Servant season 3, episode 2 recap – “Hive”

January 28, 2022
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Episode 2 is a tension builder as the Turners bring in guests, which does not give Leanne any confidence as the series induces paranoia.

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Episode 2 is a tension builder as the Turners bring in guests, which does not give Leanne any confidence as the series induces paranoia.

This recap of the Apple TV+ series Servant season 3, episode 2, “Hive,” contains spoilers.

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After last week, you’d believe that maybe Leanne would feel reassured, especially since Dorothy told her they would never leave her. However, episode 2 opens with the Turner household installing a security system. Inside, Dorothy is readying the house for guests while Sean cooks. Leanne is worried about visitors, stating they cannot have any, but Dorothy insists that Jericho needs a community. Like in the last episode, Leanne gives in.

Servant season 3, episode 2 recap

As creepy as it gets, Mr. Smiley comes over to help with the event for the parent and playgroup party. Leanne feels resentful for the whole thing, believing Dorothy is doing this for herself. Sean reminds her that “motherhood is lonely.” And then, Julian and his new girlfriend Veera head over to offer support. They check out the new security system and scope out the guests.

Eventually, Leanne tries to be sociable and joins the guests and their babies. One of the guests randomly brings up the drug addict rehabilitation center that catches Leanne off guard. The same guest then asks about the police and the ambulance outside their house one summer (this was the time when Dorothy left Jericho in the car.) Dorothy struggles to remember, as the trauma is veiling that memory. After this altercation, Leanne warns Sean again about the guests, believing one of them could be part of the Cult. It doesn’t help that she saw a scar on one guest’s back.

After dropping food on herself, Leanne heads to the bathroom but finds a guest in her room looking under the bed. Leanne becomes frantic and asks the guest if the Cult sent them. The guest claims she dropped the pacifier under the bed and needed a quiet place for her baby. Julian and Veera calm tensions, and then privately, Julian tells Leanne to stop being dramatic and let Dorothy “have her day.”

All of a sudden, Leanne finds confidence in herself, and while by herself, she talks to Aunt Josephine through the wall and tells her she will not be afraid and that she’s not leaving the house. But, when she heads downstairs, everyone is gone, so she grabs a knife in fear. Suddenly, Mr. Smiley appears and tells her that everyone is outside, but Leanne points a knife at him, accusing him of being part of a cult. This doesn’t look good for Leanne as Dorothy, and the guests walk in, and she is immediately told to put her knife down.

Feeling aggrieved, Leanne tells Mr. Smiley to show everyone his back, but when he does, there are no scars there. Later on, Dorothy tells Leanne that she is safe and that they even installed a $6,000 security system for her.

The ending

To end the party, Dorothy announces a toast with the other parents to celebrate parenthood. Suddenly, a baby crawls towards the fireplace, and a hive of wasps swarm the room. As Sean finds the spray, there’s absolute panic, and the guests make their way outside. They get an exterminator to look into it, and he assumes the hive was knocked down when the security system was installed. Julian tells Veera that he believes Leanne caused the hive — he also shares the theory that he thinks the baby is Leanne’s.

As the episode ends, Leanne combs Dorothy’s hair — Dorothy is upset, stating she wanted Jericho to have friends. Leanne tells Dorothy that they have everything they need in the house.

Dorothy expresses that she feels like she is cursed. Maybe she’s finally starting to get it.

Episode 2 is a tension builder as the Turners bring in guests, which does not give Leanne any confidence as the series induces paranoia.

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1 thought on “Servant season 3, episode 2 recap – “Hive”

  • January 29, 2022 at 2:54 am

    It’s hard to believe that Dorothy has no recollection of what happened to Jericho, but what happens when Dorothy wants to fire Leanne? I’m assuming that her presence is the only reason why Jericho exists.

    Also, if you saw your nanny threaten one of your house guests with a pair of scissors in some paranoid fit, wouldn’t your first instinct to be to fire the nanny? Does Dorothy actually know Leanne’s true importance subconsciously?

    Another thing that kind of bugs me: everyone keeps talking about how Leanne has the power to resurrect the dead. If she does, then doesn’t she need a corpse to do that? As far as we know she never had Jericho’s remains in her possession (or did she and we don’t know about it? Maybe she dug up his grave before she went to the Turners). She just turned the doll into a real baby, and if that’s the case, we’re not talking about resurrection ability, we’re talking about the ability to alter reality altogether, like Scarlet Witch in Wandavision.

    Maybe Leanne is Scarlett Witch from the DCEU!

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