, so it is a no-brainer that the production team would want to keep that authentic feel and film in that area.

Many of the scenes would be recorded around the Greater Los Angeles area, and eagle-eyed viewers and locals would be able to spot lots of filming landmarks through the show.

The region is synonymous with film and TV production, and the weather conditions, particularly the lighting, make this locale so appealing.

No rain and great light mean filming can continue for longer, which is very important for productions like High Desert, where many outside locations are used.

Money was another factor in the process, with things being much more affordable than back on the East Coast, making California very enticing for movie and TV productions.

Long Beach, California

Long Beach was used in various shots in the show.

The area is only about twenty miles outside LA and is one of the world’s largest shipping ports.

Yucca Valley

The show starts with our lead in Yucca Valley, and it looks like the area was used for the shoot.

Yucca Valley is an incorporated town in San Bernardino County and is located in the Mojave Desert.

The comedy opens with a raid on the house of Peggy and Denny during a Thanksgiving party that sets up the events for the rest of the series.

Mojave Desert

There are a lot of beautifully lit scenes that were filmed in and around the Mojave Desert.

Lancaster is an area about seventy miles from downtown LA, and there are a few uses of the location in the show.

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