Servant season 3, episode 3 recap – “Hair”

February 4, 2022
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So far, this is the best episode of season 3, with Julian taking center stage with his investigative ways.

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So far, this is the best episode of season 3, with Julian taking center stage with his investigative ways.

This recap of the Apple TV+ series Servant season 3, episode 3, “Hair,” contains spoilers.

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Episode 3 is a classic Julian episode. At the crux of all this, he’s probably the most self-aware character in the series. He knows completely that something is not right.

Servant season 3, episode 3 recap

Episode 3 begins with Julian finding Jericho dead in the cot and then seeing his sister Dorothy on the floor looking lifeless. He sobs in pain as the flashback articulates the trauma the family went through. It then snaps to the present, and he’s in the car with Veera. His girlfriend talks about the theory that the baby is Leanne’s. Julian wants to prove it, so he tells Sean they should have a DNA test. Feeling that things are returning to normal, Sean is vehemently against it.

Afterward, Sean and Leanne head out for a walk in the park with Jericho. Leanne starts to freak out when she sees a homeless person that Sean helps out, and she insists they go home. When they get home, Dorothy returns with her Marilyn Monroe look — she has an acting role. While Leanne eats her soup, she finds a hair in it, which becomes the episode’s theme.

Getting antsy, Julian asks his friend and personal investigator Roscoe to process a DNA sample for him. He agrees to help, but he needs cash and Julian to retrieve hair strands. Julian pulls a hair strand from Jericho, but Leanne catches Julian looking under her bed. Needing an excuse, Julian claims he has missed being close to her and the pair kiss. As they kiss, Julian tries to pull out a strand of her hair but fails, giving Leanne pain and irritation. Veera suggests that he gets a hair strand from Dorothy instead to prove that she is not the mother of Jericho. Julian finds a hairbrush, assuming it is Dorothy’s, and gives Roscoe the DNA samples.

The homeless person that Sean helped comes to the house to use the bathroom. Feeling the opportunity, Dorothy decides to use her news crew to interview the homeless people outside. Sean takes the limelight and offers the homeless people sandwiches as the camera crew scopes in. Later on, they watch the news footage together, feeling proud of themselves for helping out.

The ending

As the episode draws closer to the end, Julian receives the DNA results, and he is shocked. Privately, he tells Dorothy that he does not want to lose her, and he asks her to keep the baby before revealing that the DNA results prove that Jericho is not her baby; he’s an emotional figure as he tells her this, believing he’s about to break his sister. However, Dorothy is animated and confused and wonders if Julian is taking illegal drugs again.

Julian explains that he saw Jericho dead, and this DNA test proves it. Dorothy decides to play along with Julian, feeling it is best to entertain him rather than have a deep conversation about it.

But then, Julian finds himself embarrassed; a friend from the parent-baby group heads over to fetch the bag they left, and they notice that their hairbrush is on the table — the same brush Julian believed was Dorothy’s. He used the wrong DNA. Dorothy tells Julian never to do what he did again as Leanne looks over at them sternly.

We wouldn’t be surprised if Leanne helped these versions of events — she probably knew what Julian was doing, and she wanted to protect Jericho and the family.

As the episode ends, Leanne plays the piano, but then she looks outside and sees the three homeless people from earlier looking up at her window intently — we can only assume this is the cult. The danger is growing again.

So far, this is the best episode of season 3, with Julian taking center stage with his investigative ways.

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1 thought on “Servant season 3, episode 3 recap – “Hair”

  • February 7, 2022 at 2:19 am

    Huh? Damn, episode 3 really did nothing to further the story, other than give us red herrings. The kids in the park may be Lesser Saints cult, they may not be. Once again, someone (this time it’s Julian) tries to get Dorothy to parachute back down from cloud cuckoo land and remind her of what really happened to Jericho, but to no avail. The DNA test shows that Jericho is not Dorothy’s baby-but wait! Julian took the wrong hair.

    Also, it seems kind of obvious that Veera has a much bigger role in all this, we just don’t know what yet. The season 3 trailer suggested that Dorothy will finally figure out that Leanne is a freak and want to fire her (apparently, threatening a house guest with a pair of scissors in some paranoid fit in episode 2 wasn’t enough to convince her) but she can’t because without Leanne, there’s no Jericho. I hope we see that conflict soon.

    It seems like we’re in the dog days of the show where they are just giving us filler episodes. I hope answers come soon.

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