Servant Season 4 Episodes 6-8 Recap – Who Are The Secret Cult Members?

By Adam Lock
Published: February 17, 2023 (Last updated: March 13, 2024)
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Servant Season 4 Episodes 6-8 Recap
Servant Season 4 (Credit - Apple TV+)

In Servant Season 4 Episode 5, Sean (Toby Kebbell) and Dorothy (Lauren Ambrose) attempt to aid the other cult members in capturing Leanne (Nell Tiger Free), hoping to be rid of her finally. In retaliation, their nanny unleashed her most extraordinary supernatural powers, causing a sinkhole in the middle of their street. In Episode 6, Leanne takes back control of the Turner home and organizes Jericho, an impromptu year-and-a-half birthday party celebration. It’s an eventful occasion, as the Turner family argue with each other while Leanne battles new and old rivals.

Servant Season 4 Episode 6 Recap

The sinkhole of Spruce Street has reached the news, yet Leanne is still adamant about throwing Jericho an eighteen-month birthday bash. Julian races over with party balloons, and a mini zoo is erected in the back garden. Goats, spiders, and snakes are among the many creatures on display. It’s an odd affair, seemingly random strangers thrown into this forced celebration; even though an apparent earthquake has left the street uninhabitable, Julian must park a few houses away.

This odd setup isn’t lost on Sean or Dorothy; they are fully aware that Leanne is punishing them for trying to get her kidnapped. They are hostages in their own homes. Dorothy refuses to be involved in the shindig, and Sean anxiously watches from the sidelines in horror, unsure of their next move.

Sean considers getting Julian back on their team, but he seems even more infatuated with Leanne than ever. The crazed nanny orders him about and instigates every segment of the day, desperately trying to keep up this forced fun and happy family facade.

Why was Jericho’s birthday party delayed?

Leanne delivers a speech, thanking everyone for coming. She explains the odd timing, calling this party a gift for Dorothy. They couldn’t celebrate Jericho’s first proper birthday as Dorothy was in the hospital then, so it was delayed.

Leanne has decided to throw a party now Jericho is 18 months old as a kind of power move. During her speech, Leanne subtly implies that she is aware of Dorothy’s plans to oust her, relishing in her new authoritarian role. Leanne orders Julian about, asking him to go and get the party hats. Sean tries to reason with Julian in the kitchen, but he’s well and truly under the thumb. Their conversation turns into an all-out argument, blaming each other for Dorothy’s downfall.

Who are the secret cult members?

Back in the makeshift zoo, Leanne is attacked by a snake, and a goat gnaws at her dress. Leanne goes upstairs to change and is distracted by a baby crying. She goes to investigate and finds a baby crying alone in a bathtub. It is a trap; three individuals attack Leanne from the Church of the Lesser Saints. The secret cult members turn out to be the two men and the woman from the cocktail party, who happens to be a mother, who Leanne suspected back in season three, no less.

They pin her down and mark her, but Leanne fights back. She stabs the younger woman with scissors and defeats the other two with brute strength. Leanne calls for backup and then gets dressed into a new outfit, hiding her emotions well.

Julian defends Leanne downstairs while she fends off defectors upstairs. He talks about her lousy upbringing and the brutality of the pageant circuit. Leanne sees the love in the Turner family and wants to be loved just the same. Julian is then ordered to retrieve the birthday cake, although they can’t find any candles. While they frantically search, a goat escapes and smashes through the glass door into the kitchen. Julian drops the cake in shock. Even with all the animals turning on Leanne, Julian remains blissfully ignorant of his girlfriend’s powers.

How is Leanne tricked?

They head outside, and Leanne forces everyone to sing along, even with a ruined cake and no candles. Then the scene descends into absolute pandemonium. The dog bites Leanne, the cake is truly ruined, falling onto Julian’s chest, and all the animals escape. The nurse, Bev, invites Leanne into her apartment so that she can treat the dog bite, and Leanne follows. This is, of course, just another ruse, a trick; Leanne is attacked for the second time. Bev injects Leanne with a syringe and then ties her up. Leanne thought Bev would tend to her wounds, but she was drugging her.

Meanwhile, Sean and Julian continue their argument in the kitchen. Julian ignorantly defends Leanne, rationalizing all the chaos laid out before them. He tells Sean to take some accountability and then turns things personal.

Julian says that Sean chose TV over his family, which led to Jericho’s death. Sean then hits Julian, stating that Dorothy’s brother should have been there for her in her time of need. Sean sees red and loses it. He calls Julian an addict with no life, obsessed with the one person destroying the family. Julian hits back, and the two grown men scrap in the living room on the floor.

Servant Season 4 Episode 6 Ending Explained

Leanne has a different fight on her hands. She wakes in Bev’s apartment to find the nurse whipping herself. She talks of religious injustice and then grabs the dagger, ready to perform the ritual.

