Physical Season 3 Ending Explained – Sheila Lets Go of Control

By Adam Lock
Published: September 27, 2023 (Last updated: 3 weeks ago)
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Apple TV+ series Physical Season 3 Episode 10 Recap and Ending Explained




The finale of Physical includes many feel-good moments and plenty of closure for the show’s many supporting characters. It may be a little rushed in places and small-scale in its approach, but Sheila’s journey still concludes in a satisfactory and heartwarming way.

Physical Season 3 concludes with its series finale, “Lucky Star.” In episode 10, we fast forward to 1986. Sheila’s (Rose Byrne) business is booming, but she still feels terribly alone. She takes a trip to Mexico to reconnect with John (Paul Sparks), someone she cannot stop thinking about.

The series fast-forwarded from 1981 to 1986. Sheila’s business empire, Strength in Numbers, is now hugely successful. They have franchised into nearly every state in the country. Sheila may have a few wrinkles now, but she appears more confident than ever before.

With this success, she has bought herself a beautiful home with an ocean view. She’s even back with John Breem, her dream man. Sheila takes Maya to bed and then eats dinner with John. She discusses traveling and her desire to slow down. However, John believes she is at her peak and needs to capitalize on it.

Sheila’s Visions

She hears a noise outside and finds a smashed plant pot. When she returns back inside, John has vanished. It seems that Sheila has replaced the voices in her head and the visions of Kelly with John. He isn’t really there, just a figment of her imagination. Sheila is terribly alone.

Danny is now a radio host, plugging his environmental concerns to San Diego citizens. The show is sponsored by Sheila’s Strength in Numbers Foundation. This may upset the co-host, Jerry, but Danny has accepted his ex-wife’s generosity.

Meanwhile, Greta has fantastic news: the company has finally franchised in all 50 states now. They plan to celebrate this grand achievement, but Sheila is still stuck on the negatives. She hears that their lawyers had to close down a few copycat businesses. She discusses this and her loneliness with imaginary John at home.

Sheila hears a noise again and finds that the broken plant pot has been replaced with a new one. She tells Harriet about this odd situation at the recovery group. Harriet is celebrating one year of being free from binge eating. Sheila seems to have improved a lot herself, joking with Harriet.

Physical Season 3 Episode 10

Physical season 3, episode 10 (Credit – Apple TV+)

Who is stalking Sheila?

That night, Sheila confronts her stalker, it is Tyler. He has split up with his partner Bunny. It is revealed that Sheila’s lawyers had shut down one of Bunny’s businesses, and she has run away to Mexico for revenge. Sheila worries that Bunny is going after John.

Sheila prepares a trip with Greta to Mexico to put an end to all this nonsense, hopefully. She hands over Maya to Danny. We see Fidelia, who is now heavily pregnant with Danny’s baby. Sheila and Danny appear to be on better terms as they say their goodbyes.

On the beach, Sheila confesses to Greta about her ulterior motives for the trip. She admits that she is single and that she talks to John still, even though he isn’t there. Sheila needs closure to let go of John and finally move on. She also fears that Bunny has seduced John to get her revenge.

Bunny’s new job

Greta and Sheila head to John’s church. John looks a lot happier in Mexico, and his church is thriving. It’s revealed that Bunny is the church’s fitness expert and runs classes for the patrons. As soon as Bunny spots Sheila, she heads straight over, ignoring her current class entirely.

Sheila then explains herself, mentioning Tyler’s visit. Greta offers Bunny a grant, but she isn’t interested in money. She wants Sheila to admit to her mistakes. And Sheila finally does just that. She admits that she took credit for what Bunny had taught her.

Bunny refuses to forgive her. But Sheila isn’t there for forgiveness. She wants to be done with the guilt. She wants Bunny to have the credit that she is due. Sheila then asks Bunny to join her class to clear her head. Bunny accepts.

Physical Season 3 (Credit – Apple TV+)

Physical Season 3 Ending Explained

The series then concludes with a montage of scenes and an overarching narration from Sheila. This ending includes a fun scene where all of the cast members dance around in a circle while a montage of previous key moments plays out.

Sheila narrates about the science behind group exercise. She says that a chemical is released when humans engage in physical activity together, especially when music is involved. This makes us feel connected to each other and a higher power.

Sheila says that at first, she just wanted control, but to reach this higher state, she just needed to let go. This in itself sums up Sheila’s progress. She has finally rid herself of the voices in her head and has stopped binge eating entirely. Sheila now has the success and the personal growth that she has always wanted, thanks partly to the recovery group.

This loss of control is then summarized by her dancing alone like no one is watching.

That’s a wrap on my recap of Physical season 3, episode 10, and the ending. What were your thoughts on the finale? Comment below.

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