Virgin River Season 5 Episode 8 Recap – does Mel return to the clinic?

By Adam Lock
Published: September 7, 2023
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Netflix series Virgin River Season 5 Episode 8 Recap


The series very nearly creeps back into old habits after such a good run of installments. But “Full Moon” manages to stay consistent with some intriguing romances and an emotional finale from Mel once again. This season has addressed some tricky subject matter in an authentic and admirable way.

We recap the Netflix series Virgin River Season 5 Episode 8, “Full Moon,” which contains significant spoilers.

After the intense drama from the wildfire, the series returns to familiar territory. Virgin River pushes forward with its many subplots in “Full Moon,” opening the doors to new romances and finally bringing an end to Mel’s (Alexandra Breckenridge) painful storyline.

Virgin River Season 5 Episode 8 Recap

The episode kick starts with an unexpected opening as we find Mel dancing like nobody is watching. It’s great to see a re-energized Mel after her miscarriage, but it is all just an act.

Mel wants to move forward with her life, but really, she’s just trying to bury her true feelings.

Jack walks in on Mel’s dance number, happy to see his partner feeling better. Mel has a busy day planned. She’s going fishing with Doc and then drinking with Brie, all to keep herself distracted. Jack mentions starting the whole process again with the couple trying for another baby, but Mel is visibly hesitant.

Does Mel return to the clinic?

Mel tells Doc her true feelings as they fish in the tranquility of nature. Doc talks about the difficulties of healing a broken heart. They discuss Cameron being offered a partnership position and then Doc offers Mel her old job back. This time, Mel accepts the opportunity. She’s going to return to the clinic after all.

Later in the day, Mel gossips with the sewing circle gals. They’re all worked up over Muriel’s living arrangements. She’s shacking up with Cameron, although she promises that nothing is going on.

Then Cameron enters Jack’s Bar to apologize to Mel. They’ll be working together again, and he wants to be done with the awkwardness once and for all. Mel accepts his apology.

Elsewhere, Brady agrees to wear a wire in the hopes of incriminating Melissa Montgomery and her money laundering scheme. Down at the glamping construction site, Brady notices Lark and her daughter Hazel hiding out in one of Jack’s trailers.

Where do the evacuees go?

Lark admits that they spent the night there. Jack allows them to stay for as long as they need. This gives Jack an idea. He asks Melissa Montgomery if the evacuees can stay on the site. Melissa agrees. She talks about the expansion with Jack and apologizes for his loss.

They discuss the books and the business’ paper trail. Melissa is insistent that Brady looks after that aspect of the business, freeing Jack up for more quality time with Mel.

Of course, Melissa has ulterior motives; she needs Brady to cook the books without Jack’s knowledge.

Meanwhile, Lizzie prepares for her first day as Hope’s chief of staff. She even sports a fancy new outfit. They decide to focus on finding homing for the evacuees. Whilst Denny is off interviewing for a job at Bert’s auto shop.

And in Preacher’s storyline, he spends the day with Kaia. They discuss Kaia’s ex-husband, Jay, but Kaia distracts Preacher with a busy day of intense outdoor activities.

The couple eventually chat about one another’s childhoods and the divorce is brought up again.

Why did Kaia and Jay split up?

Kaia admits that they split up due to work. Both Kaia and Jay had applied for the same promotion at work. Jay got competitive and belittled Kaia in front of her co-workers. He got the promotion and wanted Kaia to quit her job to be a stay-at-home mother. That was the final straw for Kaia. Preacher promises that he will be more supportive, although work and their distance apart may still be an issue.

Brady and Jack welcome the new evacuees to the glamping site. Brady spends a little more time getting to know Lark. Whilst Cameron and Muriel share a romantic meal together.

Cameron and Muriel finally kiss one another, although Cameron is worried that this will ruin their work relationship.

After Brady’s late-night bonding session, he is confronted by Melissa’s goon, Gene. The criminal doesn’t trust Brady whatsoever and asks if he is wearing a wire. Luckily, on this occasion, Brady isn’t.

That night, Mel, Ava, and Brie spend some quality ‘girl’ time together. They drink and socialize. The subject quickly turns to the negative, though. Brie admits that she’s officially broken up with Brady, and Ava talks about the guilt she feels still after the fire.

They decide to perform a healing exercise to rid themselves of these negative thoughts. They throw messages into a fire. Ava lets go of her guilt, and Brie finds closure after her breakup.

When it is Mel’s turn, she breaks down.

Virgin River Season 5 Episode 8 Ending Explained

Mel wants to let go of her fears, but she still worries about trying for another baby. At home, Mel tells Jack that she is going to work at the clinic once again. Jack mentions scheduling work around Mel’s next pregnancy. As the episode ends, Mel confesses that she doesn’t want to try for another baby. She has had enough; she can’t do it any longer.

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