Servant Season 4 Episodes 9 and 10 Recap – Is Julian the Fallen Angel Now?

By Adam Lock
Published: March 10, 2023 (Last updated: last month)
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Viewers are rewarded with one of the best episodes from the show. Servant Season 4 Episode 9 finally addresses Dorothy’s amnesia and the tragedy surrounding Jericho’s death. How will Dorothy (Lauren Ambrose) handle the truth, and what will Leanne (Nell Tiger Free) do in return?

Servant Season 4 Episode 9 Recap

“Awake” opens with Dorothy on the phone to the hospital. The storm is still raging outside, and it has been hard for Dorothy to get through to her husband. Sean, who was stabbed with a cheese knife in the previous installment, speaks with Dorothy, stressing the need to see his wife immediately.

Dorothy cannot leave the house, though. Sean agrees to have Tobe send her food the next morning to tide her over. He clarifies that everything will be alright and that he loves her.

That night, Leanne refuses to leave Dorothy’s side, watching as the mother cradles Jericho in bed. Dorothy awakens the following day, happy to have survived the night. The biblical rain continues, though. Downstairs, Leanne has rearranged the furniture and suggests they spend the day watching movies.

The doorbell rings, and Dorothy goes to retrieve her basket from Tobe. There is a note inside; Sean wants to meet with her privately; it’s urgent. Dorothy pretends to speak with Tobe, who isn’t there, and then asks Leanne to grab the basket for her.

How does Dorothy escape from Leanne?

They watch The Wizard of Oz together. Dorothy pretends not to feel well and asks to rest while Leanne sees Jericho. Dorothy pretends to take a pill and waits until Leanne has run a bath for Jericho. Dorothy then starts the arduous trek downstairs in secret. She tries the Zimmer frame, but it squeaks too loudly. She must get downstairs on foot. Dorothy takes the baby monitor and grabs her coat, struggling down the stairs and into the garden. She battles through the torrential rain and finds a car waiting for her on the street.

Why does Sean need to speak to Dorothy?

Inside, Sean and Julian greet her. They explain that Leanne did this to them, that she is crazy. Dorothy asks about Tobe and the letter. Sean knew Leanne wouldn’t answer the door if Tobe was mentioned, as she purposely avoided him.

They tell Dorothy they need to talk; the conversation they have been putting off for all this time finally needs to be addressed. Sean needs Dorothy to remember the truth.

Sean begins the discussion by asking Dorothy what she remembers from last August. Dorothy is shocked that her husband knows about her missing memories. She can’t remember anything, and it has been driving her insane. Sean starts to explain the circumstances surrounding that summer. He took a guest spot on Gourmet Gauntlet in Los Angeles. He was struggling with the new baby and wanted to escape. Sean admits that he is a coward. Dorothy wonders if Sean is about to confess to cheating on her. Julian begins to cry.

How does Julian prove the story to Dorothy?

Julian then speaks up. He talks about Dorothy struggling that she phoned him asking for help. Julian knew his sister was in trouble but ignored her, too busy scoring drugs. He apologizes and then plays her the voice message as proof.

Sean mentions the doll, how it was their only option, and that it worked for a while. The husband admits that he would have kept up the charade forever if it meant keeping his wife. Sean states that Dorothy was overwhelmed and had been abandoned.

What happened was just an accident, a mistake, and she can’t blame herself. It was a hot summer; Dorothy took Jericho to the grocery store. Julian urges her to remember.

How does Dorothy react to finding out the truth?

Dorothy thinks back to that summer. In flashbacks, she looks down at the empty cot and heads to the car. This scene then cuts to police officers questioning Dorothy in her living room. Then she sees men in hazmat suits bringing out her dead baby. Dorothy is in utter shock, staring forwards in a daze. Sean tries to talk to her, but Dorothy is elsewhere.

We revert back to the present, and Dorothy screams. She finally remembers. In shock, Dorothy lashes out, trying to escape from the car. She hits, bites, kicks, and scratches until she falls out of the car. Julian and Sean chase after her and embrace her on the ground in the biblical downpour.

Servant Season 4 Episode 9 Ending Explained

They take Dorothy back to the house. Sean calls out to Leanne, explaining that they have told Dorothy everything; it’s over, and she now knows the whole truth. Leanne is there, waiting for them, cradling the doll. Jericho has vanished once again, replaced by the creepy doll.

Julian tells Leanne to stop playing games; they know all about the tunnels and the switching. Sean calls her mentally unstable, but Leanne ignores them and communicates with Dorothy only. The camera focuses on Dorothy, with Leanne on one side and Sean on the other. It’s like good versus evil, the devil and the angel on her shoulders.

Leanne says she was angry when she learned that Jericho had died because of Dorothy. But then she realized that fixing this problem was her sole purpose. Leanne states that she brought Jericho back to life for Dorothy; she used her extraordinary powers for Dorothy alone.

Sean and Julian try to protect Dorothy, promising her the baby isn’t theirs. He was stolen by Leanne from another family. Leanne says that she has kept Jericho somewhere safe and is using this doll to punish Sean and Julian. They fight back, saying that Leanne is trying to manipulate Dorothy; she knows that she is vulnerable and is taking advantage.

What is Leanne’s promise?

The nanny tries to convince Dorothy that the baby was Jericho all along. That Dorothy, the mother, knows that was her son. You cannot fake that bond, that connection. Leanne promises that she can bring Jericho back for good. They can be together; all she has to do is say yes. The episode cuts just before Dorothy responds.

Servant Season 4 Episode 10 Recap

Servant Season 4 Episode 10 (Credit – Apple TV+)

The episode follows from the closing moments of “Awake,” as Leanne urges Dorothy to agree to her new terms; if she wants to see Jericho again, she must say yes. Dorothy asks for a moment alone to gather her thoughts.