Julian and Sean notice smoke coming from the cellar and rush to see what is happening. Julian saves Leanne and knocks the dagger out of Bev’s hands. But Bev was already taken care of. Leanne had managed to freeze her enemy, who slowly swelled and collapsed on the floor. Sean races in and quickly calls 911.

In the aftermath of this second assault, Bobbie, the other nurse, apologizes to Dorothy in person. She admits that she didn’t know Bev was in a cult and then quits her duties in shame. She warns Dorothy about Leanne and her extreme obsession with Dorothy. The mother looks through all her old recordings and finds the DVD of the children’s pageant. She watches the clip where Dorothy meets Leanne for the first time.

Servant Season 4 Episode 7 Recap

Servant Season 4 Episode 7 (Credit – Apple TV+)

In the middle of the night, Julian wanders the Turner home, unable to sleep. He sees Leanne’s followers staring upwards from around the sinkhole shrine and then finds some of Sean’s research, a book about Heaven, Hell, angels, and demons.

The following day, Leanne asks how Julian slept, and he lies, saying he slept like a baby. She asks him to dance with her, and then as they are kissing, she bites him. Julian is worried about his girlfriend’s safety and reckless behavior. Annoyed by Julian’s pessimistic outlook, Leanne states he talks too much.

What is The Faustian Bargain?

Sean watches as his angry chef shtick goes viral. Then Julian questions Sean about the religious research he found last night. Sean doesn’t want to discuss Leanne at the kitchen table, so they head into the wine cellar instead. Sean has pieced together his theory on the nanny. Whenever she is angry, things go very badly for the family, and when she is happy, things go very well indeed. Take, for example, the sinkhole or Sean’s sudden fame.

This strange phenomenon is called The Faustian Bargain. Sean ponders the idea that Leanne died in her family’s fire and was reborn as The Fallen Angel, who has made a deal with the devil. To add to this drama, Julian suddenly loses the ability to speak.

Dorothy is doing her research. She contacts someone at work and looks into the pageant footage further. There is no release form from Leanne or her mother, though. More research explores the family fire that occurred when Leanne was eight. Her body was never recovered from the fire, but she was presumed dead. She looks into Leanne’s mother and her history too.

The mother had anger problems and a DUI. Dorothy wants to probe further still.

How did Uncle George become a cult member?

While Sean and Julian contemplate ways to stop this supernatural being, Roscoe appears out of the shadows, along with Uncle George. The cult member wants to confess, to tell them the truth about Leanne Grayson. He says he has left the Church and wants to right his wrongs, starting with the Turner family.

Uncle George explains how he joined the Church. Aunt May Markhem recruited him, saying he was reborn as a servant of God after a failed suicide attempt. Together they successfully recruited new members for years.

What is Uncle George’s theory about Leanne?

Uncle George saw Leanne as the perfect candidate and told her she had died in the family fire and was reborn as a servant of God. Leanne believed all of the cult’s lies and now thinks she is something otherworldly.

Uncle George admits that the Church’s beliefs are just an illusion, lies. Leanne is confused and deranged but entirely ordinary. Sean believes that Leanne is supernatural, and Julian is quickly coming around to believing the same thing too, but now Uncle George has thrown a spanner in the works. Could Leanne be an ordinary individual?

Sean cannot entertain the idea and tests Uncle George’s theory, asking questions about every unusual scenario the Turner family has faced. It works as a call back to old episodes, as finally, the household question the odd occurrences they’ve endured over the years. Sean talks about the animals going crazy and Bev nearly dying.

George says she was bitten by a snake, which caused spontaneous swelling. Sean brings up how Leanne’s arrival forced him to lose his ability to feel and taste. George says she may have drugged him.

How does Uncle George explain Leanne’s powers?

Then Sean mentions the splinters, apparently an old trick of Leanne’s. We are shown her planting shards of wood in Sean’s bed. It all makes perfect sense, yet we don’t want to believe it. Julian writes on a piece of paper about the doll.

Jericho turns back into a doll whenever Leanne leaves the house. Uncle George says this house has secrets, revealing hidden tunnels under the building. Sean and Julian bring up further issues, including the dying dog and the Marino family, although they seem to forget to mention the massive sinkhole outside.

The last thing Sean throws at Uncle George is the most integral part of the puzzle, his dead son. Uncle George reveals that an addict died while traveling with a baby boy. They think Leanne stole this baby and brought them into the home via the tunnels.

Dorothy’s research gathers pace as well. It is revealed that Leanne’s mother die on April 17th, 2011. She replays DVD footage from this exact day and finds that Leanne has been there in the background every year since, on the anniversary of her mother’s death.

How does Servant Season 4 Episode 7 end?

Back in the cellar, Sean asks why Leanne would target his family. Uncle George talks about how Leanne is obsessed with Dorothy. He allowed her to visit Dorothy at work once a year, but she wanted more. Leanne wanted to be a part of her family. She stalked her and then saw that Jericho had died.

