Physical Season 3 Episode 8 Recap – what happens when Danny gets drunk?

September 13, 2023 (Last updated: 2 days ago)
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Apple TV+ series Physical Season 3 Episode 8 Recap


“Everybody” feels a little bit rushed on the whole as if the writers are trying to offload certain subplots before the upcoming finale. Yet it is also an emotional and highly entertaining installment despite this overworked plotting. Danny’s breakdown is surprisingly raw, while the final third builds to a humorous climax.

We recap the Apple TV+ series Physical Season 3 Episode 8, “Everybody,” which contains significant spoilers.

Sheila (Rose Byrne) and Greta (Dierdre Friel) have made amends once again, and with this happy reunion, they are motivated to develop their company further.

In “Everybody,” the dynamic duo starts recruiting new instructors and investors in their growing business. Meanwhile, Danny (Rory Scovel) has a breakdown that mentally scars Maya (Grace Kelly Quigley), and John (Paul Sparks) plans to escape America altogether.

Physical Season 3 Episode 8 Recap

During their reunion, best friends Sheila and Greta plan the future of their joint business empire. They want to capitalize on Sheila’s popularity and decide to brainstorm new ideas.

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Greta talks about building a community, and they suggest including childcare and many other classes in their program.

How is Sheila progressing as a person?

Greta suggests a new name for the company too. Sheila agrees with the name: Strength in Numbers. It’s a subtle scene, reintroducing these old friends to one another after a bitter rivalry. But there are two key takeaways, Sheila is seen happily eating fast food without any regrets and she also welcomes Greta’s new ideas. This is an important step forward for Sheila.

They decide to start their new regime by hiring new fitness instructors. Cue a montage as they recruit new work colleagues. Sheila and Greta tell the new employees that they want to start something innovative and fresh here. They are overwhelmed by the positive response.

In private, they discuss franchising. Greta admits that she cannot rely on Ernie or his money anymore. They need to get investment elsewhere. The duo tries to acquire a loan from all the major banks, but they are rejected on every single occasion. Sheila has one last hope.

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Meanwhile, Danny breaks up with Fidelia. Unsurprisingly, Fidelia isn’t that fussed. She talks about how Sheila’s company is growing, and she’s relieved that she won’t get fired now that their secret relationship is over.

Danny is intrigued by the news of Sheila’s company expansion, but Fidelia won’t divulge any of their future plans.

What happens when Danny gets drunk?

Danny wasn’t expecting this reaction. To make matters worse, Debbie is off on a hot date. Danny decides to get drunk alone. In his drunken state, he takes Maya on a car ride and nearly crashes. He tells Maya to keep this accident a secret from her mother. Maya looks petrified.

This car accident has an adverse effect on Maya, who pretends to be a mouse and refuses to speak afterward, taking Danny’s words to heart. When she’s returned to Sheila, the mother is concerned about her sudden change in attitude. Danny denies any wrongdoing.

Later, Danny confesses to his sister, Debbie, about the car accident. He breaks down in tears, apologizing for messing his daughter up so badly.

Debbie comforts Danny, but he can’t help but blame her for the incident, stating that if she hadn’t gone out on a date, it might not have happened.

Why does Debbie leave Danny?

This low blow upsets Debbie, who refuses to be held accountable. She decides to leave, admitting that her involvement in parenting duties is not actually helping matters. Danny begs Debbie to stay, but she has made the right decision. Danny needs to fend for himself now. Debbie leaves.

Out of options, Sheila pays Maria a visit, hoping that she will pass on their business plan to John. Maria is rightfully offended by Sheila’s strategy. She does, however, pass it on to John regardless.

Maria quickly figures out that John and Sheila have been meeting up again. She storms off, heartbroken and angry.

John admits that things have gotten rather complicated. He suggests that they move away to Mexico, where he has acquired a large portion of land. Maria is actually on board with this idea, and the family plans their getaway.

While Sheila’s ex-lover plans his escape, Sheila ruins her current relationship. She gets into an argument with Carlos. Sheila then confesses to having had an affair with John, and she talks about how his ambition turned her on. Carlos leaves Sheila.

Physical Season 3 Episode 8 Ending Explained

The episode concludes with John packing up his paperwork at the office. He shreds certain files and saves others ready for his new life in Mexico. John soon comes across his file on Sheila though. He decides to call her, explaining his plans to leave. Sheila is hurt that he would leave without saying goodbye.

They meet up outside Sheila’s studio and passionately kiss one another. John then notices a light on in the studio. He grabs his gun, and the couple enters, expecting to find thieves. They are met by Danny and Fidelia instead, having sex in Sheila’s studio.

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