Servant Recap: Transitory Object Therapy You Can Put The Doll Down Now, Leanne



Servant Season 1, Episode 1, “Reborn”, gives M. Night Shyamalan’s series an intriguing, creepy start, which is what we 100% expected.

This recap of Apple TV+ Series Servant Season 1 Episode 1, “Reborn” contains significant spoilers.

The first Episode of Servant, “Reborn”, is super eery. It begins with a rainy start, and spooky music to set the atmosphere. We are introduced to a couple in their home. Dorothy (Lauren Ambrose) hears a knock on the door and Sean asks if it is her. She answers and it is their new nanny Leanne Grayson. She immediately, politely says, “Hello Mrs. Turner”. Sean is confused as she thought she’d be older.

At dinner, they ask their new nanny about her life, dreams and ambitions and Sean appears frustrated with the conversation. Dorothy references their baby, Jericho. When the couple tries to offer Leanne a drink, she says, “I’m 18, Mrs. Turner”. She’s not fun either, it seems.

Then there is an odd scene at night where Sean is sobbing while holding his baby, and that’s when you realize something is not right.

The next day Dorothy is panicking about leaving her son for the first time. When she finally leaves, Sean tells Leanne that she can put the baby doll down. He explains that their baby boy Jericho died one night in his sleep and Dorothy was catatonic for weeks. It was suggested that they tried transitory object therapy — Dorothy believes the doll is a real baby. He has no idea how long this therapy will last for. Sean is then stunned when Leanne says, “I should take Jericho for his walk now”.

I’d have booted her out of the house instantly.

When Dorothy gets home, Sean is a little annoyed that she’s late for tea. There’s then an extra-creepy scene where Dorothy reads a nursery rhyme to the doll while it’s in the cot.

As the episode closes out, Sean holds the doll while Dorothy pees and then throws it on the floor — Leanne watches him from the staircase. Later, Dorothy is in the bath complaining about her mastitis and Leanne takes it upon herself to massage her breasts to help clear the blockage. Eventually, milk squeezes out in an extremely uncomfortable scene to watch.

Servant Season 1, Episode 1, “Reborn” closes with Sean taking photos of his food (he’s a social-media-famous chef) but he becomes irked as he keeps hearing baby noises. Sean goes upstairs, looks in the cot and sees a baby crying.

This story could go in any direction. What a weird but intriguing start to M. Night Shyamalan’s series.

Nursery Room Log

  • Sean looks through Leanne’s stuff and sees a cross. He realizes she is super religious.
  • Dorothy is a news reporter.
  • Dorothy’s brother comes round to check out the nanny. He asks if she’s on the ball with the situation. He says “What if she never comes back — can’t take a doll to soccer practice, Sean” in reference to Dorothy.

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