Leanne saw the death as her way into the family home and found the abandoned baby. She saw this finding as an act of God, and she took the baby for Dorothy alone. Uncle George asks for the family’s help getting Leanne back into the Church.

Leanne returns, and the whole family gathers for a meal. Dorothy talks about her mother, which seems to anger Leanne. Julian lies about losing his voice, stating that he has allergies. At the same time, Sean mentions his videos going viral, although he is considering canceling his contract.

Leanne is annoyed by how the Turners seem to turn against her, and she storms off. They have all realized that she has no hold over them anymore. They are free.

Roscoe is hurt to hear that everything he was told was a lie, but the final scene may say otherwise. We are shown Uncle George whipping himself, apologizing for his sins and lies. He is sorry for putting the Turner family in grave danger with these lies and asks God to give them the strength to bring the fallen one back to us.

It seems like Uncle George lied about Leanne’s lack of powers.

Servant Season 4 Episode 8 Recap

Servant Season 4 Episode 8 (Credit – Apple TV+)

This storm of the century is mentioned all over the news channels. Philadelphia is plagued by power cuts and catastrophic weather warnings. A category two storm is heading their way, with severe flood warnings and a poorly timed lunar eclipse predicted to clash during this one night. The Turner household prepares for this storm the best they can. Meanwhile, Julian researches his sudden speech loss and its possible medical reasons. One website talks about conversion disorder, and although it could just be Leanne and her superpowers, Julian cannot bring himself to think this way for now.

What is Uncle George’s plan?

Sean and Julian meet in the tunnels that night to discuss the plan. Uncle George wants them to bring Leanne into these tunnels. The cult member promises to deprogram Leanne and set her straight, but really, he wants to kill her with the cult’s gruesome ritual. Sean asks Julian to lure her down to the basement by any means necessary. Julian agrees to help out, but he has his reservations overall.

Dorothy wakes during the storm, hearing a banging sound. She shuffles over to Jericho’s room and finds a window open. It takes all her strength to close this window; then, she finds Leanne sitting on the bedroom floor.

Dorothy orders Leanne to clean up the mess, and then she starts to talk to the nanny more openly. Dorothy states that she has never met anyone like Leanne, and she sees a lot of herself in her. They are both tenacious and never give up, but that isn’t always good.

Leanne defends herself, asking Dorothy why she doesn’t like her. All she does is help her; she wants Dorothy to be happy. Dorothy asks why Leanne chose her, but she won’t answer. Dorothy promises to help Leanne see things from a different perspective and then leaves the room to shower independently.

In the attic, Leanne climbs to the rooftops and screams out into the storm. Lightning strikes only meters away, and she laughs manically in response. She screams at the sky, taunting God. Julian arrives to find Leanne having this total breakdown. Leanne believes she has won; she has bested God. He tries to talk her into going down to the basement, but Leanne refuses. Sean and Julian resort to dragging her there instead.

What does Uncle George want Leanne to do?

Sean and Julian wheel Leanne down the tunnels to the cult members. Uncle George asks the two to leave, although Julian is suspicious of the fire. Once Sean and Julian have left, Uncle George speaks with Leanne.

They talk of God’s perfect order and how Leanne has disrupted this peace, creating chaos in the world. She must sacrifice her life to restore order to this world and save the Turner household. Uncle George passes her a burning hot dagger, asking Leanne to perform the ritual to herself, as they cannot kill her.

Who dies in “Tunnels”?

Leanne takes the dagger and stabs Uncle George through the throat, killing him. The other Church of the Lesser Saints members flee, and she chases after them, killing them off-screen in the underground tunnels. Leanne then maims Uncle George’s corpse and sets him ablaze. She returns to the upper levels, with blood splatters across her face.

How does Leanne punish Sean and Julian?

Sean and Julian hear Leanne’s humming, growing nearer and panicking. Sean grabs a cheese knife, and the two nervously head toward the living room together. The storm shatters the window next to Sean, and he accidentally stabs himself with the knife in the chest. Leanne appears, scaring Julian. He apologizes for handing her over and asks to go and phone 911.

Leanne lets him pass but then pushes him down the stairs into the basement. Julian tries to escape but falls back into the basement hole. The shelves of wine then topple over, falling onto Julian. Leanne punishes both Sean and Julian for betraying her.

Servant Season 4 Episode 8 Ending Explained

Leanne heads over to Sean and pulls the knife out of his chest. Sean screams in excruciating agony as Leanne calls 911. She asks for two ambulances, reporting the incident as an accident.

Julian is taken away on a stretcher first, and then another comes for Sean. As Sean is being whisked away, Leanne whispers into his ear, stating that she will not let him back into the house ever again.

The eventful episode ends with Dorothy crawling over to the stairwell. She asks Leanne what she has done. Leanne says it was all an accident; she hasn’t done anything wrong. Leanne sits opposite Dorothy, telling her that it is just them now.

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