Servant Recap: Dirty Uncle

December 20, 2019
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Servant Season 1, Episode 6, “Rain” opens up Leanne’s world even more, with her supposed Uncle coming to visit who displays strange behaviours.

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Servant Season 1, Episode 6, “Rain” opens up Leanne’s world even more, with her supposed Uncle coming to visit who displays strange behaviours.

This recap of Apple TV+ Series Servant Season 1 Episode 6, “Rain” contains significant spoilers. You can read the recap of the previous episode by clicking these words

Servant Episode 6, “Rain” delved more into Leanne’s life. As you can guess, the episode opens with rain, buckets of it. Dorothy (Lauren Ambrose) receives a parcel. She speaks to Sean who is flying to Philadelphia Eagles to cook for them and wonders if he should go.

Surprisingly, Leanne has received a letter. When she opens it, there’s a note that says “found you”. Moments later, someone rings the doorbell. Leanne answers and there is a man at the door who immediately says “hello little flower”. The man is drenched as he walks in, and demands to see the baby. It’s noticeable that his shoes are old and tired, and his toenails look infected and muddy.

Dorothy returns home and sees Leanne’s letter. She rushes upstairs and she sees the man Leanne is with. Leanne claims it is her Uncle George. George welcomes himself by giving Dorothy a creepy looking chef figurine as a gift — it’s in honor of her husband. Dorothy invites George for dinner. When Sean learns of the new arrival, he becomes hysterical and insists he should be asked to leave.

At the start of dinner, George grabs Dorothy’s wrist and Leanne’s hands to say grace. George proceeds to play around with his plate and wrap his chicken in a napkin and then wrings it. He tells the table that Leanne needs to return home and asks if she is under contract. Julian comes over and joins the table. At that moment the baby wakes up crying and as Leanne stands up, George stops her and asks what hours she does.

While Leanne cleans the dishes and Dorothy attends to the baby, Julian asks George who he is. George claims he is the same as Julian — an uncle. Dorothy is annoyed that George wants to take Leanne away but she needs to buy time and asks George to stay the night as it is raining badly.

Before bed, Dorothy speaks to Leanne and officially gives her a secure position as a nanny and offers a written contract. She encourages Leanne to tell her uncle that she wants to stay — Leanne signs the contract. Sean is adamant that Leanne should be allowed to leave if her Uncle wishes, but it is clear that Dorothy does not want to let her go.

In the middle of the night, Julian hears a loud bang and investigates. Julian tells Dorothy that George is not in his room. They rush downstairs to see the baby on the floor and George asleep in the cot. Julian wants to kick him out but Dorothy does not want to overreact.

I’m sorry but this part irritated me; there is no way on God’s earth that a loving parent would not react. Firstly, George has put the baby in danger by just putting him on the floor and secondly, he’s sleeping in the baby’s cot. I’d kick him out instantly, but maybe this is a moment that truly defines the naivety of Dorothy’s character.

At breakfast the next morning, Dorothy starts the grace by holding hands — she’s noticeably dressed in white and has put on a gold cross necklace; it’s clear that she is trying to win George over. George says his sermons before they can eat. As George begins to leave, Dorothy gives him brand new shoes. George puts them on and then calls Leanne for them to leave. Leanne insists she wants to stay and George says, “What about the others, the others who need your help?”. He threatens to bring “her” next time and calls the house she is in “Godless”.

Servant Season 1, Episode 6, “Rain” closes with Sean returning home and checking on Dorothy — she’s booked her son in at church so he can get baptized. Sean goes to check on the baby and sees the creepy looking chef figurine in his room. Leanne looks outside to see George on the other side of the road. They both look at each other.

This was a way better episode than the previous one.

Nursery Room Log

  • Julian keeps Sean updated on the situation. Julian believes George is behind the whole thing.
  • George calls Dorothy “Dotty” — that’s what her mother used to call her.
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