Physical Season 3 Episode 9 Recap – why is Sheila moving house?

September 20, 2023
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Apple TV+ series Physical Season 3 Episode 9 Recap

We recap the Apple TV+ series Physical Season 3 Episode 9, “Love Don’t Live Here Anymore,” which contains spoilers.

The penultimate episode of Physical, titled “Love Don’t Live Here Anymore,” ignores all of the ongoing storylines within the series and focuses squarely on Sheila (Rose Byrne) and Danny’s (Rory Scovel) relationship.

This self-contained, one-location episode explores their marriage and break-up in painstaking detail. It’s easily one of the best episodes from the show to date.

Physical Season 3 Episode 9 Recap

The whole episode takes place over one night. Maya is supposed to be attending a school event dressed as the Statue of Liberty, but Danny has lost a key item of her outfit, the torch. He looks around Sheila’s home for the missing item.

This interrupts Sheila, who is practicing an important speech in the mirror. She has some life-changing news to tell Maya and is nervous about how her daughter will react.

Sheila confronts Danny as he searches for the item. Of course, this turns instantly into an argument, where they both bring up their latest romances.

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Sheila storms off to return to her practice speech. Embarrassingly, she finds the torch in her bedroom. She was the one who forgot it. Obviously, she cannot look to be the bad guy, and she chooses to bin the item instead.

How does Maya stop the parents from arguing?

Back in the living room, Sheila and Danny launch into another argument. Danny is condescending toward Sheila, and he won’t stop swearing in front of Maya. To stop their arguing, Maya makes a scene. She swallows a toy pig.

Danny immediately begins to panic, worrying that Maya has swallowed some toxic plastic that could kill her. Sheila tries to calm Danny down, stating that they don’t actually know what the toy is made of. Eventually, Danny finds out that the toy is non-toxic.

Relieved, Danny accidentally kisses Sheila in celebration. It’s awkward, but Sheila is just happy that they could work together and solve the problem for a change.

Danny apologizes for kissing Sheila. He then offers to leave. But Maya has both of her parents back together under the same roof, and she doesn’t want daddy to leave.

Maya refuses to poop if her father leaves and demands a pizza party as well as her father’s presence. The parents relent and give into their daughter’s demands. While coaxing the delivery man into a free pizza, Danny finds out that Sheila has put the family house up for sale.

Why is Sheila moving house?

At the next available opportunity, Danny brings up this shocking revelation. Sheila tells Danny that she has broken up with Carlos and is moving to Santa Monica. She wants a fresh start somewhere new. Danny implies that John probably paid for the new house, but Sheila admits that they are also over, John is not involved in the sale at all. He is moving away as well. When Danny saw them together, that was actually Sheila saying goodbye to John.

Next, Maya poops out the toy pig, hooray! The parents then take their daughter to bed. The couple seems to be on better terms now, but Maya ruins all of this progress.

She says that she forgives Danny for drunk driving. This, of course, leads to another argument between the divorced couple as Danny defends his drunk driving incident.

Over a glass of wine, they discuss their past relationships. Danny comments on their own romance, which actually started off as an affair. He says how that was Sheila’s happiest time.

But Sheila implies that it was all just an act; she wasn’t really happy back then. Danny wants her to admit that she was happy, though.

Physical Season 3 Episode 9 Ending Explained

This also turns into an argument. Sheila twists the conversation, stating that she is a terrible person, mainly because of all the affairs.

To prove her point, Sheila shows Danny the binned torch that she lied about. Danny isn’t that fussed, though; he still believes that Sheila is a good person.

Sheila loses her patience and orders Danny to stop. She says that she’s not a good person and Danny doesn’t really understand her. Danny loses his own cool and smashes a precious family heirloom during their latest argument. After this violent, drunken display, Sheila says that Danny can sleep over on the couch.

That night, Sheila has an internal battle, considering whether to sleep with Danny or not. In the end, she caves in and sleeps with her ex-husband.

The next morning, Danny asks if Sheila meant what she said, that nobody understands her. Sheila tells Danny that he knows her as well as anyone.

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