Sean and Julian are forced to wait in the car while Dorothy makes her decision. She heads upstairs to Jericho’s bedroom for some quiet contemplation. Leanne follows, pleading with her, saying that she can be better and that they can be happy together. In Jericho’s room, Dorothy finally grieves as she holds her son’s toys.

Leanne fears she has lost Dorothy and cannot offer her anything more. She heads up to the rooftop alone. Again, Leanne screams at her God, asking why she can’t get what she wants. The biblical storm wages on, and Leanne spies the cult members watching her from the street below.

Dorothy follows Leanne up onto the roof. She thanks Leanne for giving her the kindest of gifts and for letting her have many more magical months with Jericho. But Dorothy realizes that she needs to properly grieve Jericho’s passing now to finally let him go.

Why did Leanne’s parents die?

Leanne worries that she is evil and tells Dorothy about the fire that killed her family. She admits that when her kitchen caught fire, she just ran, hid from her parents, and listened as they died. Leanne could have saved them, but she wanted them to die. She believes she needs to be punished for this sinful act.

Dorothy defends her actions, saying she was just a scared little girl who needs love and affection. Leanne doesn’t think she will ever be forgiven for this act, though, that she deserves to suffer. Dorothy asks if Leanne will forgive her for the death of Jericho. It seems they both have similar regrets for their pasts.

They both want forgiveness and believe the other one is pure of heart. Dorothy even says she would be proud to have Leanne as her daughter.

Lightning strikes the roof, and Leanne protects Dorothy from harm. Leanne worries that her powers and the storm have gotten out of control and that she cannot stop it from growing. They head back into the house. Kneeling at Dorothy’s feet, Leanne agrees to forgive Dorothy for what happened with Jericho.

They dry off and head back to the car. Sean’s wounds have begun to bleed again, and he needs medical attention. Dorothy steps inside, and they all try to convince Leanne to join them. She asks to go back into the house to fetch something, but clearly, she has other plans. Leanne whispers to Julian to take care of them and leaves. It doesn’t look like she will be joining them after all.

How does Leanne say goodbye to Tobe?

Leanne locks the front door and heads into the tunnels below the house. She apologizes to the corpse of Uncle George and takes the ritual dagger; she is going to sacrifice herself. Leanne pours gasoline throughout the house and sets the doll on fire. The house quickly follows, going up in flames.

Leanne heads upstairs, away from the fire below. She phones Tobe and makes plans for tomorrow, knowing full well that she won’t be going on this date. It’s quite an emotional goodbye as they plan the perfect date that will never happen.

Leanne then talks to her mother via the mannequin dummy. Leanne realizes that she was never good enough for her mother, but she has Dorothy now, who gave her everything missing from her childhood.

Why does Leanne sacrifice herself?

Growing impatient in the car, Julian tries to enter the house but finds the building on fire. Dorothy and Sean soon join him outside. They phone the fire brigade and attempt to enter by the back door. Cult members gather to watch the ritualistic sacrifice.

Inside, Leanne retires to the attic and plays her favorite song. She dances as the flames make their way up to her room. Leanne blinds herself with perfume and cuts her arms with the dagger. She has begun the Church of the Lesser Saint’s reunion ritual and plans to kill herself so the storm will end.

Sirens approach outside, but they are too late. Leanne is engulfed by the fire and set ablaze. The floor below her collapses, and her body falls downwards. We cut to a brand-new day, and the storm has completely disappeared; Leanne’s sacrifice has worked, surely saving countless lives in the process.

Leanne believed that she was evil, that she deserved to die, and in sacrificing herself, she stopped the storm.

The Turner home is now all but ruins, and the police question the Turner family separately outside the wreckage. The police inform Dorothy that they suspect a gas leak started the fire. Sean tells them that he has booked a hotel for the night and that they won’t be returning to rebuild this home ever again. While Julian waits for Leanne’s body to be uncovered.

Servant Season 4 Ending Explained

Dorothy speaks with Officer Reyes, the same woman who spoke to Dorothy on the day Jericho was found dead. Dorothy mentions that traumatic meeting and thanks Reyes for her kindness. They discuss the dead, and then Reyes reveals her true identity.

Reyes mentions a car crash that occurred when she was seventeen, that she died in the crash and was brought back to life by the cult. The Church saved her and helped Reyes to become a police officer. She believes her purpose is to protect and help those like Dorothy.

The trio regroups, staring up at the ruins of the Turner home. Julian mentions that Leanne’s body has still not been found. Sean wonders if the cult has covered it up. Dorothy accepts that Leanne is gone forever, though. She believes that they will be alright and can start their lives afresh now. Dorothy thanks Sean for never giving up on her, and they get into the taxi together to start their new lives together.

Is Julian the Fallen Angel now?

In the final scene of the series, Julian is confronted by Officer Reyes. She mentions Julian dying at Christmas when his heart stopped. Leanne had then resurrected him, bringing the drug addict back to life.

Reyes believes that Julian has been given a second chance, a new purpose. She says the Church will be here for Julian when he is ready to join them. We see the cult members watching Julian on the street; he is stalked now, just like Leanne was.

Julian looks at his reflection in the shop window. He sees angel wings appearing behind his back and turns to see a mural across the road of a bird. The wings were just an illusion, but possibly they are a sign as well. Julian realizes that he is now the Fallen Angel, the one who has made a deal with the devil. In an ironic twist, it would seem that Julian has replaced Leanne.

What did you think of Servant Season 4 Episodes 9, and 10, and the ending? Comment below.

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