Servant season 3, episode 7 recap – “Camp”

March 10, 2022
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Episode 7 changes everything but leaves the audience wondering what will be next for the Turner family.

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Episode 7 changes everything but leaves the audience wondering what will be next for the Turner family.

This recap of the Apple TV+ series Servant season 3, episode 7, “Camp,” contains spoilers.

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It was only a matter of time until Dorothy started to see Leanne properly. I think it is safe to say that we’ve all been waiting for a pivotal episode like this, and we finally got it.

Servant season 3, episode 7 recap

Episode 7 opens up Leanne and Dorothy watching the trailer for Sean’s cooking show; they are impressed with it. However, afterward, Dorothy tells Julian to stop sleeping with Leanne — she raises her anxiety about how Leanne was attacked in the house and that she cannot remember Sean being on a TV show. She then tells Leanne to avoid the park and the homeless camp, but Leanne tells her the “danger has passed.” Dorothy then raises to Leanne how she slept with her brother and reminds her about “trust in the house.” This was certainly an uneasy start in the Turner household, and it only gets worse.

But the turning point of episode 7 is when Dorothy looks through Leanne’s drawing book, and she sees her disturbing drawings that pertain to recent events and the possible future. Sean admits to Dorothy that they are unusual but harmless. Dorothy now believes that Leanne’s issues are too difficult to handle.

Meanwhile, Leanne heads out to the park to see the homeless people with Jericho. They hail her as a “miracle,” and there’s a certain admiration for Jericho. Personal Investigator Roscoe is also there, and he wonders why Leanne is “extraordinary.” Episode 7 of season 3 is leveling up the story.

But then, Dorothy sees Leanne in the park outside and panics. She heads outside and grabs Jericho, and asks Leanne to head inside. Leanne assures her that Jericho is safe, and she calls her controlling like Aunt May. Sean is once again indifferent about the situation, which shocks his wife Dorothy, but he thinks they are all in a good place.

However, Dorothy has other ideas, and the next day Veera heads over to the house. Dorothy tells Leanne she needs independence and recommends she attends a dance programme. Veera explains that she will leave for a dance institute for a couple of months. Sean overhears this commotion, and he looks concerned, but Dorothy insists that Leanne can go immediately. Later in the night, Sean and Dorothy intensely argue about the situation. It’s clear that Dorothy wants Leanne gone.

With Leanne about to embark on an unexpected journey to a dance institute, she enjoys her dancing in the basement. She removes some wooden planks to show a flow of water and smiles.

The next day, Julian storms into the house and tells Dorothy that it’s a bad idea to send Leanne away, but his sister insists that it is her decision and claims it will be good for Leanne. Jericho begins to cry, so Veera grabs the baby to take him into another room to calm him down as Julian continues to argue with Dorothy. Leanne tells them all that it will be okay, and she gives everyone a hug — when she hugs Dorothy, the mother suddenly looks in shock. Leanne heads outside in the pouring rain.

The ending

As the episode ends, the horror of the family’s situation returns.

Dorothy heads to the nursery room to get Jericho but is alarmed to see a baby doll. She screams, causing Sean, Veera and Julian to panic as they have no idea where baby Jericho is. They storm round the house looking for him, and Julian frantically looks at the CCTV as Veera tries to reason with him — this only leads to their break up. Outside, Leanne stands still, dazed, as the rain pours on her. She tells Tobe (who offered her a drive) to go home. When she heads back inside the house, Dorothy freaks out and asks Leanne to show her where her son is.

Leanne tells Dorothy that Jericho is asleep in the nursery; Dorothy and Sean reunite with their son, who is no longer a doll. While things settle down, Leanne tells Julian that Veera is not right for him.

As the episode ends, Sean stands his ground and tells Dorothy, “Leanne stays, so Jericho stays.” Dorothy struggles with that idea, calling Leanne sick, but Sean then tells Leanne directly that she can stay as long as she likes.

It seems that deep down, Sean and Julian understand what Leanne’s presence means.

Episode 7 changes everything but leaves the audience wondering what will be next for the Turner family.

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