Hospital Playlist season 2, episode 10 recap – unexpected news

By Daniel Hart
Published: August 26, 2021
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Netflix K-Drama series Hospital Playlist season 2, episode 10


Episode 10 brings an emotional rollercoaster for the audience as season 2 veers towards an ending.

This recap of the Netflix K-Drama series Hospital Playlist season 2, episode 10 contains major spoilers.

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We are faced with another feature-length episode, and it didn’t even feel like the advertised length. There were plenty of emotions in this chapter, which will be discussed and analyzed on Twitter I’m sure.

Hospital Playlist season 2, episode 10 recap

To open up proceedings, episode 10 does its usual calm start, with the gang getting burgers together, and there’s a sense of excitement. We also see a rare moment of Gyeo-ul and Ahn Jeong-won together in a quieter and less anxious environment. We’ll get to them later in the recap.

But moving to Gyeo-ul specifically; she and her brother have a heart-to-heart. The brother feels guilty, and he wonders if he’s like his father after a breakdown in his relationship — there’s a sense that he feels like a failure because it’s likely his marriage will not go ahead. As for Gyeo-ul, she feels like she has avoided the situation with her mother for too long, and that’s coupled with her worry for her. Later on, she has an emotional conversation with her mother; she wants to look after her and offers to quit so she can live with her. We finally understand Gyeo-ul’s distance; the emotional pressure of family is clearly taking an impact.

Something that will become prominent in the final episodes of season 2 is the possible departure of Seok-yeong. His mother tells Jeong Rosa that he might be going to the USA, and his friends do not know yet. She’s fretting about what she’d do without him. This will be a massive change to the story if it does occur.

Perhaps the main story in episode 10 is Jae-hak’s story. He tells Jun-wan that his wife told him at 40 years old that she does not want children and wants to enjoy life with him. He’s accepted this because he loves spending time with his wife. However, there’s plenty of twists and turns in episode 10 — his wife has stomach pains, and after analysis in the hospital, it’s revealed she is pregnant. They are both in complete shock as they felt they couldn’t conceive. Seok-hyeong gives them both insight on the pregnancy, including how many weeks. He even shows them the footage from the womb. Surprisingly, the wife expresses how she wants to keep the baby but then raises a concern that she has a lump on one of her breasts.

The emotions keep coming in episode 10. After Gyeo-ul has an emotional conversation with her mother, she finds Ahn Jeong-won. His soft presence and caring persona bring the tears, and she nestles into his arms and cries loudly. She needed that cry. We can probably all remember a moment where we have needed that moment to “let it all out.” Later on, they both have a meal together, and Gyeo-ul wonders why he never asks about her family. Ahn Jeong-won states he was waiting for her to talk to him about it; she reveals how she had an abusive father and opens up. She also states how worried she is about her mother, who has had surgery recently. Ahn Jeong-won softly tells her to not “beat herself up over it too much.”

Of course, in true Hospital Playlist style, we witness an intense surgery. Jun-wan has to perform a homograft during surgery on a child because they cannot save the valve. He updates the parents after a successful surgery. And then, he suddenly realizes he’s two hours late for a meal with Ik-sun. He runs to the restaurant, and he’s surprised to see her there waiting for him. She’s understanding of the matter, knowing that his surgery took longer than expected. She apologizes to him for lying and breaking up; she thought he was stressed because of her. But there’s still uncertainty between them — will they properly reconcile?

The ending 

And then we truly need the tissues in episode 10; Jae-hak’s wife has an early diagnosis — she has stage 2 breast cancer, and it is the second shock of the chapter. She cannot start chemotherapy straight away due to the pregnancy and will have to wait a few weeks. The second option is to terminate the pregnancy and have chemotherapy immediately. Jae-hak selflessly wants to abort the baby, despite always wanting a child, but the wife has other ideas — she wants to delay chemotherapy until after birth. Yang Seok-hyeong brings needed perspective to the conversation, stating the child needs their mother, and she can have chemotherapy during pregnancy, but she will have to wait a few weeks — she only has two options.

It looks like Jae-hak’s wife will be having chemo later in the pregnancy so she can fight off cancer and still be able to have a child. It’s a sweet but bitter moment between Jae-hak and his wife.

Episode 10 brings another sweet and bitter moment to close proceedings. Yang Seok-hyeong asks Min-ha if she’d like to go for a bite and that it will be his treat. Will they finally be dating? As the episode ends, a doctor requires serious medical help, but it is unknown who it is.

Additional points

  • At a guest house, Jun-wan finds a woman on a family portrait familiar, and Yang Seok-Hyeon feels the same  — it’s Min-ha, and her parents own the guest house.
  • Episode 10 shows the process of a man giving his liver to his best friend — it requires vetting. Ik-jun tells them that they have a high chance of passing the application.

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