Will there be a Physical Season 4?

September 17, 2023 (Last updated: 2 days ago)
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Will there be a Season 4 of the Apple TV+ series Physical – renewed or canceled status

We discuss whether there will be a Season 4 of the Apple TV+ series Physical and its renewed or canceled status. 

Physical is a dark comedy-drama series created by Annie Weisman (Desperate Housewives). The Apple Original series, set in 1980s San Diego, tells the story of troubled housewife Sheila Rubin (Rose Byrne) as she battles bulimia and the vicious inner voices in her own head.

We follow the determined aerobics star on her rocky road to recovery.

The third season finds Sheila building her fitness empire with her first Body by Sheila studio and the simultaneous launch of her eagerly anticipated fitness step. She’s also branching out further into the mainstream, appearing on national TV and in advertisements.

But there are problems ahead, Sheila has stiff competition in the industry.

Enter the beloved TV star Kelly Kilmartin, played by Zooey Deschanel (New Girl). This famous fitness star has already launched her own version of Sheila’s product, beating her rival to the punch, and she soon manages to worm her way into Sheila’s head as well.

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Can Sheila get rid of the evil voices in her own head, beat the competition, and still find true happiness in this crazy world? The third season juggles all of these subplots while also finding time to explore the lives of secondary characters such as John Breem (Paul Sparks) and Sheila’s ex-husband Danny Rubin (Rory Scovel).

Physical is a popular series for Apple TV+, but will the streaming platform be interested in renewing the series for a fourth outing?

Will there be a Season 4 of the Apple TV+ series Physical – renewed or canceled status

The third season of Physical will also be the show’s final season. Apple TV+ announced back in May 2023, before the third season’s release, that this will indeed be the concluding chapter of Sheila’s story arc. It has been confirmed that the series will not be returning, and it has, in effect, been canceled. I’d prefer to say that the series has concluded instead, though.

The third season has been well-received, consisting of another popular batch of fast-paced episodes from Apple. The critics have responded positively to the third season, too. The show currently holds a rating of 93% on Rotten Tomatoes, with an audience score of 83%. And on IMDB, Physical has a respectable rating of 7.3/10.

The show has also connected well with Apple subscribers. Physical is currently placed at number 11 in the charts, just missing out on the top ten spot. Apple TV+ has clearly been a winner with this series, but I think it is the perfect time to end the show without it becoming stale and overdone.

I know fans will be heartbroken to hear that the show is concluding after three seasons and thirty installments, but three does seem to be the magic number with these types of shows. It is better to go out on a high than to merely stumble on. Apple TV+ has used this thinking in the past, concluding See and Dickinson after only three seasons.

Hopefully, Physical’s final episode can satisfy fans of the series and bring a suitable conclusion to Sheila’s storyline. How do you think the series will conclude?

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