Servant season 3, episode 5 recap – “Tiger”

By Daniel Hart
Published: February 24, 2022
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Apple TV+ series Servant season 3, episode 5 - Tiger


Servant season 3 makes some refreshing progress. It was certainly needed.

This recap of the Apple TV+ series Servant season 3, episode 5, “Tiger,” contains spoilers.

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I’m not going to lie, I was getting worried that Servant was dragging its feet, but alas, the series is giving us more juice in an atmospheric episode.

Servant season 3, episode 5 recap

To open episode 5, Leanne wakes up and sees a block-party getting set up outside that’s been organized by Dorothy. Surprisingly, she tells Dorothy that she is ready to go outside. Julian heads over to the house and warns that the homeless group is growing near the house. Leanne overhears this conversation, and slight anxiety can be felt. But, undeterred, Leanne heads outside to the block party, and her fear seems to be relieved as she holds Jericho.

Meanwhile, Dorothy notices the reporter (Isabelle) sent from her news station, and she is not happy with who she has been replaced with. Feeling insecure, Dorothy asks Isabelle if she can make a statement about the block party, while Julian is irked that Dorothy is going on live television with Jericho. Sean, who has been very silent in season 3, tells Julian to enjoy the day.

Before Leanne can enjoy the party fully, she asks one of the block party staff members to remove the homeless people. Meanwhile, personal investigator Roscoe lurks, and we do not see him again for the rest of the episode.

Embracing the festivities, Leanne gets her face painted as a tiger, but while her eyes are closed and the face painter is grabbing some things from the back of the tent, a dirty finger touches her forehead. When Leanne opens her eyes, she realizes that it wasn’t the face painter who felt her, so she panics and tries to chase after the unknown person.

But with the party in full swing, Leanne becomes distracted again, and she catches up with Tobe. He reveals Sylvia has ghosted him since the incident with the cut-off finger and the ring. The pair go on the bouncy castle together, and for the first time in many episodes, Leanne looks joyful. While Leanne enjoys herself, Dorothy asks Sean if he’s been taking Jericho to Church secretly. She thinks it is stupid that he’s suddenly religious, but Sean points out that things have felt better since going to Church, for everyone and Jericho. Maybe worshipping the holy spirit repels some of the evil that is circling them?

The ending

After dancing with Tobe, Leanne is hungry, so she heads to one of the food tents near the end of the block party, but she’s alarmed to be met by two members of the Cult, who immediately attack her with a knife. Leanne runs away and tries to find help but ends up in the Turner household before exiting at the back of the house. She’s suddenly surrounded by the Cult in the park, but she closes her eyes, and the scene ends. The episode then flits to Leanne returning home — there’s blood on her dungaree, and she scrubs it before putting it in the washing machine.

The Turners return home, and Leanne acts as normally as possible. She goes upstairs and touches the back of her hair that is soaked in blood — flashbacks show her being attacked. She smears blood down her face, and she looks intensely in the mirror. A single tear rolls down her cheek as she gets increasingly angry.

Servant season 3 makes some refreshing progress. It was certainly needed.

Additional notes

  • Leanne asks Isabelle why she’s trying to hurt Dorothy. Isabelle claims she isn’t. When Leanne walks off, Isabelle researches “Leanne Grayson” on Google and realizes she’s a missing person.

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