Virgin River Season 5 Episode 9 Recap – why must Kaia leave town?

September 7, 2023
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Netflix series Virgin River Season 5 Episode 9 Recap


“Angel’s Peak” is a heartwarming installment featuring many improving romances and plenty of humorous, entertaining sequences. Season 5 is elevated by this fun and wholesome side to the show that everyone can enjoy.

We recap the Netflix series Virgin River Season 5 Episode 9, “Angel’s Peak,” which contains significant spoilers.

Mel’s (Alexandra Breckenridge) story arc in season five has been a painful and heartbreaking one, to put it mildly. She has had another miscarriage and lost another baby.

In part one’s penultimate episode, “Angel’s Peak,” Mel and Jack (Martin Henderson) discuss their plans moving forward, contemplating whether to try for a baby once more.

Virgin River Season 5 Episode 9 Recap

The episode begins with Mel and Jack. Mel is unable to discuss her decision and attempts to go on a run. Jack suggests a hike together to clear their heads instead. He wants to show her Angel’s Peak, which he hopes could be restorative.

While hiking, they discuss their feelings. Mel feels guilty for not wanting to try again. She thinks she is letting Jack down, who really wants to be a father.

Jack admits that he now shares in Mel’s dreams of starting a family but admits there are other ways to have a baby. Mel doesn’t want to adopt, though.

Their chat quickly turns into an argument. Mel is angry with the situation and feels unable to take on any more loss. During this heated debate, Jack realizes that they are lost, both physically and metaphorically.

To make matters worse, it begins to rain, and a storm rages overhead. Mel laughs at the unfairness of it all. It makes for a comical moment. They kiss each other and then thankfully find their path back to the Peak.

Why does Rose visit Doc?

Elsewhere, Hope and Doc prepare for Rose’s arrival. The woman lied to Doc for 50 years, keeping his son and grandson from him for all that time. Rose is here to make amends, but Hope and Doc are still bitter. Denny is happy that all his family are finally together, but Doc and Rose’s chat turns personal.

Hope heads to Jack’s Bar to natter with the sewing circle girls. Rose soon arrives, telling Hope about her argument with Doc. Hope ditches them all to be with her husband.

Then Rose is introduced to Lizzie. Rose is impressed with Lizzie’s employment and beaming personality but wants Denny to think about his future. Denny is happy to go wherever Lizzie goes.

Back home, Doc reunites with Hope. He admits that his life turned out for the better. Doc agrees to forgive Rose. They meet up at Jack’s Bar later that day and make amends. Rose apologizes, too.

In Preacher’s storyline, the chef and Kaia talk about their own future together. Kaia must be heading back home soon; she has the house and her divorce to deal with.

Preacher decides to show Kaia his new menu, hoping to impress his girlfriend with his culinary skills.

Why must Kaia leave town?

The menu is a huge success, but their cute date is interrupted. Jay and Kaia have been summoned to deal with wildfires in Alaska. Jay will be the incident commander, and Kaia has been promoted to team lead. She rushes home to pack. Jay and Preacher’s rivalry is reignited.

Meanwhile, things are still awkward between Muriel and Cameron down at the clinic. Muriel decides to move out. They try to keep things professional at work, but they both want the relationship to continue. Brie and Mike are also bonding further. They kiss one another in the rain.

And Brady’s new romance with Lark also progresses. Lark invites him over for burgers and board games. In the meantime, Brady investigates Melissa Montgomery’s seedy operation. He finds a lead and films her stashing drugs in Jack’s trailers. The footage isn’t clear enough to be used, though.

Virgin River Season 5 Episode 9 Ending Explained

The episode concludes back with Jack and Mel’s subplot. They reach the peak and ogle at the stunning views. Jack talks about his repressed grief when he first came to Virgin River and how he was saved by the place and its people. He wants to try again for a baby and Mel finally agrees to his proposal.

Back at their cabin home, Mel sees a bird and feels connected with nature and her mother once more. Jack feels happy enough to leave Mel on her own now that she seems in high spirits again. He heads to the glamping site.

Jack arrives later that night and finds Brady in one of his trailers, uncovering the hidden stash of drugs.

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