Who Killed Sara? season 2, episode 6 recap – “This Is Personal”

By Daniel Hart
Published: May 19, 2021
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Netflix series Who Killed Sara season 2, episode 6 - This Is Personal


Episode 6 is drumming everything up for an explosive finale — there’s no way of knowing how this will all end; every character has an objective, and at this point, we still do not know who killed Sara — but do we care? It’s exciting either way.

This recap of Netflix’s Who Killed Sara? season 2, episode 6, “This Is Personal,” contains spoilers. 

As stated in the last episode, this series is getting a little bonkers, but it’s too late; we are strapped in until the end. A third season of this would be too far.

The opening of episode 6 shows Cesar’s funeral, but as we learned in the last chapter, he is not really dead. Flashbacks show Chema asking Rodolfo for help to get Alex out of prison. However, Rodolfo is conflicted; he knows getting Alex out means he will go into prison. It’s useful to know for the audience that Chema was truly an ally for Alex while the rest of the family sat idly by. He was in love with Alex, of course, as they did have a secret sexual relationship, so he has his reasons to feel heartbroken about what’s happened. He calls himself a coward for not doing enough to stop his family.

Cesar is a hunter in the shadows

In the present day, Mariana is happy Chema came to the funeral, but he refuses to say goodbye to his father alongside his mother and walks out. At the top of the church, an “alive and well” Cesar watches his own funeral. The episode returns to the day Cesar “shot himself” and faked his death — the authorities were working with him.

He’s a hunter lurking in the shadows, which makes for an exciting final three chapters.

What is Sergio up to?

Alex has learned that Sergio is using Abel Martinez’s name in his identification — when he shows Chema and Marifer, they are confused as to why. Privately, Chema is afraid that Moncho’s body will be found, but Alex calms him down — Chema tries to kiss him, but Alex declines. Meanwhile, Sergio is continuing to torment Elisa — he preps the video camera. Meanwhile, Alex tries to find a link between the videotapes to try and find where Elisa is — he has to play Elisa’s video to try and work things out, which must have been painful for him.

The officer is suspicious of the trio

It’s certainly getting too close for comfort for three characters in Who Killed Sara? season 2, episode 6 as Moncho comes back to haunt them.

Officer Morales interviews Lorenzo and Chemo. She also wants Clara to be part of the questioning. The officer is curious as to what the connection is between the three of them. Clara admits she was afraid of Moncho after breaking up with him. Chema explains Moncho came over, but then he left after making his point. The officer shows photos of the deceased Moncho, but then Lorenzo goes into lawyer mode and asks her if she’s accusing them of murder.

Marifer’s plans

It took a while, but episode 6 gives context to what Marifer is truly up to and why.

Marifer tells Nicandro that her mother Christina disappeared one day, and she misses her. She explains that she was a saint, and she must be alive somewhere. Of course, we know Marifer’s mother worked for the Lazcano family as a maid, so all eyes are on them. She’s sure Cesar and Mariana are involved, and she plans to compromise Mariana with her grandson because grandparents will do anything for their grandchildren. It’s revealed that she got Clara to “bump” into Chema and slowly manipulate him to become his surrogate mother so they could get closer to the family. As for her father, Marifer knows exactly where he is.

Elroy gave Nicandro information 

In a flashback, Nicandro is hit by a car while on his motorbike — Elroy visits him in the hospital and gives him photos of Nicandro — it shows Sara sleeping with Cesar and shows her tinkering with Nicandro’s bike.

Mariana wants Sofia’s baby all to herself

Bruno wants to see her mother at the hospital, but Rodolfo tries to stop him, stating that the birth was complicated, but Bruno passes his father to see her anyway. Mariana also visits, and she worries Sofia, as her only focus seems to be the baby. When Mariana sees the baby, she’s extra emotional — she plans on taking custody and tells a counselor on the phone that Sofia is not fit to be a mother. Rodolfo hears the phone call and is disgusted at his mother.

The ending

In another tragic scene, Moncho’s brother grabs Lorenzo from behind and slices his neck to kill him. Chema is mortified — the man he loves is dying. You have to feel for Chema.

After investigating thoroughly, Alex finds the location of where Sergio and Elisa are. It’s in a graveyard. Cesar turns up, and he tells Alex he sees him as a son, and he knew he’d find Elisa — Alex is in shock, but there’s no time for him to figure out why Cesar is alive. Meanwhile, Sergio is in a crypt with Elisa, but then Alex enters and tackles the man to the floor and begins to strangle him.

Who Killed Sara? season 2, episode 6 is drumming everything up for an explosive finale — there’s no way of knowing how this will all end; every character has an objective, and at this point, we still do not know who killed Sara — but do we care? It’s exciting either way.

Additional points
  • Marifer is frustrated that Alex does not appreciate her, so he heads to Nicandro’s place, and the pair hook up.
  • In a flashback, Sara learns that Abel Martinez has escaped the physiatric facility.

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