Do Brady and Brie stay together or break up in Virgin River Season 5?

By Adam Lock
Published: September 8, 2023
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Do Brady and Brie stay together or break up in Virgin River Season 5

Do Brady and Brie stay together or break up in Virgin River Season 5? We discuss the rocky relationship between Brie and Brady from the 2023 Netflix series Virgin River. This article contains spoilers. 

Virgin River consists of many types of romances; some last a lifetime, but many perish over the seasons. As you’d expect, there are many old and new relationships to enjoy in the latest season of Virgin River. One of the more problematic and unstable romances is between Dan Brady (Benjamin Hollingsworth) and Brie Sheridan (Zibby Allen).

The fifth season pushes these two lovebirds to their absolute limits, but do Brady and Brie stay together or break up in Virgin River Season 5?

Brady and Brie’s relationship journey so far in Virgin River

Like all the ongoing relationships in Virgin River, Brady and Brie’s isn’t without its ups and downs. The couple first meet in Season 3 when Jack’s sister, Brie Sheridan, enters the series. Brady flirts with Brie, unaware that she is related to his rival.

The couple starts to spend more time together while Brie tries to get her life back on track. The attorney has just quit her job and is dealing with many unsettling personal issues. She later had a miscarriage.

Brady tries to persuade Brie to stay in Virgin River, as he is madly in love with her.

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At the start of Season 4, the couple are separated, though. Brady is imprisoned and charged with the attempted murder of Jack. He is even stabbed in prison by one of Calvin’s goons.

Meanwhile, Brie is offered a job and decides to stay in Virgin River.

Brady is eventually released, and the charges are dropped, but he is coerced back into his life of crime. He reunites with Brie, and their relationship is back on track. Although, Brie’s traumatic past comes back to haunt her in the season finale. Her ex, Don, comes to town. She was raped by this man, and now he wants her to sign a nondisclosure agreement. She decides to press charges instead.

Do Brady and Brie stay together or break up in Virgin River Season 5?

Unfortunately, Brady and Brie break up in Virgin River Season 5. Due to unresolved issues, Brie finally calls it off with Brady at the clothes and food drive after the wildfire incident. She later starts to date police detective Mike Valenzuela (Marco Grazzini).

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As Season 5 draws to an end, Brie is relieved to find out that Don was found guilty on all counts. Brie then goes on her first official date with Mike. While Brady is seen getting more intimate with Lark.

Why do Brady and Brie break up?

The couple break up because of their unresolved issues. Brie is unable to trust Brady after all of his lies. He hid all his crimes from her, not telling his partner about the crime boss Melissa Montgomery, whom he was working for, or the drug business in town.

Brie was hurt by Brady’s lies and pleaded with him to leave his life of crime behind. She started to befriend Mike in the meantime, and they quickly became close friends, especially around the time of Brie’s trial. Brady saw them together at the drive and lost it. Brie officially splits up with Brady after this immature display of aggression.

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It’s a sad ending for their relationship, but they both seem happier in their new romances. Hopefully, Season 6 will explore the blossoming relationships of Mike and Brie and Brady and Lark’s.

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