Servant Recap: Lobster Ice Cream

December 6, 2019
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Servant Season 1, Episode 4, “Bear” maintains the intrigue as we learn more about Dorothy and Sean and their family planning.

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Servant Season 1, Episode 4, “Bear” maintains the intrigue as we learn more about Dorothy and Sean and their family planning.

This recap of Apple TV+ Series Servant Season 1 Episode 4, “Bear” contains significant spoilers. You can read the recap of the previous episode by clicking these words

Episode 4, “Bear” brings us no closer to the truth of the matter but it’s still intriguing. It’s clear that M. Night Shyamalan is building the story to a satisfying, horrific climax.

The opening of “Bear” presents us with a flashback when Dorothy (Lauren Ambrose) told Sean she is pregnant. It looks like exciting news for both of them. In the present day, it’s an entirely new dynamic. Sean notices the baby is not in the cot, he’s with Leanne in her room — Sean listens in.

The next day while Leanne is cooking soup (she always cooks soup), Sean sneaks upstairs with a tool and checks out Leanne’s bedroom. He places himself in the walls of the bedroom, unstuffs a bear, takes out the camera and creates a hole in the wall so he can spy on Leanne. Sean manages to get out of the room before Leanne enters her room with her well-organized plate of soup, bread, and a spoon.

When Dorothy returns home she tells Leanne that she wants to bring the baby to work to show colleagues. Sean does his utmost best to stop her, and he somehow convinces Dorothy to change her mind. While Dorothy is asleep, Sean spies on Leanne using the camera.

The next day, Julian heads over to drink another bottle of good wine and a catch-up. The pair check out the camera footage and Sean thinks it is weird that Leanne keeps the baby in the room. Sean reveals a theory that Leanne is the biological mother of the baby.

When Julian leaves, Sean watches the news; Dorothy is outside the court and he sees Leanne in the background with the baby. He is not amused when Dorothy and Leanne return home.

We are then treated to another flashback; it shows the couple discussing baby names — Sean suggests Jericho but there is an air of sadness between them both. In the present day and at night, Sean talks to Leanne about taking the baby into town and insists if it is going to work, she has to listen to him. Sean talks about the time they chose a baby name; Dorothy has an autoimmune system and as soon as it detects a foreign body, it attacks it. More flashbacks show Sean opening a drawer full of pregnancy tests, each test with a name on it. He doesn’t want to put Dorothy through the trauma ever again.

Sean asks Dorothy why she chose him and Leanne. She says, “I knew I’d be happy here”.

Servant Season 1, Episode 4, “Bear” closes with Sean and Dorothy fast asleep. Leanne watches old news footage of Dorothy and it is revealed that Leanne met her when she was a child at a pageant.

It’s clear that there is more trouble ahead, especially with Sean resigning to his new situation

Nursery Room Log

  • After his eye is irritating him, Sean wants to go to the doctor — he jokes he has bone cancer.
  • Sean decides to make a lobster flavored ice cream. When Leanne eats it with chocolate sauce, he realizes that is the missing ingredient.
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