Servant season 3, episode 4 recap – “Ring”

By Daniel Hart
Published: February 11, 2022
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Apple TV+ series Servant season 3, episode 4 - Ring


Episode 4 is interesting — the house is playing with the characters, and the cult is slowly creeping in.

This recap of the Apple TV+ series Servant season 3, episode 4, “Ring,” contains spoilers.

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I have seen some viewers accusing Servant of producing filler episodes. From the start, the expectation is that the series was always going to be a slow burn up until its conclusion. If they pull it off in the end, it will be worth everyone’s investment. If not, then I can feel the anger already.

Servant season 3, episode 4 recap

Episode 4 opens up with Leanne looking outside to see the homeless people gathering in the park — it feels like a virus is working itself into the Turner household. Leanne tells Dorothy that she doesn’t want to go outside, but Dorothy does the usual avoidance tactics and puts Leanne into gym clothes so they can do a workout.

The Turners bring a child safety specialist inside the house to look at potential hazards, so Jericho does not hurt himself. Leanne tells the specialist that nothing will happen to Jericho as long as she’s here. Of course, that comes off weirdly, but Leanne’s perception of what she represents is wildly different from ordinary folk. Afterward, Tobe introduces his girlfriend (and chef) Sylvia to Sean. Sylvia wants to work for Sean, and she’s over-eager, which irks Sean.

It’s all about work and cooking in episode 4; Sean asks Leanne if she wants to make sweets with him and then asks Dorothy if she can have Jericho while he helps Leanne cook. Dorothy is dismayed and declines to help, citing her career is lifting off again. The next day, Sean gets to work and cooks with Tobe and Sylvia; Tobe asks Sylvia to take her ring off, but she complains how the ring is difficult to take off — Tobe got her that ring. Leanne does not like Sylvia’s presence and asks her why she’s rude to Tobe.

The day worsens for Leanne as the house has people inside that are not part of the family, which is the last thing she wants. And then, the child safety specialist shows his creepy side and asks Leanne inappropriate questions. He tells her about a club where they will not check her ID. Mortified, Leanne talks to the dead Aunt Josephine through the wall — she’s upset and wondering if she’s been punished for looking like a “w***e” (she feels the gym clothes make her look like that). And then her frustration ekes out to Tobe, and she lectures him about how Sylvia treats him.

Episode 4 feels like the house is making everyone angry; the kitchen turns hectic, with many people coming in and out, and Sean is stressed out, behind on his cooking schedule. And then, Sylvia screams at Tobe, calls him a “dumb s**t,” and continues to be mean. Overwhelmed, Leanne takes Jericho out of the kitchen. Sylvia slips on some food on the floor and accidentally chops off her finger. Panic ensues, and Sean repeatedly tells Tobe to find her finger, but unfortunately, it ends up down the sinkhole. A flustered Tobe puts his hand down the sinkhole while blood splats over him — at least he finds the ring.

The ending

Episode 4 ends with a taste of reality for Dorothy — while out reporting on art murals, she continues to zone out. Julian shows Sean the new footage, and live on TV, Dorothy’s breasts leak through her clothes. Dorothy is mortified, and when she returns home, she sobs at the front door. Leanne comforts her and tells her she can feed Jericho.

Dorothy talks to Sean about the time they lost Jericho and how all she wanted was for them to get it back, but she feels something is not right — like the universe is trying to hurt her. She wants the family to be enough and wonders what’s wrong with her.

As the episode ends, Leanne lays on the floor holding the ring that came off Sylvia’s chopped-off finger. She puts it on and dances in the mirror, doing similar exercises Dorothy taught her. Outside, more homeless people gather, looking up, but the only difference is this time, Leanne does not seem bothered at all.

Episode 4 is interesting — the house is playing with the characters, and the cult is slowly creeping in.

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