Servant Recap: Whose Baby Is It? Will She Ever Wake Up?



Servant Season 1, Episode 2, “Wood” deals with the aftermath of Sean finding a real baby in the cot and wondering how the child got there.

This recap of Apple TV+ Series Servant Season 1 Episode 2, “Wood” contains significant spoilers. You can read the recap of the previous episode by clicking these words

Episode 2, “Wood” starts off with Dorothy (Lauren Ambrose) in a trance in the taxi. She is stuck, completely traumatized and then eventually, she pays the driver. Sean is sat in the nursery room shocked that there is a real baby in there. Dorothy tends to the baby.

Sean asks Leanne whose baby it is and she meekly replies it’s his. At dinner, Sean asks Dorothy where she found Leanne. He is convinced that Leanne kidnapped the baby and he is trying to ensure they do not get in trouble. Before bed, while Dorothy applies cream to her stretch marks, she trances again.

In the middle of the night, Sean tries to sneak the baby out, but he keeps on inputting the wrong code in the alarm and it goes off. Dorothy wakes up and has a go at Sean, wondering why he wanted to drive Jericho around in the middle of the night.

The next day, Sean looks into Leanne’s CV and finds very little. He keeps getting frustrated by standing on splinters. It seems to happen regularly. Dorothy’s brother Julian comes round to check out the situation and he sees an alive baby — so it isn’t a figment of anyone’s imagination.

For Julian’s birthday, Dorothy arranges dinner. In the wine cellar, he tells Sean there are no white baby boys missing. Julian is curious and asks Dorothy if she can trust Leanne before suggesting to invite her for the dinner. Leanne joins them at the dinner table.

Servant Season 1, Episode 2, “Wood” ends with Sean frustrated by the bland mussels and repeatedly complaining while choking. He goes to the bathroom and chokes violently. He pulls a splinter out of his mouth. As he turns to Dorothy, she has tranced again while opening the fridge to get a dessert. Sean asks if she remembers, but then the baby wakes up and she zones back in.

Nursery Room Log

  • Dorothy takes loads of splinters out of Sean’s arse. He has ago at her for not having sex for a year.
  • Leanne creates her own big cross.
  • When no-one is looking, Leanne drinks her champagne like she knows how to drink it.

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