Servant Recap: We Need To Wake Dorothy Up

December 27, 2019
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Servant Season 1 Episode 7, “Haggis” feels like a middling chapter again, as Dorothy’s therapist raises some concerns while over for a visit.

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Servant Season 1 Episode 7, “Haggis” feels like a middling chapter again, as Dorothy’s therapist raises some concerns while over for a visit.

This recap of Apple TV+ Series Servant Season 1 Episode 7, “Haggis” contains significant spoilers.

Episode 7, “Haggis” feels like another middling chapter rather than progress. Servant seems to flit between a purposeful episode to a non-story where we already understand what’s happening. Episode 7 opens up with Dorothy (Lauren Ambrose) sat down in the shower — she seems to have tranced-out. Someone shows her the doll baby — it’s a flashback. In the present day, she tells her therapist that she now feels more balanced. Dorothy says she is struggling with intimacy with Sean. Her Therapist Natalie appears concerned when she hears that Dorothy has hired a nanny.

Natalie goes to see the baby in Episode 7, and then Leanne grabs her and throws her to the ground. Sean asks what Natalie is doing; Natalie tells Sean the doll was meant to be temporary — “We need to wake Dorothy up”.

Dorothy tells Sean she is reassessing her needs and is looking for alternative professional help rather than just Natalie — although she has fired Natalie, she’s a friend, so she’s invited her over for dinner.

Leanne heads to the base and finds Sean starting his latest culinary project — haggis. Sean wants to keep an eye on Natalie and asks Leanne to help at dinner. Julian also comes to visit.

Leanne introduces herself to Natalie; dinner is served. Leanne introduces the meal to the table. While Leanne is in the basement, the floor begins to crack.

At the dinner table, Natalie tries telling Dorothy the truth — “You are not well”. Dorothy thinks this is a stitch-up and tells the table that she stands by firing Natalie and walks off. Natalie accuses Julian and Sean of causing irreparable harm. Meanwhile, a dog enters the baby’s room.

Natalie speaks to Leanne about Dorothy and advises her to look for a more stable job. When Natalie goes upstairs she hears a noise from the baby’s nursery. Natalie sees the baby is awake and is not a doll, and then a dog walks in and she runs off. Julian smashes the dog over the head and kills it; Leanne looks angry at seeing the dog dead.

Natalie asks Julian whose baby it is. Natalie thinks the nanny has kidnapped the child and comes to the realization that Dorothy thinks the baby is Jericho. Julian says he is traumatized by the whole ordeal too and Natalie offers him comfort — “Let me take care of you, Julian”.

With the frantic night coming to an end, Sean reassures Dorothy and explains that animal contract is on their way and holds her — Natalie and Julian have sex in the basement. Leanne reads the bible on her bed before heading downstairs. While having sex with Natalie, Julian notices the yellow onesie.

Servant Season 1 Episode 7, “Haggis” ends with Julian and Natalie heading out; Julian goes to grab Natalie’s coat and the dog appears from nowhere from the coatroom — the same room Leanne had just left. The dog runs outside.

Nursery Room Log

  • Leanne collects one of Natalie’s hairs.
  • Julian is looking into Uncle George.
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