What happens to Preacher in Virgin River Season 5?

By Adam Lock
Published: September 8, 2023
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What happens to Preacher in Virgin River Season 5

What happens to Preacher in Virgin River Season 5? We discuss Preacher’s story arc in the 2023 Netflix series Virgin River. This article contains spoilers. 

Hunky chef and ex-Marine Preacher (Colin Lawrence) is one of the main cast members in Virgin River. Like most of the main characters, he’s had a rough couple of years on the show, battling heartache and many other difficult storylines over the seasons.

Fans of this beloved character will be eager to know how his story arc progresses in the new season. Will Preacher find true love, and will he ever overcome the traumatic circumstances surrounding Paige and Christopher? So, what exactly happens to Preacher in Virgin River Season 5?

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Is Preacher alive in Virgin River Season 5?

As we start Season 5, Preacher is very much alive. In the season 4 finale, Preacher hunted for his rival Vince, taking the law into his own hands after Paige’s kidnapping. Preacher attacked Vince and managed to knock him out as the season concluded.

Season 5 begins with this very scene in Vince’s log cabin. Mike arrives and arrests Vince for kidnapping and attempted murder. As Vince is dragged away, he can’t help but tell the police that Paige killed his brother (Wes), and Preacher helped bury the body.

Thankfully, the police aren’t interested in Vince’s ramblings. They don’t pursue the matter any further. All charges against Paige are dropped, and the couple is finally free from Vince and his tyranny.

What happens to Preacher in Virgin River Season 5?

After this dramatic opener, Preacher hopes to restart his relationship with Paige. So, he ends his relationship with Julia, stating that he still has strong feelings for Paige. But she wants to disappear and escape Virgin River for good. Preacher says a tearful goodbye to both Paige and Christopher.

Heartbroken once again, Preacher doesn’t have to wait too long to find a new love interest. Firefighter Kaia Bryant and Preacher bonded on their first meeting. That night, Kaia climbs over the bar and kisses Preacher, starting their new, vibrant romance.

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Kaia plays it hot and cold with Preacher, either being too forward or too distant. During the wildfires, Preacher finds out that Kaia is still married. However, she explains that she plans on getting a divorce. Preacher is at first shocked and hurt, but he eventually forgives her.

Their romance continues to blossom, but Kaia is handed a promotion at work and is ordered to move to Alaska for her latest assignment. In the season 5 part 1 finale, Kaia surprises Preacher, informing him that she has declined the offer and has taken work closer to Virgin River instead.

What does Preacher discover in the Virgin River Season 5 finale?

In the final moments of the Season 5 finale, Preacher is told by Kaia that a body has been found in the woods. Her team is to investigate this buried body immediately. Preacher worries that it is the remains of Wes, the person whom he buried, to keep Paige out of jail.

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Paige had accidentally killed her abuser Wes in the second season and told Preacher the horrifying truth. Preacher’s crime is now coming back to haunt him, though. Will he try to move the body before Kaia’s team can investigate further, or will he be forced to admit to his crime? None of the options look good for poor Preacher in Season 5, Part 2.

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